Monday 31 January 2011

Bev Callard's Autobiography

Bev Callard, who plays Liz McDonald, has written her life story, called Unbroken. I bought this last year, was lucky to get a signed copy, in fact, and it's quite an interesting read. She's had quite a few ups and downs in her life and reveals her battle with severe depression.

Bev has had several divorces (but has just married a man she calls the love of her life) and had a child with her first husband while she was in her teens. She's survived family tragedy and had to cope with a parent with Alzheimer's. She talks about her stints on Corrie but there's no surprising gossip there, she's got nothing but praise for the show and her coworkers.

All in all, if you're a fan of the actress and the character, you'll enjoy this book.

Unbroken is now available in Canada in paperback via or  check your local bookstores.

Corrie Weekly Awards: for Jan. 24 - 28

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April, 2010, reposted with permission.)

All-round Gold Star performances: Audrey and Rita, old friends falling out and dragging up all their history. Fantastic stuff!

Wrong move, mate, award: Gold Star: Ryan tried to snog Sophie, his ex's best mate.
Silver Star: Leanne for scotching Peter's surprise proposal (but she redeemed herself with her own proposal!)

Indiscreet award: Gold Star: Peter telling Michelle it all needs to be a secret... across the bar during busy dinnertime. Yeah that works.

Cutest kid award: Gold Star: Still Simon!

Stupid Move award: Ryan thought Sophie's hug meant she wanted him. All of him. 

If you're not going to eat that award: Fishy star: The kittens!!!

Lines of the Week:

Graeme to Norris: "You've never forgiven me for that 'crack hoe' remark!"
Rita to Audrey: "Someone's left their manners at the door." Audrey: "Manners gone. Gloves off!"
Norris: "I'm the comfy pair of slippers to his patent brogues"
Leanne: "There's only two things that Peter's addicted to. Booze and Birds. And if he's not drinking..."
Audrey: "I can't stand around all day talking about heroin"
Michelle: "I just love it when people accuse me of being loose. It really puts a spring in me step" (and if an ex-prostitute thinks *you're* loose, then your reputation precedes you)
Becky: Misshapes, mistakes and misfits raised on a diet of broken biscuits
Steve "Amy! Calm Down!" (eh? she's practically comatose most of the time!)

And a Fashion Don't for the week: Neck scarf? Not even skulls are going to make you cool, Colin. Fail!

Sunday 30 January 2011

Sunday Corrie Comments, January 30

Off we go for another week of Sunday comments. Don't forget to check the Bluenose Corrie Blog tomorrow for Lines of the week and weekly awards!

Becky had a hard time getting her head around the idea of adoption. Perhaps Steve brought it up too soon after her miscarraige. Aw but Hayley was able to comfort her like Steve couldn't. She's not as close to things. Steve is understandably concerned about Amy, she really has had a lot of upheaval but she seemed ok with the idea when they finally talked to her about it. And all the women and all the men had conversations about adoption, too. Great, isn't it? I love it when you see the men propping up the bar and having a chat and you don't get to see all the women together like that either, not as often as I'd like.

Mary ordered half a Guinness often orders really off the wall combinations. Rosie has high aspirations of being one of the WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends... of Footballers) and her erstwhile footballer turned out to be a liar. He isn't even on the second or third string team, he sells burgers at the stadium! *snort* I gleefully watched her come crashing down to earth after all that simpering and strutting she was doing. And Janice had her heart broken yet again. It wasn't bad enough that her crush was unrequited but now he's in the sack with Carla. Surely Janice could have seen that coming? Carla and Trev have been in the Rovers together on occasion.

So here we go. Rita booked Lewis and got in there before Audrey could book him and she never managed to tell Audrey. Not that she had to but Audrey was not impressed with Rita snagging "her" fella. Wow! That was some powerhouse stuff between the two old friends and two veteran actors! When Audrey brought up Alf, i gasped! And more again outside on the cobbles! Hoo baby! And with Norris earwigging around every corner! (I seriously don't understand why Rita hasn't buried Norris underneath the licorice whips years ago!) You don't realize how good they are because they don't often get stuff they can really get their teeth into.

Audrey did get a bit of a shock when her friend Claudia mused that Lewis was a good kisser! I guess Audrey wasn't the only one! It was funny, the look on Audrey's face, like a bulldog chewing a wasp. And didn't Rita's voice get all posh when she was talking to Lewis? Audrey's does as well! At least Gail and Audrey made up. But of course Audrey wouldn't tell Gail what Lewis really does. Hospitality Industry my Aunt Fanny!

Well.. So John has a former coworker with a really bad 70s porn star moustache and oh dear, he's coming to Canada! Do we have to have him? He's a bit of a pratt, isn't he? All of John's former coworkers seem kind of off the wall, not just Colin. That Charlotte seems a right wingnut. ( and you just watch this space!) Poor Sophie and Sian seem to have fallen out over a boy. You should never let lads come between you!

Norris is already freaking out a bit over this cozy cottage he's got to share with Mary! You know Norris can be a good friend when it comes to Rita or Emily at least. And was there any doubt that Rita would end up back behind the counter selling toffees full time? Laughed at Eileen outing Rita who would send Norris on a price comparison trip to get him out from under foot.

Ken and Deirdre's anniversary this week, a party prodded by Leanne but that's pretty normal isn't it? Ken isn't exactly one of the most romantic men in spite of the fact that he has had more women than hot dinners.

Aw Leanne would be a great permanent mum for Simon, i think she should legally adopt him if she and Peter do get married. These things never *ever* run smoothly, though, and when you're know that they're carrying more baggage between them than Air Canada loses on a hot week in July, you just know it's going to be a bumpy road to the altar. Anyway it sure looked like Peter was messing around with Michelle and as Leanne pointed out, he's addicted to women. But alas, she ended up having a bit too much to drink and making a fool of herself. Why on earth Peter would have asked his ex girlfriend Michelle to help pick out an engagement ring though, is beyond me. Bad choice there, mate. Tit for Tat, though, she apologized to Michelle and then apologized to Peter in the best way possible by proposing to him instead!

Saturday 29 January 2011

Tabby cats can roar too ya know!

