Tuesday 31 May 2011

Corrie's Lewis gets undies in the mail!

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

In an interview with the Mirror, actor Nigel Havers who plays Coronation Street's Lewis the escort, says that he gets pants sent to him in the post.

"I have been getting sackfuls of fan mail - and some of it is very bizarre," reveals Nigel. "I've had lots of women saying they want me to take them out for dinner and then do, well, I don't know what! I've had lots of racy underwear sent to me, which I've had to hide from my missus, and I've received some explicit drawings."

Crikey, I'd best have a word with me mother.

He also revealed that his wife "doesn't like me doing the kissing scenes in Corrie." And he says that he was a Corrie fan back when it began half a century ago. He remembers: "I was at prep school back in 1960 when it started and the headmaster was such a fan that we were allowed to watch it. I can't believe that I'm now in the show - it's only taken me 50 years to get here!"

Bet Lynch and your earliest Corrie memory

(This post was originally posted by Rebecca on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I just got home after a looooong week at two jobs and was in the need of Trashy Telly. I don't generally watch much TV, but it's been that kind of week. So I've found Christopher Biggins presenting the Top 50 Showbiz Comebacks. (What is the point of Christopher Biggings, by the way? He's just like Professionally Camp, or something.) Anyway, at Number 14 was the lovely Bet. She didn't exactly come back for long though, did she? I would say that a come back would demand that you were as big or bigger than you were before, and Bet most definitely was not.

Anyway, watching the clip of her leaving the first time in 1995 made me realise that that is one of my earliest Corrie memories. My dad watched Corrie a lot, and I, at the tender age of 11, was mesmerised by Bet's hair. How did it stay up???

Looking for a photo of Bet I found this amazingness. I'll ignore Hilda's overalls and Vera's unfathomable pink... thing... Concentrate instead on Bet's gorgeous dress and white bangle and beads. I think this look is old enough to be now back in fashion - gorgeous! What's your earliest Corrie memory?

(Tvor adds....)
The first storyline i remember is the aftermath of Brian Tilsley's death in 1989. I also remember barmaid Tina Fowler from that year, and the tearing down of the old factory to build the new houses. That goes along with Alan Bradley trying to kill Rita and then gaslighting her.

Monday 30 May 2011

Corrie: Deirdre snogs Lewis!

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

It's almost too horrible to blog but I just had to. It's like a car crash, you can't bear to look but somehow, you can't avert your gaze. And this is what we saw on Coronation Street when Lewis put his betting slip into Deirdre's till. Mind you, it's still not as bad as this Deirdre picture:

Corrie weekly awards: May 23 - 27

Blushing Bride award: Gold Star: Hungover Hayley is starting to find Mary's ministrations oppressive!

Honeymoon's over award: Tearful star: I think the scales have finally fallen from Fiz's eyes.

Too little too late award: Gold Star: Stape protesting his love for Fiz as she's out the door on holiday without him.
Silver Star: Lewis didn't rip off Audrey but she found out the hard truth about him anyway.

Red rag to a bull award: Gold Star: Lloyd is really winding up Chris and ended up in a punch up.

Promise her forever award: Red Wine star: Red vino worked it's magic on Cheryl as is the Corrie tradition.

King of the Insults award: Gold Star: Stape again, he castigated Charlotte and Dev all in the space of an episode.
Animal magnetism award: Gold Star: Stape has Charlotte and the B&;B landlady both giving him the glad eye. What do they see in him?

Confrontation Award: Gold Star: Fiz-bomb is back but she still didn't get all the truth.

Fashion award: Fiz's bedtime attire, complete with um... camel slippers?

Lines of the Week:
John: "The only person I can talk to is a delusional nutter who's got it into her thick skull that I actually fancy her when the truth is, she actually makes my flesh creep!" Charlotte: "It's us that belong together!"
Dev about Fiz leaving John: "Most women go home to their mothers. But then, I know her mother. Majorca is a better option."
David about Gail and Lewis: "If me mum likes him, he's bound to be a nut job." (And Audrey did stop and think about that for a second.)
Peter: "It's only a couple of days, what could possibly go wrong?" (you've just jinxed yourself.)
Chesney "Every problem's an opportunity in disguise"
Mary: "Without passion, we might as well be jellyfish."
John to Fiz "Do you think i would risk my marriage?" (Yes)
Ashley "It's no good having a butcher with a monobrow. Looks like a mass murderer!"

Sunday 29 May 2011

Let's talk about my mug

For Christmas one year, probably 2001 or 2002, my husband and I received a set of dishes from my parents.  Great present, loved the set, it included mugs and cups and saucers.  Why am I telling you this?  Well in 2003 when Martin Platt was shacked up with 16 year old Katy Harris, they present Gail and Richard Hillman (I think, although Wikipedia is telling me the canal scene had already taken place) with the same set of crockery.

I was well excited!!!
Since then, Gail's use of the fruity designed dishes started the dwindle until they disappeared from her house altogether.  Since then it has been an obsession of mine to point out the Corrie prop whenever I can.  The only thing that appears now are the mugs, only one at a time.  I am writing this now because the last episode where Gail and Audrey were discussing her move to Greece in Gail's living room, Gail was slurping her tea from the very same.  It was then I realised that number 8 is where it all began.

Over the years, said mug has appeared at Rita's cabin, the Websters (which surprises me as I thought it would be a bit too common for Sally), the Factory, and the Duckworths, but not since it was bought by Molly and Tyrone.  Previous to Sunday's sighting it made an appearance in the hands of Janice Battersby while she discussed Trevor's pending departure to South Africa with Carla while sat around the table at their flat.

I myself have let me collection dwindle to only a few of the mugs and the giant coffee pot.  A coffee pot that I have never used, does anyone?

I decided to give a mug to each of my two friends at work Lisa and Karen who are my Corrie buddies.  It bonds us like blood sisters but without the mess.

Are you obsessed with a Corrie prop?

Sunday Corrie Comments, May 23 - 27

I'm back and have finally got caught up with Corrie!

Wherein John needs a bit of cheese with his whining.

John's double life continues as he has to cover up the last signs of Colin Fishwick. He's so secretive and so full of lies and Fiz knows there's something wrong but he won't own up to it. She's so preoccupied that Chesney can talk her into anything, including registering and insuring his new van in her name! That's fine for registering it but how does he expect to be able to drive it if you have to be 17? He's only just 16 so far.

The shine is certainly off the apple for mad Charlotte, too. Who knew an infatuation could turn out so wrong? They manage to find Colin's B&B, get his things and burn them out in the woods late one night. He might fall into things by accident but he's not half devious, that John.  No more evidence that Colin even returned from Canada (er, well aside from that job he'd got at the bookshop). Did you see John's face when Charlotte remarked that he could go back to teaching and none would be the wiser? Something tells me he's already thought of that. And he's too scared of Charlotte spilling the beans to anyone including Fiz so he ended up staying over very late at Charlotte's though he said he slept in the car. No wonder Fiz doesn't believe a word he says, though, because he's changing his stories by the hour.

Taking matters into her own hands, Fiz decides to confront Charlotte. I don't blame her for thinking John is having an affair. It would certainly look like it from her point of view. If she knew the truth, though, she'd probably prefer the affair! We haven't seen this much spark out of Fiz in a long time and you must remember, she *is* the daughter of Cilla Brown and *i* wouldn't mess with her when she's ready and loaded for bear! But as scared as Charlotte was, she still managed to keep to the story. You know, it probably wouldn't go amiss if John had a run in with Cilla at this point. As much as she's a terrible mother, she probably would defend Fiz against all this crap John is laying on her and i wouldn't count on John's chances against her.

Fiz has had enough and is going on their holiday alone no matter how much he's whining and pleading for her to stay or let him come with. Good for her for insisting John stay behind! She probably won't have a good time but she desperately needs the space and time to think. Charlotte, as much as she wanted nothing more do to with the situation, does an abrupt about face when she finds out Fiz is gone, hoping it's for good and she can get her hands on John after all. Bad timing. I smell a Fatal Attraction in the making, don't you? At least one good thing does come out of this. John calls Dev all sorts of names and I thoroughly enjoyed that!

Sian and Sophie get to the music festival behind their parents' backs. Owen's finally getting around to doing an inspection on Number 9 for Eileen but he picks it apart, exaggerating the things that might need doing. He's hoping to get Eileen a better price but it kind of backfires when Molly feels ill and goes to hospital.

Nick is still sniffing around Leanne and has a somewhat clearer field with Peter and Simon off fishing. Not if Natasha has anything to say about it, mind you. She's determined to get Nick into that flat. And as much as Leanne keeps saying she wants nothing to do with Nick, it's funny she doesn't mind his attention, either. A little deja vu? A bit of her past without closure? Natasha is also mithering Nick about the flat  right when he's in the middle of trying to keep his and Carla's business afloat while the renovations are ongoing. (Carla's probably running him ragged!).

Audrey and Lewis are back from their short break in Greece and ordering black olives in Roy's. Seems like they've found a nice little hotel and Lewis is anxious to get that mortgage secured. Hmmmm...Gail's horrified that Audrey is cutting all ties to Weatherfield in case it doesn't work out but Audrey is ready to go mad for her late in life adventure a la Elsie Tanner. The catfight continues between Maria and Natasha, both angling to buy the salon. I would think Maria is the one with more cash to back her as she's sold her house and her business (Ladrags). She's probably got a really good nest egg built up and the salon would be a good investment for her along with providing a home in the flat.She could write Audrey a cheque today!

Lewis is still intent on the horse racing and that causes me concern. He doesn't seem as interested in Greece as you'd think he would be when Audrey or her family isn't around. HA! Nobody should be surprised, then, when Lewis made sure Deirdre was out of the betting shop long enough for him to place some faked paid slips in the till. Deirdre catches him so he kisses her and she nearly melts right then and there. Unfortunately, the CCTV is watching them and you just know this is going to come back to bite her on the backside! Oooh i can't wait for that one! (we won't have to wait long, it'll happen this week!)

Lewis keeps asking Audrey if she's having second thoughts. Does that mean he is? Does he actually have a conscience? Her telling him she loves him couldn't have come as a surprise since he's been nurturing her along to that end, i think. At least she agrees to hold on to the salon for another year as a safety net. She's going to be glad she has done that, I'm venturing to guess.

Aug-6-2010-Russ-CherylAs expected, Chris is hanging around where Cheryl works and she's not best pleased with him, mainly because she's all kissy face with Lloyd now. Lloyd and Steve weren't very tactful when they were discussing Cheryl in front of Russ. No wonder the lad went off somewhere to find his Dad. More of a pissing contest between Chris and Lloyd and you know what? This storyline is getting old and boring already. I just don't care. And to tell you the truth, Lloyd gets all the aggro and complications he deserves, getting involved with Cheryl 2 minutes after she's left her husband, especially a violent one. He should have kept it "just mates" until the dust was settled a lot more because of the fact that there's a kid involved.