Is it just me or has Trev the lodger gotten better looking as his storyline with Carla has gone on?  Friday's episode saw him bed the glamorous Carla after a night out on the lash leaving poor Janice to eat two lots of chips and drink half of dozen cans to herself.   I guess your work scruff is ok when you are out and about with the landlady but not with the owner of a knicker factory.  Don't be fooled Trev.  Couldn't help but notice a bit of slang dropping into her sentences here and there, she's just as common and the rest of us.

Poor Janice now has to face facts that Trevor sees her more like a sister or sister of a mate or even worse the mother of a mate.  She is the stray tabby cat to Carla's lioness.  Aww Jan I could have cried for you on Friday.  Perhaps someone should accidentally leave the flat door open and oh dear the kittens have gone.  Who cleaned the litter box out last probably not him.

Friday 28 January 2011

Preview of Next Week's Corrie in Canada (Jan. 31 - Feb. 4)

On our screens in Canada next week...The Webster girls have romantic problems, John cooks up a plan, Lloyd is smitten, Steve and Becky see familiar faces where they don't expect to, Natasha is determined to get her claws into someone, Tyrone's enthusiasm for the baby rankles Kevin. For more details on these spoilers, with pictures, check out the Moosejaw Mercury on

Adoption? Everyone's doing it on Corrie!

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April, 2010, reposted with permission.)

The last few episodes of Corrie have explored the adoption issue and it came to light how many of the adult characters are either step parents themselves or were brought up by a step. While there haven't been a huge number of adoptions, there have been lots of blended families. Just thinking about the current canvas, I came up with the following...

Ashley didn't know Fred was his father until he was 22 and was brought up by his auntie and uncle. No complaints there. And Ashley is raising a son that was fathered by someone else and his wife, Claire, is a step parent to that same child.

Nick and Sarah Lou were brought up by Martin. Peter was brought up by his grandparents for the most part. Leanne mentioned that if it weren't for Janice,  her step-mother, she could be in the gutter herself. She's helping to bring up Simon, too. Her half-sister, Toyah, is of course, not blood related but they are as close as blood sisters.

Becky is stepmother to Amy and had a rough upbringing herself. She pretty much brought herself up from the sounds of it. Jason was going to be a stepdad to Bethany and since Eileen had a slew of boyfriends, he probably had more than a few faux father figures himself.

Ken adopted Tracy. Ok, that didn't turn out well but that's not his fault. Technically, Deirdre is stepmother to Peter but he was an adult when she and Ken married even the first time around.

Roy and Hayley were hoping to adopt a number of years ago. They were going to choose an older child who needed a good home so you know they will have lots of advice for Becky. It was only their good intentions, running off with a foster child, that got them in trouble and yanked them off the acceptable parent list.

Dev has all kinds of kids and Amber is a doting half sister to the twins.

Ciaran wishes he was adopted and Tyrone probably does too and Tyrone might just be bringing up a child that isn't his own as well.

There have been many other cases in the past, as well. The soap world is filled with blended families.

Thursday 27 January 2011

Ken and Deirdre celebrate wedding anniversary

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog in April, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Ken and Deirdre Barlow celebrate their wedding anniversary on Thursday, April 8th (Tonight in Canada).

The Barlows have been married twice. They were wed for the first time on July 27th 1981 and married again on April 8th in 2005. TV viewing figures show seven million viewers tuned in for the wedding of Price Charles and Camilla compared with 13 million who tuned in to see Ken and Deirdre get spliced on Coronation Street, for the second time.

Have a look at Corrie Canuck for the Barlow weddings in all their gory detail. And if you think Corrie fans have had enough of Deirdre being with Ken, well, think again.

Cartoon courtesy of Business in Berkshire.

Who sleeps where and with whom?

Please note:  Tiny spoiler at end but anyone who is on Twitter will already know this.

This last week has seen Sunita and the kids move from their luxurious 3 bedroom house with probably more than one toilet, into Dev's bachelor pad in Victoria Court.  Dev's constant "you can't live in a flat like this with two kids" argument went ignored by mother of twins until Aadi got stuck on the balcony.

This knocked some sense into her and they have now decided to buy a new house.  The spacious accommodation she has lived in for 5 years with fancy man Matt is now not good enough and she has her eye on number 7, which belongs to Maria Connor.

I've got two kids, 10 months and 3.  I could not imagine moving from my 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom 5 year old corner lot property to a 2 up 2 down on a cobble street.  I'm not a snob but come on where the hell would all the toys go, not to mention 2 adults and 2 children. As my husband has to remind me (more times then a I think he should) is that this is not real life and in TV world having all of the characters crammed into one place makes filming and set design a lot easier.

I have had the Coronation Street house discussion with a friend at work to the point where we got out the pen and paper and drew a map of the street plotting where everyone lived.  All true Corrie fans I believe will do this at least once in their lives.

The row of terraced houses between The Rovers and Dev's shop starts with Ken and Dierdre at number 1.  A number of family members have lived here over the years but right now it houses the couple and the lovely Blanche.  Sleep arrangements are Ken and Dierdre are upstairs in bedroom number 1 and the living room has been converted for Blanche to call her own.  When one has a Polish hip one must only climb the stairs on a minimal basis.  This leaves a vacant bedroom upstairs which Simon or Amy will occupy when they stay over.  When Tracey Barlow and Amy lived there they must have shared bedroom number 2 but we are pretty sure that Adam and Tracey were there at the same time.  Adam must have had the couch in the dining room with a duvet and pillow that folded nicely under the table for daily living.

Fizz and John's house was once occupied by the Battersbys so that was 2 adults (Les and Janice) and 2 girls (our Leanne and our Toya).  I do recall when Janice was replaced by Fizz and Chesney's mum Cilla, the girls were gone and replaced by Chesney and lodger Kirk.  Ches and Kirk did share a room as at one point and there was talk of converting the loft.  Houses that age?  I don't think you would want to live in the loft.

Eileen Grimshaw has had a lot of comers and goers over the time she has lived on the street.  At one point there were two sons Jason and Todd and Sean Tully together with accompanying girlfriends and boyfriends.  At about the time I got completely confused, wondering if she had in fact converted her loft, it was mentioned that Sean occupied the front room (like Blanche at number 1).  Todd and Jason must have bunked together.

Lets merrily skip across the street to the elite houses, occupied by Gail Platt (sorry McIntyre), the Windasses and the Websters.  3 bedrooms with a garden.  Gail has also had a house full and again I was baffled at the time she had David and Sarah still living with her, Sarah's sprog Bethany and then Todd and/or Jason whichever one she was seeing at the time.  Bethany must have been in the same room as Sarah and her beau at the time.  The size of those bedrooms I just can't fathom it.

When you are a TV character living on a fictitious street you must not have many possessions, that's the only way you can do it.  And not just DVDs, books and cooking utensils, what about clothes, shoes, winter coats?  If Sarah, Jason and/or Todd and Bethany all have the one room, that's 3 people's clothes all in one small Ikea wardrobe?  I don't care how many closet organisers you use you only have so much space.  And let's not forget, they never wear the same thing twice.

Sunita and Dev, eventually end up in Maria's house as Shobna Gulati's Twitter bio gives it away and I wish them all the luck and happiness.  This should be a wake up to all of us who believe home should be a castle of grand stature.  It is in fact where your heart is and where you should be the most happiest and if you are not, you may need to think about moving in with someone who can convert their living room for you to sleep in.

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Vancouver Corrie Ping

West Coast fans are in for a treat! There's going to be a big ping in Vancouver on Saturday, February 5th. Here's the press release from the publicist:

Hosted by Joe Leary and being held at the Kings Head Tavern, the Ping will take place on Saturday February 5th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at 1618 Yew Street, Vancouver, BC. The Kings Head in Kits is an all ages pub so for those of you that aren't able to find a sitter for your kiddies, please feel free to bring them along! First pint is on us, there will be traditional British pub fare available for purchase, games, trivia contests, prizes (including autographed beer mats direct from the Rovers) and special guest Robert Lawrenson - who played PC Glaister on Coronation Street for several years - will be in attendance for Q&A with the audience. Admission is free, just bring your love of the Street and enjoy swapping stories and secrets with other Corrie fans.

Facebook event page here.
And on Twitter, follow @corrievancouver

Behind the Street Silent Auction

I received this press release that was sent to someone at CBC who forwarded it and this has also been blogged over on the Coronation Street Blog recently as well. Even though it's to do with an exhibit in Manchester, I thought you might like to see the photos that were taken for it because they're gorgeous!

All of the photos are viewable over on the ITV website here. This one of Craig Gazey is one of my favourites but they're all really nice.  The photos they are talking about are going to be in a silent auction at Generation Pop in Manchester starting this Friday, January 28 until February 16 when the auction closes. On February 17 there will be a gala charity auction and all the proceeds go to the 50th Anniversary Appeal set up by ITV.

I don't know if you can put in a bid if you aren't at the gallery but you could contact them if you want to try. Details are below.


"When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls "
Canadian Photographer, Ted Grant

Throughout Coronation Street’s 50th Anniversary year, photographer Rob Evans took a series of stunning cast portraits iIllustrating the people behind the characters they portray, on the street that is their workplace.

The photographs will form a beautiful exhibition at Manchester-based gallery, Generation Pop. Supported by the TV Times and opening with a private viewing alongside the cast of Coronation Street, on Thursday 27th January, the images will be on show to the public until Wednesday 16th February 2011.

On Thursday 17th February the gallery will hold a VIP star studded charity auction of the signed images with all proceeds going to the Coronation Street 50th anniversary appeal ( During the exhibition the public will be able to make silent bids for any of the signed photographs whilst at the gallery.

Rob Evans, ITV's photographer based in Manchester, says: “I’ve been Coronation Street's photographer for three years and it’s a unique job, and a unique place to work.

"The cast work really hard creating the characters we all know and love on screen, yet they are so rarely seen as themselves - however the 50th Anniversary year gave me the chance to create this exhibition, the concept of which is to portray the actors I've come to know.

"These images capture just that - the real people behind the characters, but surrounded with elements that relate to their 'Corrie' world".

Gallery owner, Robert Marks, says: “When I first saw Rob’s photography it reminded me of Frank Worth, who photographed Hollywood’s golden era – both have captured truly stunning studies of human character.

“I will admit to being a big Coronation Street fan and am privileged to be able to exhibit these stunning photos on the walls at Generation Pop. I'm also very intrigued to see who buys what during the charity auction – I know which one I have my eye on!”.

    E3 New York St
    City Tower
    M1 48D
    Opening Times: Sunday/Monday Closed  Tues – Sat 1000 – 1800  (Thurs 1000 – 2000)

Does Grandad George sleep with the fishes?

(This post was originally posted by Seapenguin on the Coronation Street Blog in April, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

On last night's Corrie, Peter muttered - understandably rather grimly - that "Grandad George sleeps with the fishes." Any Godfather fans out there will know what THAT means.

Has Peter done away with George? Is he in the canal, wearing a pair of cement boots? Or is he in Berkshire, getting up to something nefarious? PLEASE let this be a hint that George and Eve are coming back soon!

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Should Lewis stay or should he go?

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April, 2010, reposted with permission.) Contains minor speculative spoiler.

Nigel Havers is playing the suave Lewis with aplomb and having a great time doing it. As with many actors, being on Coronation Street has been a dream come true and he'd love to have his contract extended! His contract currently goes until July (2010, about May 2011 in our timeline) so there's quite a bit of plot yet which means lots more story with Audrey and Rita so that's good. It's so nice to see them get their own story instead of being hangers on to someone else's storyline. With a rivalry between the two old friends brewing and the possibility that Lewis is just a con man out to fleece one or both of them, the next few months will be very enjoyable. What do you think? Could there be a way to keep Lewis on the screen longer?

Monday 24 January 2011

Weekly Awards: for Jan. 17 - 21

Double whammy award: Gold Star: Nick got it twice in one eye, from Jason and David!

Way too much information award: Gold Star: Becky rattling off all the non-bedroom places they've done bedroom things!

Compounding the problem award: Bruised Star: Jason got a bad knock on the head and now forgets that Tina broke up with him.

Plonker award: Gold star: Nick Tilsley: There's no excuse for him not to go visit Gail.
Silver star: John Stape taking out his bad mood on everyone, especially Roy. Ungrateful git.

Delusional award: Gold Star: John Stape (did he think they wouldn't find out?)