Eileen seems to be developing a crush on Owen who seems to have eyes for Liz. Meanwhile, Bill has a hissy on for Owen and gives him a warning. What's he gonna do, though? getting his hair dyed isn't going to make him look any younger and he's never going to get big jobs at his age with only Jason and a few spares that he can scare up. Surely he's old enough to take his pension if he's not already getting it. Time to relax instead of growling to everyone in earshot about Owen. Sour Grapes. It goes from bad to worse, though, when Owen pinches Jason but Jason really does have to look after himself. If there's no work, there's no pay and Eileen can't afford to carry him. Plus, don't forget, Jason still has a mortgage on the flat he and Tina were trying to flog which seems to have dropped off the radar.

It's one thing for Claire to offer to wash a few of the kids' things for Dev and Sunita. It's quite another for Dev to hand over great baskets full of laundry for her to do. Not surprised he's taking full advantage though, and probably without extra money! I don't blame Ashley for being annoyed and I bet Sunita would be horrified! Then he has the nerve to get uppity when Claire minds another child on "his" time. Wanker! Ok, it is kind of taking advantage having extra kids when you already have to look after 2 and have your own as well.

Friday 27 May 2011

Is Gail McIntyre turning into Mrs Danvers?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Every time I see Coronation Street's Gail McIntyre on screen these days, I find myself feeling unnerved - she seems to be morphing into arch-villain Mrs Danvers (brilliantly played by Judith Anderson in Hitchcock's unbeatable film version of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca). It's the shorter hair, the stern expression, the high necklines, the icy gleam in the eye. I'm loving it! What next for Gail?

Fab Photo Friday: We Love Weatherfield

Just because it's Friday and we love Coronation Street.

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Sneak Preview of Corrie in Canada, May 30 - June 3

In brief, here's what's coming up on Canadian screens next week in Coronation Street:

Natasha has a secret, goes behind Nick's back and the consequences leave her down and dumped. Lewis' scheming is uncovered and Deirdre is left with cake on her face. Will Audrey be left with nothing? Will Ken forgive Deirdre?

Peter and Nick clash again. Bill admits defeat. Molly has a health scare causing Eileen to be disappointed. Underworld reopens.

For more detail and photos, visit the Moosejaw Mercury on Corrie.net.

Thursday 26 May 2011

Corrie's John and Charlotte - What do you think?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I'm no fan of John Stape, as regular readers may know, because he's taken the shine off our Fiz. But I have to admit I'm really enjoying his stolen identity, Colin Fishwick dead body and fruity Charlotte story. It's turning into a farce, with a dark humour edge, a storyline that I'm enjoying very much. But if John Stape should die in the tram crash, I'll not miss him and hope Fiz gets her sparkle back, whatever happens.

But I will always remember this storyline with a smile, it's been an unusual one to say the least, and I hope Charlotte makes her way into becoming a permanent character on Coronation Street too. But never mind me, what do you think?

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Which Corrie characters do you love to hate?

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in August, 2010, reposted with permission.)

I had written a post about characters I loved to hate, or just plain hated and also included ones I loved or just liked just as Seapenguin was musing on favourite landladies, and characters liked and disliked. So with that in mind, I've un-drafted my thoughts and posted them over here (Warning: a few small spoilers in there). The initial gist of it is characters I love to hate, or dislike anyway. Characters that aren't supposed to be liked but you like them because they're such good characters played by really great actors. Check it out!

Monday 23 May 2011

Corrie weekly awards: May 16 - 20

Wind you up award: Gold Star: Nick and David (especially David) making Gail (and Audrey!) cringe about Audrey and Lewis.

Can it get any worse? Why, yes it can award: Gold Star: Colin Fishwick returned. Now he wants his identity back, wants £2000 and he's dropped dead at your feet.

Dead Meat award: Gold star: Sean got busted for his Liz Facescene identity theft! (seems to be going around!)

Everyone has a rolled up carpet at the top of the stairs: Gold Star: John's gran's carpet. Surely it wasn't just propped in a corner upstairs?

Is that the crappest fake baby bump you've ever seen?

Daddy Dearest Award: Fuzzy Star: Aww... Sean's finally going to get to see his son.

Keystone Cops award: Gold star: Charlotte and John and all the lies.
Silver Star: Maria and Natasha bickering like two eight year olds.

Lines of the Week:
John: "GIVE ME A BREAK!" Chesney: What's goin' on?" John: "Um. Nothing."
Sally about Janice: "Trolls traditionally live under bridges, don't they!?" (*wipes monitor*)
Sean about Liz: "She can barely work the till let alone a computer." (Which is why Violet should have guessed it wasn't Liz online and do you really think some of those hairy bikers would be online too?)
Audrey about Gail: "I reckon there's a great big poster of you on the wall in the local looneybin with your mobile number underneath!" and "If she'd been at the Virgin birth, she'd have complained the stable were drafty!"
Kevin to Tyrone: "You don't do the dirty on a mate" (And lightning DIDN'T strike him! I'm shocked!)
Maria: "He's hard work, I needed a break." Lewis: "That's kids for you." Maria: "I meant Kirk!"
Roy: "Would you like a punch, Mary? Nothing would give me greater pleasure!" LOL And nobody realises there's booze in the punch? Nobody at all realises they're getting drunk?
Rita to John: "Your lucky day, love."

Honestly, it was like a true classic farce, wasn't it? Running that body around in a bin, Charlotte holding Colin's dead hand and Rita stroking the carpet with the body inside! There were a few holes that didn't make sense like hiding the body in a deep hole (that got exposed by the fire? hmm...) in a factory that's being worked on even on weekends. And as silly as it all was, I think it was classic stuff!

Sunday 22 May 2011

Sunday Corrie Comments, May 16 -20

Still on me holidays....

Wherein Stapegate and plot holes become a farce of epic proportions.

July-29-2010-Colin-Battered Just when you thought it couldn't get more convoluted, it does! Stape is twisting and turning, avoiding having to shag Charlotte and keep Fiz from finding out he didn't resign and the fact that Colin wants his identity back because he's got a job in a bookshop. Colin is rightly angry. He's been thumped by the husband of the woman he was getting off with because Fiz told that he was working in a bookshop, and he just wants rid of the whole situation and blackmail sounds like a good plan, too. Charlotte is of course, eager to help. 

When that plan doesn't work, he starts screaming at John and .... drops dead!!! What does John do? No, he doesn't call the ambulance because it would all come out wouldn't it? No not really. Colin is Colin and having him legitimately dead would solve John's problems. The school would think he's dead, so Fiz would be happy. But  you know, he doesn't think of that, he figures they have to hide the body so they wrap it in a rug that was in the attic (leftover from John's Granny's house, the one where he stashed Rosie), put the body in a wheely bin and put it in the convenient pit that is in Underworld, ready for it to be cemented over in the morning. Where have we seen that plot device before? The pit, not the wheely bin.

Anyway, now it's all too real for Charlotte. Not so much exciting anymore! It was quite funny, actually, almost Keystone Cops! Fiz in the front door, John, Charlotte and the rug out the back, Norris in the ginnel and Rita stroking the carpet and Charlotte locking her keys in the boot! To top it all off, Fiz reminds John it's bin day tomorrow and he wearily says he's already put it out. LOL! I'm telling you, i was weak!

The morning after, they have to lie and say they're looking for a cat that John and Fiz have been minding for Charlotte. I reckon Schmeichel ate it! Fiz is starting to catch on that something's up but John has told that many lies now that he is in knots. I don't know how he keeps it all straight! Even for a seasoned liar, this is gold medal olympic! After all....he only wanted to teach! (Be careful what you wish for!) They never managed to rescue the body and it's now cemented over. I fail to believe that a whole crew of workers would not notice a red patterned roll of carpet in the pit before that cement truck filled it in. It's not a bottomless pit after all but it is "Miracle Dry" cement that has dried and set seemingly in hours. 

And again, John is telling Liz in the pub that he's got the day off. Again.... Why? If it's summer holidays and the kids aren't in school, do they make the teachers stay all summer? If so, he should have been able to submit his resignation letter in person rather than by post (which, of course, he didn't end up doing).

Why are the workers wondering when the old Factory will be finished? Owen already promised them a 6 week date.

Hayley looked the least like a happy, glowing bride in the salon with Mary fussing and the salon girls bickering. Mary's ministrations are really starting to overwhelm Hayley and she's going to snap pretty soon. I can't believe Mary assumed she'd be the matron of honour in addition to the planner. Oh wait. Mary. Yes i do believe it! Sian and Sophie are hoping to go to a festival, the one that Ryan wanted to take Sian to. Doesn't look like they'll be allowed. Not sure i'd let kids that aren't quite 16 go on their own either. They're determined, though and hatch a plan to pretend to go to Sian's mums in Stockport. This isn't going to end well.

Chesney has turned 16 ahead of Sophie and gets a party at Roy and Hayley's cafe. Not quite the rave up most 16 year olds would prefer but maybe meeting Izzy's sister, Katy made up for it. You could almost see the cupid arrows zinging our Ches when he laid eyes on the young lass. If Owen is protective about Izzy, he'll probably be twice as protective about his baby and catching them having a joyride in Izzy's wheelchair isn't going to make the best first impression! I still don't believe that nobody realized the punch was spiked. Roy is pretty innocent as is Hayley but Fiz is a seasoned drinker and would most definitely recognize the taste if not the symptoms. Vodka might not have a particular aroma or taste but you can certainly tell if there's a lot in a punch. Chesney's now buying a car/van that he can't even drive! Talk about money to burn!

Sean's busted and loses his job but thanks to Michelle putting his case forward, Liz goes all mushy and understanding and gives it him back again and even calls Violet herself. Seems to have worked and now Vi is going to let Sean see his little boy!!

Lewis is working both sides of the street, with Audrey and with Deirdre in the betting shop. They're off to Greece to scope out potential places to buy and Deirdre is pea green with envy, sourly predicting the "loved up" couple will not last 10 minutes and seething when Ken thinks they make a lovely couple. They do, actually, under other circumstances.

Aug-2-2010-Kev-Tyrone-shocked Cheryl is trying to work out how to be a single mum with no job. Her kid wants the moon and she can only afford the pebbles and won't take any money from Lloyd. Rightly so.  There's always a job going near the Street and she ends up in the kebab shop, 20 feet from Lloyd's flat. And now the unemployed estranged husband, Chris, has also got a job on the building crew so he'll be lurking on street corners watching her and Lloyd. Tyrone and Molly are moving ahead with their plans to move away. Kevin offered Tyrone 15 thousand for his half of the business but I can't believe that in this day and age it would be worth that little. A garage that seems to be a going concern? Even if Ty isn't a 50% partner, he'd surely be due more than that.

Sunita says she wanted the posh house and hated it when she got it but Dev figures that's because he wasn't there. She thinks he was being self centred and he is but you know? He's right. She did get the house but her marraige blew up in her face at the same time. No wonder it holds bad memories.

Friday 20 May 2011

I start to wander but you pull me back in

I am sure we all go through it and that's why I don't feel bad about admitting yet.  I am finding the recent episodes of Coronation Street a bit dull. Audrey and her smooth talking gigalo, Maria coming back to the street (why?) and Lloyd again being a softy for some pretty girl.  He either needs to get back on Red Dwarf where he belongs or have a kid of his own.