Heart's in the right place award: Gold Star: Jason (he might have been a bit previous re-proposing when she's grieving but he only wants to make Tina happy)

Be careful what you wish for award: Gold Star: Dev... well, you did want your wife and kids back.

Lines of the Week:
Fiz to John: 'You know everything!" (he might, but he hasn't got a clue)
John "I will never teach again" (watch this space)
Eileen: "Me and happiness are never gonna live in the same street"
Audrey about David: "That lad's mind is a very dangerous place"
Becky to Steve: "Cheer up... I hate seeing you all.... limp" (koff)
Bill: "You remind me of our Kevin when he was a teenager. He could sulk for England" (he still can!)
Mary to Norris: "I hope you don't mind me taking liberties with your peanut brittle balls" (in her wildest dreams) Norris to Rita "You were always playing fast and loose with me bottom line!"
Norris: "I'm in danger of coming down with compassion fatigue!" (never in a million years)
Eileen to Jason: "You've obviously forgotten that you've lost your memory"
Claire to Sunita "You won't want to pay the asking price after what went on under that roof!" (That little statement could come back to haunt Sunita!)

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April, 2010, reposted with permission.)

Sunday 23 January 2011

Sunday Corrie Comments, January 23

Off we go for another week of Sunday comments. Don't forget to check the Bluenose Corrie Blog tomorrow for Lines of the week and weekly awards!

David's methods might be misguided but his heart's in the right place. I wonder where Nick's is. And could David bring Gail a few more clothes? She's been wearing that black turtleneck top since she was locked up!
We all know where Kirk's heart is, and it's not in the same place his brain is. Imagine fibbing on the online dating sites and saying you're a millionaire race car driver, turning up for your date and seeing Kirk! John got busted big time and got a dressing down for his troubles. Feel sorry for him? Nah not me. And he can sulk like nobody's business!

I think Jason's heart was in the right place, and i think though Tina is hurting, his idea to propose and give her something to look forward to was very nice. An April wedding might have been a bit too much pressure though as it's actually near the end of March when this first aired. And clearly Tina thought so too and she chucked him for being insensitive. Overreact much? Under normal circumstances, they'd row, make up and set a more reasonable date but she's not reasonable lately, and clearly having problems coping. And, also clearly, she's not thinking logically or she'd never have told Jason about the kiss with Nick. She doesn't fancy Nick but i don't think she knows what she wants. I guess she figured it was the only way to make Jason leave.
I don't mind saying i rather enjoyed Jason thumping Nick. He's such a slimy git! and even then, Nick just heaped scorn on Jason and waved the red rag at him a bit more just to wind him up some more. Poor Jason, really though he had no business thumping Nick seeing as Tina had dumped him anyway. He was just taking it out on Nick. And then to complete the set, he took the opportunity to get David in a twist and got his other eye blackened. What's wrong with him? And look, another week goes by without him visiting Gail.

Poor Jason is really cut up. And hungover. Probably shouldn't have been working in that state and ended up tumbling to the bottom of the stairs! OUCH! knocked recent events right out of his brain, too! All that denial, i guess. Roy was more hinderance than help what with squashing Jason's arm and bumping his head again!
Laughed at Claire and Eileen being *very* interested in Becky's gossip about Steve's ailing libido while Claire is fantasizing about her own "wild" lovelife with Ashley. It boggles the mind and it doesn't bear thinking about! Steve isn't happy about the women sharing but um.. that's what we do innit? Aw bless, they got their mojo back though, much to Ciaran's chagrin, walking in on them in fancy dress! Aw but Looks like Steve and Becky are in for another bitter disappointment. Becky lost another baby and didn't know she was pregnant yet. So what next? Looks like there's going to be some trouble doing the pregnant thing. Poor Becky is going to go off the rails and she's scared she won't be able to keep Steve if she can't give him babies. She was worried that he'd not want her and remembered that he and Karen had fertility problems too. IT wasn't really. Karen had a miscarraige but the reason they split up was that Karen was a nutter. Maybe all this isn't as hard on Steve but it's still a crushing disappointment to him. At least he can talk to his mum. No sense making Becky feel even worse!

Hmmm Rita's seen Lewis' ad in a ladies' magazine. Rita was told Lewis was an escort and putting 2 and 2 together, why not book him herself? Audrey isn't going to like that but come on, isn't Lewis fair game? He's a man for hire, after all. Funny Rita didn't tell Audrey, though. And it looks like Lewis is getting free theatre tickets and charging his customers for them, then gave Audrey the program Rita had bought and probably charged her for that too. Scam, much? This doesn't bode well.

Dev is having a difficult time learning how to share! and Graeme saved the day with his ladders, getting Aadi off the balcony. He got gourmet crisps and brandy (which he chugged!) for his efforts and scolded Dev in the process lol! And Dev's idea of moving to a new house is to find a very expensive one just as far out of Weatherfield as t'other one but Sunita wants to live local and oh looky, Maria wants to sell her house. Coincidence? I can't imagine wanting to give up a big posh house with a back yard for the kids to play in for a pokey 100 year old terrace house even if it does have a loft with a skylight! Did you see the smoke wafting out from Kirk's burned bread! I think Sunita should point out that after they sell their big house, they could buy Number 7 and probably have lots of cash left over. Mortgage free. That's without even selling Dev's flat! That would probably persuade him.

Sophie and Sian have matching henna tattoos! Kids, eh? The teenage bitching and moaning was getting on my nerves, though. You know, as cute as Trev is, he's very much a passive aggressive person. What he does with Janice and her diet? He'd tease her about it, then give her tea with no milk and set the cookies down beside her to tempt her. That's just wrong and it's manipulative too. Norris doesn't really need Tina anyway, he's got Mary and he's got Rita!

And a treat for you... Betty Driver has recorded a radio show called Desert Island Disks and the link to listen online is through this blog post. What a fantastic interview it is, all about her life!