I am sat here watching Monday to Friday's episodes giving it 60% of my attention while the other 40% are checking Twitter and Facebook and drinking tea and then it happens.....

Stape appears with a giant red carpet.  You just can't write this stuff, well actually you can, and they do.  I love you Corrie!

State of the Street - July 2010

Yes, it's that time of the month again. No, no, no... I mean, it's time to examine the State of Coronation Street for the month of July which we've just seen on our Canadian screens.

Stape's web of lies is unravelling very quickly and I'm loving Chesney's attitude. I wish Fiz would get a little of that! Charlotte, however, has enough attitude for all three of them! Loving her, too! Lewis is getting his feet under Audrey's table but it looks like he's setting her up for a scam. Sunita's dissatisfied with being a stay at home mom and Mary's living her dreams through Hayley's upcoming wedding (finally!) to Royston. Read all about it here.

Thursday 19 May 2011

Bevy of books for Coronation Street's 50th

There's a shelf-full of books that have been released for Coronation Street's 50th anniversary (later this year in Canada, but last year in the U.K.) Prices are from Amazon.ca at the time of writing this and you may also find them in bookstores or places like Costco for similar or better prices, if you're lucky.

Fifty Years of Coronation Street by Tim Randall
is available for $20.68 hardback at Amazon.ca. This is the officially sanctioned book, which is said to be the "definitive book on five decades of life on the street". There are profiles of 50 iconic "Coronation Street" characters—from Ena Sharples to David Platt— as well as interviews and script excerpts. I've got this one and it's lovely!

50 Years of Coronation Street: The (Very) Unofficial Story
is for sale on Amazon.ca for $20.65 and is more gossipy than the official book with more of a behind the scenes view. I also have this and enjoyed it, too!

Coronation Street Treasures (updated for the 50th) by Tim Randall - will include CD featuring show highlights. Both Amazon and Chapters.Indigo online show it as out of stock.

Coronation Street: The Complete Saga (updated for the 50th) by Glenda Young Her bits of the book are way better than the rest! She's updated it several times over the past few years. Amazon is selling it for $26.26.

There's also an Ultimate Quiz Book, by Ed Cobham selling for $9.48.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Woman who inspired Corrie tart with a heart

This glamorous woman picture is Pamela Guard, a famous singer in the 1950s, but which Coronation Street character did she inspire?

Corrie writer Martin Allen created and named the character after the singer, who he remembered fondly because of 'her enormous knockers'. Apparently she had a lovely smoky singing voice and judging by this publicity picture she was extremely beautfiul too - unfortunately she died in 1989.

Can you guess which Corrie tart she inspired Martin Allen to create on Corrie? Here's a clue, and she's sadly no longer part of the current cast.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Charlotte, the Madness Continues

April-9-2010-Johns-PartyShe's only been in Coronation Street a short time, but already I'm loving Charlotte "Church" Hoyle.

She's man-mad (or at least, mad for Stape), she's totally off the wall, she's dressed like she walked through a market stall explosion and I have a very odd feeling about her....something related to the (SPOILER through the link) upcoming storyline to do with the return of Colin Fishwick.

Read all about it over here (Includes small spoiler and some speculation).

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in June, 2010, reposted with permission.)

Monday 16 May 2011

Corrie weekly awards: May 9 - 13

I'm on my holidays. I have copied these awards from when I posted them last year on Coronation Street Blog but if some of them are a bit off, bear with me. They'll apply to next week's episodes very likely!

Fashion don'ts:
Halloween came early award: Black shiny star: What was Liz wearing so early in the morning? Vampira in the House! The biker even thought so!

Boy who cried Wolf award: John Stape of course. And Fiz is right. I don't think he *does* know the difference any more. Utimatum issued. Promise made. Your lips say yes but your eyes say: "Will I 'eck as like." He tore up the resignation letter he promised to send.

Marking your territory award: Gold Star: Audrey made sure Deirdre was put right in her place, subtly of course.

Cat's out of the bag award: Gold Star: Gail found out Lewis was an escort, or, "prostitute" as Claudia put it.
Silver star: Ryan found out about Sophie and Sian.

He's not that into you, Mark II and III: II: Audrey wants Lewis to move in. He's hedging his committments. He might end up in the doghouse out back with Nick. III: Charlotte is turned on by John's schemes. You know you want it. I don't, he says. Of course not. She's far too old for his tastes.

Cranky Soup award: Gold Star: Who peed in Eileen's cornflakes award? She's been out of sorts and touchy for weeks. Steve and Lloyd's attitude didn't help.

Lines of the Week:
Audrey on everyone's opinion of her: "Audrey Roberts - Good time girl. Married for money." (well she was and she did!)
Eileen: "You can stick that and your switchboard and your scuzzy flamin' chair right up your airport tunnel!"
Colin: "John, Mate, how are you? They've not locked you up yet!?" (no, not *yet*)
Rita: "There's a little bald headed newsagent who is sticking pins in a model of a flame haired temptress at this very minute... cause I'm late back from lunch!" (She's still got it and all!)
David to Natasha: "Makes you wonder... who *your* successor will be!" (HA! Good one, David!)

My gosh, isn't Charlotte a hoot? She's just awful, isn't she? And, she is using her knowledge about Stape's plan and you just know she wants to get into his trousers. I get the feeling she does that a lot, get into men's trousers. She probably did the deed with the real Colin Fishwick and now wants to compare. Yet, Stape doesn't stand up to her, he doesn't tell Fiz she'd found out about things, he doesn't follow Fiz back home when Fiz does find out and gives him hell. I just can't find enough names to call this man!

Sunday 15 May 2011

Sunday Corrie Comments, May 9 - 13

I'm on me holidays but I've gone over the updates on Corrie.net and have extrapolated some comments for you. If i've got them wrong or attached them to the wrong weeks for our Canadian screens, bear with me!

If Fiz really thinks John is going to resign, then Chesney's right. She has turned into a doormat. John as always, does what he wants, not what is right, and bins the resignation letter and lied to Fiz about it. He's very good at lying isn't he? Anyone that can lie that well *has* to have something diagnosable by a psychiatrist!

Seems now John *is* on  holidays but the downside is, so is Charlotte and with nothing better to do, she's plaguing John who's starting to twist in the wind (you ain't seen nothin' yet!) while she's determined to get him in the sack, or she'll tell all! John was almost going to ask Roy for his old job back but bottled that too. Now Colin wants his life and identity back, naturally and John is struggling to remember all his lies. He's not willing to "Lower" himself to go back to the cafe but Fiz rightly points out that he really doesn't have a choice but he really wants to teach, regardless of the fact that it'll ruin his life and his marraige. It's what he wants and that's all that matters. Lying sod!

Is that Liz? or Vampira? Why is there a great big hole in the floor of Underworld? It wasn't there after the blast because we saw Maria and Carla in there.

Ryan's none too happy about his discovery about Sian and Sophie, feeling the sting of rejection just that little bit more. Will he tell? No, probably not.

Eileen's being her usual grumpy self, feeling every increasingly dissatisfied with  her life as middle age rapidly approaches. She gets no respect (does she do anything to earn it?) and points out that Audrey at 70 has a better lovelife than she. Well, yes, on the surface. Time enough for moaning, stand up and do something about it, so she does. She wants to buy into Streetcars. I can't imagine why Steve and Lloyd wouldn't let her, really. It should be a good thing for the business but no, they're keeping her out of the loop and treating her with... no respect so it's no wonder she tells them to shove the job and doesn't accept their apology since it doesn't come with partnership papers.

Just in time for her rent to go up (for those of you that have forgotten, Steve sold the house to pay for his and Karen's second wedding, with Eileen as a sitting tennant so she's been renting from an unseen landlord) They finally did offer her a manager's job but she dickered about salary too much and they walked away. Doh. She settled for even less in the end. Not very fair, is it?

So Molly and Tyrone are back on screen with badly faked bump clearly in evidence. You may recall that Tyrone had agreed to sell up. Eileen has money for a down payment (but no job) and a hankering to own something. Coincidence?  We keep hearing about Owen's other daughter, Katy, which, by Soap Law, means she's going to appear! Sally still doesn't know of course, about how Molly kept Kevin on the running track and looks down on the tiny house. Tyrone's stalling the confrontation with Kevin, telling him he wants out of the partnership to move away. Sally reckons Kevin could make a low offer because Tyrone is eager to sell up but Kev wouldn't do that to his mate. He's more loyal than that (aside from bonking his mate's wife, that is!)

Lewis has agreed to move in with Audrey. He makes it sound like he gave it a lot of thought. I reckon he was behind closed doors clicking his heels together in joy, loving it when a plan comes together. He's celebrating with breakfast in bed for her. Natasha is still working on Audrey's party and when Maria calls, lies and says she was of course going to be invited. Jealous cow. Backfired, though, didn't it? Maria's back for good, wanting her old job back, usurping Natasha's potential place in Audrey's heart as a granddaughter-in-law. I guess Maria will move into the salon flat with Kirk. Bit of a squash with the little'un but i don't suppose Kirk is bothered.

Now though, we all know a big party isn't a big party without something causing an uproar and Gail has found out that Lewis was a gigolo!! Oh Mam! Up goes the suspicion radar, he's out for everything you have Mam! (And she's probably right!) She's got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp now and i love it when Gail gets all righteous! It's too funny! Audrey is highly embarassed, though, and that's going to probably give her even more reason to get out of town and retire to Greece where nobody knows her. Ken advising Lewis that he can be as happy as he and Deirdre are isn't going to encourage Lewis to settle down! Quite the opposite, i would think.

Natasha was smelling the sweet scent of ownership and if she could push Audrey faster into retirement, she would, to get her hands on the salon but with Maria back in the picture, you might think Audrey would give her first refusal, wouldn't you? But David still works there too and he might be a bit perturbed that his livelihood and inheritance (assuming he thinks he should inherit it) are at stake. Claudia's back for the party, too and making wonderfully sarky remarks. Not only did Gail find out about Lewis, but Natasha finds out that Nick now has a second former ex in the picture, Maria!

Cheryl has quit another lap dancing club and needs a job. Mary is still buzzing about the wedding and ordering Hayley around but almost pushes a bit too far and has to back down over the selection of the bridesmaids. Does Dev have his eyes opened as to how difficult it really is to look after two young children? yes and No. He pretends it's a piece of cake so Sunita reckons they should continue all summer with her in the shop and him with the kids! Naturally he's not willing to do that nor is he willing to pay a babysitter but you know Sunita will have her way.  Luckily, Nanny Claire is ready to go back to her chosen profession. Case closed!

Sean is still moaning about Dylan and using Liz's identity on FaceScene to see pics of the lad. You know he'll get caught, it's only a matter of time. And indeed, there's a stream of men coming to the pub to ogle Liz, clearly having seen her on the social networking site and all of them looking rather desperate themselves. Watch this space!