Friday 21 January 2011

Preview of Next Week's Corrie in Canada (Jan. 24 -28)

On our screens in Canada next week... Old friends fall out, Becky and Steve look to the future, Peter gets romantic, an old friend contacts Leanne, Janice gets disappointed, Ryan makes the wrong moves, John gets an invitation. For more details on these spoilers, with pictures, check out the Moosejaw Mercury on

Thursday 20 January 2011

State of the Street: Corrie in March 2010

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in March, 2010)

We've reached the end of March 2010 on our Canadian Corrie screens and what a state we're in this month! Gail's in jail, David's at odds with Tina and his brother Nick and is Gail's staunchest defender. Steve and Becky lost a baby and Molly found out she's having one, much to Tyrone's delight and Kevin's horror. Carla's taken up with the binman that Janice wants and running NuNick ragged. Peter's got Simon back and hopefully, will have cleaned up his act.

Kelly left the street in a strop and Jesse left with tumbleweeds in his wake. Sunita's back on it with Dev and twin Alahan Juniors in tow. At least there's other kids for them to play with. Read more about the goings on this month here.

Wednesday 19 January 2011

Corrie's Nick - My new most hated character

Last night's Coronation Street featured Nick getting plowed in the face not once, but twice! I can say it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! Facetiously, of course.

Nick hasn't been in the show this time around very long on our screens but already he's shaping up to be sly, manipulative, smug, arrogant and sneaky and he has the nerve to insult David for similar qualities??

So Jason got dumped last night by a grieving Tina who, in order to convince him to go, told him about the kiss she shared with Nick before she knew who he was. A kiss she regretted but which happened nonetheless. Jason lost his rag and thumped Nick in the Rovers, taking his pain out on Nick. To be fair, Nick really didn't have that coming. One kiss doesn't really deserve that but he certainly continued to poke Jason with a big stick afterwards, provoking him more.

And then, at home, he continued using that big stick on David, finding every sore spot he could. What did he think would happen? David might not be a big lad but he caught Nick off guard and blackened his other eye and i, for one, cheered loudly because Nick DID have that one coming. He was really asking for it! What pleasure would he possibly get out of it, I don't know but he sure got a result and knew it.

Thing is, it's not as if he did anything except give David more reason to dislike him. He did it purely to get a rise out of David, no other reason. No witnesses so no points scored. What did he find out? That David still loves Tina in spite of everything? No secret, that. Everyone knows it. It only establishes that Nick is a thoroughly dislikeable person. David isn't that likeable either but people see him as a product of a broken marraige with a big chip on his shoulder. Lots of people actually feel sorry for him.

Nick? He's always been the golden boy aside from losing his father at a young age. But he's been ungrateful and selfish and he's now worse than ever. I think he wants to be Mike Baldwin but he doesn't have one ounce the charm Mike had.

And, without spoiling it for Canadians.... you ain't seen nothing yet!!!

Corrie's magazine advert for Lewis the escort

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog in xxxx, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

The Lady magazine is not a magazine we take here at Blog Towers. You know, it's rather posh. Well, posh it may be but it's heartening to hear it's got a sense of humour. The magazine features in this Thursday's episode of Corrie (tonight in Canada), says Digital Spy, when Rita spots an advert for Lewis the escort.

And real-life readers of The Lady can see Lewis's advert for themselves in this week's edition of the publication. The notice promotes a "discreet male escort" with "years of experience" and features a picture of Lewis alongside two fictional phone numbers.

A Coronation Street spokesperson said: "The Lady heard the magazine was going to feature in an episode, and they approached us with the idea of using the advert in the actual magazine."

Eagle-eyed Corrie fans will have spotted that the latest edition of The Lady pictured above has another Corrie connection. Joanna Lumley's the cover girl and of course, she played Ken Barlow's girlfriend Elaine Perkins in Corrie back in 1973.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

McDonald Family goes to Blackpool circa 2003

I thought you might enjoy this photo from the Wayback machine. It's November 2003. Steve and Karen have just got divorced and re-engaged because she wants to remarry in a big splashy ceremony (be careful what you wish for!) Tracy Barlow is pregnant but nobody yet knows that Steve is the father and has married Roy so that he has legal claim on the baby he thinks is his.

Meanwhile, Jim McDonald is still in prison for the manslaughter charge stemming from when he confessed to beating Jez Quigley who later died from his inuries. Liz had remarried Jim in prison and she's now working in a pub in Blackpool. Jim suspects that she's seeing another man and sends Steve up there to check on her. Karen goes along for the ride, anticipating having a bit of a lark on the promenade. Alas, Jim is impatient and breaks out of prison and most of the McDonalds are reunited.

You can read more about the Blackpool Shenanigans, which also include a return by Bet Lynch and a sub plot with Ashley and then-nanny Claire on holiday, and falling in love over here on (starting at November 17)

Photo: Mark Campbell/Rex Features

What will happen to John Stape? (Spoiler)

(This post was originally posted by Seapenguin on the Coronation Street Blog in March, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

There's a speculation of a possible upcoming storyline near the end of the first paragraph.

The Stapester's getting a lot of stick at the moment, but he's one of my favourite Corrie characters so I'm going to leap to his defence. Okay so he's been a bit of a plank at times, not to mention a criminal, but hey, he's done his time and he wants to turn his life around. That's why he went for the job as an adult education teacher. Yes, he lied to the education authorities as well as to himself about the CRB check, but I don't think he's deep down evil (not like sleaze-meister Grandad George - and where's he disappeared to, lately? up to no good in Berkshire, I reckon.). Stape wasn't planning to kidnap any more pupils - he's been and done that, and well and truly learned the error of his ways. But those CRB checks are very unforgiving. He's not going to get back into teaching again, ever - unless gets desperate and steals someone else's identity, School of Rock style - which is a possible upcoming storyline. Personally I really hope he doesn't go down that route and end up inside again.

No, there must be other solutions for John. But what on earth ARE they? Okay, Roy's Rolls isn't a bad job, but the pay must be terrible not to mention the leccy/soap powder bills he must run up, getting the pong of chip fat and bacon and sausage barms out of his clothes. But that's the least of his worries. What about his long term future? Will he turn into a "Ken", pottering away on the Weatherfield Gazette, polishing his leather elbow patches and tinkering with a novel that will never see the light of day? I hope not. I think the Stapester deserves better.

By the way - I notice that there is an author called John Stape, who wrote, among other things, a biography of Joseph Conrad. I wonder if that's where the idea for the character's name came from?

Monday 17 January 2011

Corrie Weekly Awards, week of Jan. 10 - 14

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in March, 2010, reposted with permission.) 

Awards for last week's Canadian episodes.