Gail to Audrey "You're the one shacking up with a male prostitute!" (Oh, did I say that out loud?)
Audrey "Everyone thinks of me as the classic good time girl, married for money, lording it over people as Lady Mayoress (well, she was, she did and she did!)
Eileen about Audrey's scandal "Desperate Fishwives!"
Liz: "I've got a face that says 'approachable.'" Michelle: "And a skirt that says 'hiya!':" 

Friday 13 May 2011

Graeme Hawley denies being attacked by mad fan

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Graeme Hawley, who plays Coronation Street's John Stape, has dismissed reports that he was attacked in a bar by an angry fan.

Newspaper reports today claim that Graeme was caught in a headlock in a Manchester bar by a fan who was upset about John’s fling with Rosie Webster. But Graeme was bemused by the story – saying that fans are never anything but friendly.

He said: “I suddenly started getting call this morning from friends and family asking if I was ok – I had no idea what they were talking about until someone pointed out the story. I have never been grabbed in a headlock by anyone, occasionally people will make jokey comments about John – particularly throughout the Rosie storyline, but it is always in good humour and I have never felt threatened. It is true that I tend to avoid crowded bars etc but that is as much to do with the fact that I am 36 and a dad as the fact that I am a famous face! I am happy to say that I have never found myself in a situation where I felt threatened. The fans are passionate about the show but that is what makes working on Corrie so great. John is the sort of character that does prompt reaction from people – but that is great, it means people are interested in what you are doing."

Thursday 12 May 2011

The truth about Maria and Corrie's nasty Nick

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Last night on Coronation Street we saw the reunion of Maria and Nick. I needed a quick reminder of what went on between these two so I thought I'd dig out the Corrie reference books and take a peek in the past.

After Nick's marriage to Leanne Battersby broke down, he moved to Canada and returned for Gail's wedding to Richard Hillman in 2002. And that's when he became involved with Maria Sutherland.

Maria went with him to Canada but came back shortly after. Nick returned a couple of years later and after a brief fling with Candice Stowe, took up with Maria again. The got engaged and were going to get married but fell out when he decided to take a job in Nottingham and he left Weatherfield alone.

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Wednesday 11 May 2011

Happy 70th Birthday, Audrey Roberts

It's Audrey's 70th birthday party tonight on Coronation Street and in honour of the fragrant Mrs Roberts, she surely deserves her very own blog post.

Sue Nicholls, who plays Audrey, was first on screen in April 1979 and her first scene was a belter. It was on Youtube but it's been taken offline, sadly. It shows Audrey Potter (as she was called back then) in her dressing gown enjoying a fag and a chat with Elsie Tanner. "So, Gail tells me you've been divorced?" asks Audrey, mosy as ever. "Only twice," replies Elsie.

Here's to Audrey Roberts - happy birthday and many happy (Rovers) returns.

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Tuesday 10 May 2011

Jennie is glad Fiz stands by her man

There's a nice long interview in the Daily Record with Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz Stape on Coronation Street. Because Fiz is married to love rat Stape who keeps coming up with schemes and plans, Jennie has had a great year with her character with lots of screen time and juicy storylines. Any actor would be glad of that! She does admit that she doesn't think she'd put up with it for real, mind you, but does agree that love can make you do a lot of things you didn't think you would.

Jennie figures "teflon John" could go on and on if he keeps surviving all the scandals and pickles John seems adept at getting himself into. She's also glad that everyone likes Fiz. Actors like to play bad characters but then they get hassle on the streets and in the shops! She says that there's lots coming up for Fiz and we know that Stape's identity theft plan has been uncovered so (spoiler through this link) watch the fireworks! Will Fiz and John survive it? It sounds like they could! (More's the pity! yes, I know, but I couldn't hold back any longer. I love Fiz but John Stape is just awful! He might be better if he had any cheeky charm at all.)

Monday 9 May 2011

Corrie weekly awards: May 2 - 6

Take me to bed or lose me forever award: Gold Star: Charlotte for winding up John and blackmailing him into bed, or trying to. "I'll even call you Colin if you like!" (Bwahahahaha!)

Brand new sound effects Notice we now hear the tram rattling overhead when inside the factory?

Looking a jail cell in the face award: Ironic star: Stape says: "I've been in prison. I don't want to go back." Um.....

My Hero award: Gold Star: Owen got Sian to hospital in double time!
Silver Star: Chesney for being constantly sarcastic and nasty to Stape. And I love it!

Blast from the past award: Musty star: Why on earth would Audrey still have Reg Holdsworth in her address book? Why would she have it at all? And Sergei the Russian sailor that only wanted her to marry him for a residency? Why would he have been in there? Stupid writing.

Lines of the Week:
Stape: "I'm J for John." Other guy: "L for Liar"
Fiz "You think I'm an idiot don't you? Be honest!" (yes)
John about Charlotte: "She's the last person that would cause us trouble." (wanna bet????)
Deirdre about Ken "The things I have forgiven that man for" (Pot? Kettle?)
Michelle teaching her son: "You have to learn to pretend if you want to get anywhere with women." (and that, my dear, is why you keep hooking up with losers)
Ciaran to Ryan about the music: "Do you not have a decent boyband?" (like oh... Boyzone?)

Sunday 8 May 2011

Sunday Corrie Comments, May 2 - 6

I'm on me holidays but I've gone over the updates on Corrie.net and have extrapolated some comments for you. If  i've got them wrong or attached them to the wrong weeks for our Canadian screens, bear with me!

So now Chesney has even more reason to hate John and the plot thickens now that Colin's back and Charlotte's just loving it! I really don't understand why the removed Fiz's brain along with her backbone. John has done nothing good for her life. But the twists and turns in this storyline are good to watch aside from her making excuses for him all the time. That just makes me sad. How would John think Colin wouldn't find out about his identity being stolen? As soon as he tries to get a job, the jig's up, especially if Colin wants to go back into teaching again. Meanwhile, John is running around like a headless chicken trying to work out what to do and Fiz is at a loss and has to put up with the thank you dinner at Eddie and Anna's on her own. I am loving watching Chesney be so snarky to John!

We find out why Colin went to Canada in the first place, in pursuit of a woman who turned out to be married to a convict who was going to be out soon. She left him and he came back, lonely. Colin might say he's ok with the shock of finding out what John's done but you and I both know he's going to want his name back, sooner than later and all hell's going to break loose.

Charlotte is determined to stick with it all, probably the most exciting thing that's happened to her in years, all this intrigue, twisting and turning with John very rapidly losing what sanity he may or may not have had as well as the logic valve which seems to have come loose. And it's very clear that Charlotte, more bonkers than a bag of hammers, is hot and horny for Stape.

Plot hole alerts: How did that guy find out where "Colin" lived? Colin would likely still be in the phone directory at his real address as would most information that could be dug up about him. A school wouldn't give out the address of one of their staff to just anyone so John's employers couldn't have done it either. And the guy says his wife had an affair with Colin and he's just got out of the nick, yet didn't Colin say he went to Canada to meet up with the woman who's husband was in the nick? And if the schools are out on holidays, how come John is still going to work every day? Don't the teachers get a break in summer too?  

Also...Claire is taking the kids off Sunita's hands and says she won't tell. Won't the kids mention it? Do you really think Audrey would have the phone number of that Russian Sailor in her address book after all these years? he wouldn't have had a local number anyway and he stayed with Audrey that time when he was trying to leave the ship and marry a local. I seriously doubt she'd ever have had Reg Holdsworth's number in her book, too.

Nick and Carla are back on the same team again. I can't see that working out, can you? Carla is clearly better at the job than he is. Poor Sian had acute appendicitis, had surgery and bounced back awfully quickly! Ryan wants to get back together with her. Michelle asks him if she looks ok and advises him to pretend and lie even if he doesn't think she looks ok. Nice. No wonder she seems to have such bad luck with lying cheating men. And she's teaching her son to be the same way! Sian feels like she owes Ryan a debt for getting her to hospital and Sophie's jealous and insecure. Laughed at Ciaran suggesting Ryan have a boyband on the stereo (Boyzone for instance?) The end result of all this is that Ryan catches Sian and Sophie snogging and has discovered their secret.

Owen is far too concerned with Izzy's lovelife but I suppose having a disabled child makes it harder to let go as they grow up and become independent. Kirk reckons he could be an arbitrator. You gotta give him points for trying, at least. Cheryl is still hiding from Chris. Dev is still a sexist plank. Why is Streetcars paying their employees in cash and not by cheque or direct deposit? Even the factory does DD. Why isn't the Kabin using Graeme as their window cleaner? And in case you thought Sean's quest to see Dylan has died down, no, it hasn't.

Audrey is really considering moving to Greece. Let's hope, if they can't talk her out of it, her family insists she not sell everything until she's absolutely sure she won't return. She could get out there, Lewis could take all her money, and leave her high and dry. In the meantime, Lewis continues to patronize the betting shop and make inroads with Deirdre who is now meeting him for drinks behind Ken's back. Clearly besotted which is exactly what he wants, i reckon.

Little by little, he moves in closer to Audrey who's also completely besotted. She's turning 70 and Natasha decides to throw her a surprise party, something everyone thinks she won't appreciate as she won't want her age to be broadcast, especially to Lewis the Lothario who couldn't give a toss as long as she's got a bank account. I do like his character, so smooth and oily and I'm just waiting for it to all blow up, which it's bound to. He's too good to be true and that always means trouble.

28 dozen cases of chutney instead of 28 jars. I'd say Sunita was in a bit of a pickle, wouldn't you? (ha!) She's going to switch jobs with Dev. I bet he doesn't last a day looking after them two kids.

Corrie Sneak previews May 9 - 13 (and then some)

Next week on Canadian Coronation Street screens, Audrey turns 70 and a cat is let out of the bag. Fiz wants questions answered. Audrey want's a commitment but Lewis stalls for time, Sophie wants to tell. Eileen feels used and decides to make a change.

There are also the spoilers for the next few weeks as I am away on holidays so have pre-posted them. Don't scroll past Friday 13th if you would rather not know but the week after this one (week of May 16 - 20) is going to be a corker!

Saturday 7 May 2011

Does anyone else see it?

We are starting to get to know the new character Owen Armstrong.  Our first introduction to him was that he is Izzy Armstrong's dad and now we learn he is a builder and is trying to restore the Underworld building to its former glory.

Quite a few conversations have taken place between Owen and Liz over the last week or so and I can't help but notice......

Thursday 5 May 2011

Tram? What Tram?

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted with permission.)

So a tram is going to crash off the viaduct and wreak carnage on the far end of Coronation Street? Isn't it odd that we see the tram going by in the opening credits (is it still there in the new HD credits? I must remember to look.) but we never *ever* see or hear the tram go by in the outdoor scenes of the show. (Or, we never used to but now, if you listen closely, you will actually hear the swoosh of it going by. Coincidence?) If they use CGI to add it to the opening credits, surely they could do the same once in awhile in the outdoor scenes or at least use some added sound effects like they do with the Underground in Eastenders.

Further to that point, how come nobody working in the temporary knicker factory complains about the noise of the tram going by overhead? Surely there must be some noise or vibration involved even if the viaduct surrounding the factory is brick. It can't be that well sound proofed!
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