You had that coming award: Gold Star:
Molly, not Pam. Pam told her the truth, all of it and Molly couldn't take it so she smacked Pam.

Shameful award: Gold star: Jesse. But we always knew he had an eye for Julie. (She might have given him mixed signals but he was only hours away from wanting Eileen back.)
Silver star: Nick wussing out on visiting his mother.
Bronze star: Kevin handing over Sophie 50 quid because it's easier than saying 2 sentences of apology over again.

Rosie Webster Media award: Gold Star: Norris learned how to use that fancy new camera pretty quickly. Is it going to get him in trouble? (and quite a zoom on that baby too!)

We're not really related award: Gold Star: Nick and David: "Half brothers."

Best image award: The tumbleweed rolling back along Victoria Street after Jesse was run out of town.

Lines of the Week:
Tyrone: "We could change the name of the garage... 'Webster, Dobbs and son'" (and it's appropriately ambiguous too!)

Molly to Kevin: "I'm staying round here to make a go of it with my family like you are trying to make a go of it with yours!" (Much as I hate to say it, she's got a good point.)

Norris about the reunited couple: "It's like marital hokey cokey" (Isn't that the one where you put ... well and then you shake it all about, so to speak?)
Eileen "I thought i was getting a life belt and i got an anchor!"
Janice about Nick: "If he were a stick of rock he'd have pillock written right through it" (Word!)
David to Graeme about his crush on Rosie "You're one step away from going Stape on her!
Graeme's voice mail "Please leave a message after the sheep...baaaaaaaaaaaa" (Brilliant!)

Graeme: "These hands are deadly weapons. They should be kept in mittens by rights."

Eileen: "Always the statue, never the pigeon, me." Julie: "To sisterhood." (and not before time!)

Sunday 16 January 2011

Corrie Crazy airs again tonight

Corrie Crazy is on CBC Newsworld tonight at 8 p.m. for any of you that missed it the first two times around. For any new readers, this is a documentary that was made last year about why Coronation Street is so popular with Canadian fans.

The host is Debbie Travis who is a fan herself, and born in the Manchester area. She takes you to Manchester with some footage shot at Granada studios with some of the cast as well as on location to a shoot at a train station. The second half of the documentary tells about the stories of fans in Canada from various parts of the country including right here in Halifax!

I was a part of the documentary along with my fiance (who gives me Corrie presents for Christmas and even wrote me a song about Corrie this year!) who i met in a Corrie chat room 7 years ago. They also sent a film crew to a local ping and they went on one of the naval vessels to talk to Mark, a sailor friend of mine.

Sunday Corrie Comments, January 16

So off we go for another week of Sunday comments. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Lines of the week and weekly awards!

Looks like Molly has got her feet back under Tyrone's table. He's happy as a pig in muck but Auntie Pam knows damn well she's taking the easy way out and told her off good and proper. Home truths only get her face slapped in return and it was Molly that needed the slap, not Pam! (well not really, i'm not advocating violence, but this is telly, ok?) Meanwhile Bill's telling off Kevin and Kevin, for all he says he doesn't care and doesn't want anything to do with Molly or the baby, can't seem to concentrate on anything else. I'm not Molly's fan at all but i'm even less Kevin's fan these days. HE's really acting like an arse, even more than when he was actually having the affair.

Tina's grief seems to be hitting her harder and harder. I'm sure it's her first time with real loss and she doesn't seem to be able to handle it at all no matter how much support she's getting. It's a lot to take on, mind you, on top of your father's death, you have to deal with the fact that you believe he was murdered by his wife, a step mom you liked. She could be getting into trouble though. And every time you go out your door, you're looking at the house where he lived and encountering the family of his killer including your psycho ex which sends you right round the bend. Poor Jason is at his wits' end (a short trip). Weird, though, They are moving back to the flat since it didn't sell and Sean was all upset because he had to tell Eileen? It's not that big a deal is it? They're only over the road. She even agreed. I think Sean's a bit of a drama queen at times! (understatement?)

Gail has a cellmate. Pity it wasn't Jackie Dobbs ;) This one seems ok, though, so perhaps Gail won't have to sleep with her eyes open. She's practical and sarcastic but isn't horrible at least. Good thing, too, since Gail is going to be in jail until the trial! And did you see how Gail and David hugged in the visiting room? I bet you never thought you'd see that! It was really sincere too, on David's part. He's really cut up about this. Audrey is snobbish about the other inmates and visitors and got herself in hot water by suggesting Gail hadn't told them everything. She wasn't implying that Gail killed Joe but tempers are high.

Meanwhile, David figures he ought to take matters into his own hands and tries to interrogate some of the witnesses in the Lake District, bringing Graeme along for the ride. Probably made things worse (The visit, not bringing along Graeme who seems to be just the right person to bring along for a road trip with his flask, maps and music!!)

Sally's at Auntie Phyllis's? What? Who? It must be a relative of one of her parents because Sophie doesn't have an Auntie Phyllis. She's got an Auntie Gina and an Auntie Debbie. And having two capable teenage daughters, why is Kevin so concerned about having to make a meal? Can't they do it? Surely Rosie can at least pop stuff in the oven or the microwave and I'm definitely sure Sophie can probably put a decent edible meal together.

Sophie is being set up with a lad from school that Ryan knows but it doesn't go too well. Perhaps if he'd not been so forward? Perhaps not. It's Ryan's fault for implying Sophie would be up for a "good time" and really, he just wants her out of the way so he can spend more time with Sian.

Of course adult students are keen, they *want* to be there! NO idea what John thought he was doing trying to teach. Wouldn't he think he'll get caught? I'm sure they'll still do a background check?

Lewis is sniffing around Audrey again. Must be a slow week in the gigolo trade. Norris got a good look, too, and ended up using that camera on his phone, the one he didn't even want. Guess it has advantages when you're a nosy busybody. Rita seems awfully curious as well and Audrey finally confides in her about the escort. And why not, at her age, have a nice looking man take you out to the theatre and other engagements. Problem is, Audrey's head is turned very easily and a smooth, charming bloke like Lewis could have her head in the giddy clouds of infatuation!

I love Eileen's wolf whistle text alert! Jesse wants another chance but what's this? He's kissing Julie?? He loves her??!!!?? It didn't take him very long to get over Eileen, did it? B@stard! He's had his eye on her for awhile, though Julie is far more loyal than to give in to an attraction. Julie didn't want him so i guess he figured he could get back in with Eileen and it's "oh i love you Eileen, give us another chance"  so he wouldn't have to move home to Mummy. Sisters must stick together! Eileen sent Jesse packing with a tumbleweed following him down the dusty cobbles. Wonderful!

Nick can't even break up a little fight! I'm at a loss as to why Nick can't take a couple of hours to visit his mother. Too scared of Carla to go? Too scared of the jail? What a weakling! He's no match for Carla! And anyway, why? He owns part of the business. It shouldn't matter what Carla says. She might have a majority share but she's not the boss of him if he's part owner. Nick's answer to it all? Pay for a better lawyer for Gail which he should have done from the get go.

Odd that Nick has to put his overcoat on over his suit to walk 15 feet to the factory. And he sure didn't like Janice spreading gossip about his lack of prowess in bed. ANd by the way, where does Trev get off teasing Janice about what she eats?

It might be chilly but it's also March in Weatherfield, not flamin' January in Edmonton ;) The factory bees complained that working more to make up for Kelly's absence meant they still wouldn't get paid more but it would, wouldn't it? I thought they were being paid on a quota/pieces completed basis? Or they used to be. So if they work more, they should get paid more. Graeme has a major crush on Rosie Webster! Graeme was really brilliant this week! I think he's an awesome character! I wrote a bit about Graeme as a free spirit on my other Corrie blog here some time ago if you're interested.

Let's see. Sunita has been living in a large posh house in a leafy Manchester suburb for 5 years and the kids are no doubt going to a local school so why on earth is she A. saying their school is closer to Coronation Street and B. wanting the four of them living in a flat with half the space of the house and C. saying the kids aren't rooted when that's the only house they've ever known? Why can't Dev move into the house and drive to work?

Saturday 15 January 2011

Elsie Tanner and Pat Phoenix - Unforgettable

In the UK last week, there was a half hour special on Pat Phoenix who played the wonderful Elsie Tanner, one of the most iconic Coronation Street characters ever. It has been shown before, originally airing in April 2000,  but not in Canada. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, however, you can see this documentary that is chock full of interviews from coworkers and friends who knew her. It's great stuff to see old photos and interview footage of Pat and to hear what she was really like. This photo is from her pre-Corrie days when she was acting in reperatory theatre around England. No wonder she was able to instill that air of glamour in Elsie!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Friday 14 January 2011

Next Week in Canada (Jan. 17 - 22)

On our screens in Canada next week... More bad news for Becky, Graeme is a hero, Tina tells Jason some truths, Rita goes out on the town, David takes risks for Gail, Dev and Sunita consider a new house. For more details on these spoilers, with pictures, check out the Moosejaw Mercury on

Thursday 13 January 2011

I need your opinion, dear readers

Currently, this blog is, for the most part, spoiler free.

But...would you like any of the following types of posts to appear on this blog? Either of these two types of blog posts will probably involve spoilers but I would use my discretion and continue not to reveal any major plot spoilers (I.e. Gail's in jail and there's going to be a trial, that's pretty obvious, but the verdict shall remain unposted until it's aired)

1. Preview of next week's Corrie (in Canada). Obviously these will be spoilers and I can link to the site where the spoilers will actually be decribed in further detail, with just a few brief statements about what's coming up.

2. Upcoming casting/new character spoilers which may involve some minor spoilers to do with a new character (i.e. they may be a love interest for someone else)

3. Returning character spoilers.

And while i'm at it, would you prefer the Lines of the Week to stay with the Sunday Comments or shall i leave them with the weekly awards?

What say you?

Cheshire pub gets starring role in Corrie

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog in March, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

When you're watching Coronation Street tonight, look out for the Church Inn. It's a pub in Mobberley in Cheshire and features on Corrie tomorrow night.

The pub was home to Jack P Shepherd (David Platt) and Graeme Proctor (Craig Gazey) on Monday, February 8, as they came together to try and find a way to free Gail from jail. Pub owner Stephen Bedford said the pub was a hive of activity, with more than 50 production staff heading down to the village for the one-day shoot.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to be in something like that and be seen by so many millions of people,” he said. “The locations manager phoned up and asked if they could have the pub for a day’s shoot. I have done similar at other places before, so I knew we weren’t on the end of a wind-up.”

Wednesday 12 January 2011

David Platt doesn't 'alf do my head in

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in March, 2010, reposted with permission.)

Is anyone else having a hard time getting their head around the new and improved David Platt? The one that is genuinely concerned for his mother's well being and seems willing to defend her to the bitter end? This is the lad that pushed his mother down the stairs and left her for dead!

I wonder if his hatred for Joe was just that much stronger than his supposed hatred for his mother? Let's face it, he did hate Joe. Well, it didn't start off well when he found out that his girlfriend's father was with his mother but it went rapidly downhill when he moved in, usurping David's place at the head of the table, so to speak. Joe certainly didn't win any points when he got addicted to pain pills and tried to rob the health centre. Gail didn't chuck him out. You'd think that would turn David against his mother even more but he took it all out on Joe.

I think he realized how much Joe was dragging Gail down and then when Joe's whole "fake my death" scheme went under, literally, Gail called David for help. She actually needed him and without even knowing what the problem was, he hopped a train to the Lake District. That in itself was a miracle.

Since discovering the whole scheme, David was more than willing to do whatever it took to help his mother, even lying for her and covering up by throwing Joe's mobile into the canal which was a bad move after all. Still, seeing him the other day hugging his mother and really meaning it? My head was spinning! I'm sure Manipulative David hasn't gone away and at least he's still spending all his free time sniping at Nick, who's also come back to usurp David's position as the only "man of the house". But he's actually there for his mother and that doesn't 'alf do my 'ead in!

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Rita's back and don't you love it!?

Just because I'm so tickled to have Rita back on the Street! Barbara Knox was recently awarded with an MBE along with costar Eileen Derbyshire and she also did a television interview on Paul O'Grady who does a talk show in the UK. Ms. Knox is notoriously private and interviews are rare. You can see the interview via links to YouTube on this post.

Monday 10 January 2011

Weekly Awards, week of Jan. 3 - 7

A new feature for this blog. I also write for The Coronation Street Blog, which is a UK timeline blog and i do these awards after watching the episodes each week. This post originally appeared in March 2010 and covers the episodes seen in Canada last week. Hope you like it.

Boy am I glad to see you award: Gold star: Simon!
Silver Star: Rita!

Soap cliche of the week: If she faints, she's pregnant and if she's had sex with two people, one of whom she shouldn't have, she's pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. It's Classic Soap Opera Plot 328. which leads us to...
Best (Worst) Reaction Ever: Kevin setting the scan photo up in flames!

Could she/he be any more theatrical? BLACK star: Gail coming down the stairs, wild eyed, with a high operatic aria in the background. Sheesh!

You'd think she'd be used to it award: Gold Star: Gail burying her third husband. Mind you, he was the only husband she loved when he died.

Trying too hard award: Gold Star: Kelly panting after Nick who clearly doesn't care.

No chance of getting in her pants award: Silk star: Nick: Once Carla found out he got inside info from Kelly, he didn't have a prayer.

Deja Vu award: Gold Star: Kelly telling Nick that one of these days someone will stab him in the back. She meant it figuratively. Does she realize that's how his father died? Literally!

The Deirdre "I didn't do it" Rashid banner is handed over to Gail Platt!

Lines of the Week:

Rita "Helloooo Street!!!" (And it's great to have her back!) 
Tina about Gail: "She's been lying about how my dad died and I don't want to look at either one of her two faces while I'm burying him."
Nick "Some of us can't afford to fall apart, David" (but you could show a bit more concern or worry for your mummy)
Kelly to Nick "One of these days someone is going to stab you in the back" (she didn't mean it literally but you do remember that's how his father died!)
Norris about the warring funeral "teams".."Bit odd, don't you think?" Dev: "Decorum, Norris. Decorum" (Too bad Tina couldn't restrain herself at the funeral)
Peter: "Oh my baby!" (ok, did anyone else have tears running down their face at that line?)
George: "I am deeply sorry for all the trouble I caused." (And so you should be!)
Eileen about Gail: "She'd have trouble cooking a fish with the head still on."
Rita: "I don't think I give Norris' staying power much thought."
Kevin to Tyrone: "Congratulations!" Tyrone: "Cheers, mate, who's the daddeeee!!!" (um, yeah.)
Nick "Business is all about exploiting the opportunities" (while grinning at Kelly through the window, poor cow)
Jason: "Too much thinkin' makes you miserable" (Oh, so that's why you're such a happy chap!)
and finally...

Kelly "I'm Kelly Crabtree!!! The one with the legs!!!!"

Sunday 9 January 2011

Deborah hits the Corrie media trail once more

There's an online shop out of Ontario called Blighty's that carries food, candy and gifts from the U.K. They have real shops, too, called Blighty's Tuck Store and are found in the Greater Toronto Area. Luckily, if you don't live there, you can shop for your favourites online. They also carry a small  range of Coronation Street  gifts!

That's not the main reason for this blog post, however. Blighty's has a monthly newsletter that they send out and in this edition, found here online at their blog, there's an interview with Deborah Cyr. You may recall that Deborah won a contest that names her officially as Canada's Number One Corrie Fan. She won a trip to Manchester and to the set and met a number of Corrie actors. Regular fans of this blog may recall we interviewed Deborah after she won the contest and she also sent a great description of her trip to Manchester.

My fella and I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah face to face at a ping in Toronto in October 2010 and she's every bit as friendly and enthusiastic as she comes across in the interviews!

Subscribe to Blighty's newsletter here where you can set up an RSS feed or subscribe by email. Just a warning, though, the newsletter sometimes has spoilers and Blighty's site has spoilers as well. .

Sunday Comments, January 9

Ok gang, I've started to do a bit more with this blog. Rather than putting the lines of the week here, i'm going to start putting Weekly Awards on the blog on Mondays that will include Lines of the week. Check back tomorrow for the lines of the week and the awards..

Phew, Simon's ok! It's a bit far fetched that a 6 year old would be able to find his way back to Weatherfield overnight on a train or three all by himself, then getting through the city from the train station to Coronation Street alone, without anyone noticing at all but there you are. I'm surprised Peter didn't knock George right into Victoria Street when he came to grovel. He thinks Simon really is better off with Peter. Ya think?

There can't be a funeral on the Street without some palaver can there? Not most of the time at least. Tina was the one making a scene this time, haranguing Gail about killing Joe. Good god could the scene with Gail coming downstairs to the Operatic aria be any more drama-queen? And Gail looking at Nick and fixing his tie, boy the Nick Sunshine sure shines out of his backside where she's concerned doesn't it? Tina's mother didn't come, something about not wanting to be a hypocrite. How about wanting to support your broken hearted daughter? And Why on earth would Gail be going on about Joe's depression at his funeral? Wouldn't there be a nicer way to remember him? Mind you it *was* all depression and addiction and loan sharks, i suppose.

Surely there were more people attending the funeral that Graeme could have got a lift with? But no, hardly any neighbours there, even long term ones that have known Gail for years! Ok, the Barlows were otherwise occupied, but no Sally? Her best friend? Oh Joe we hardly knew ye! This is the third husband Gail's buried. Martin should think himself very lucky he escaped alive! Talk about the Black Widow!

So even though the police admitted there wasn't enough to charge Gail, they arrest her anyway because she's thinking of visiting Sarah in Milan. Tina blew it all out of proportion and nobody in their right mind thinks Gail could possibly kill anyone! Tina thinks Gail got her to lie to the police when Joe was already dead. Well she did but Gail didn't know Joe was dead! It's more damning circumstantial evidence.

So there's David on his own. However can he manage to survive without Gail? Pah. I agree with Nick, time he learned to look after himself and indeed i'm sure he can. Gail's charged with murder with family there to support her but tempers are hot and David and Tina get into a slanging match after Gail is denied bail. I guess we'll have to put up with Gail whispering "I didn't do it" a la Deirdre Rashid. Wouldn't it have been funny if her cellmate would have turned out to be Jackie Dobbs, banged up for something the minute she was chucked out of Tyrone's house? Gail was like a scared rabbit in the prison, though. Hiding away and then scurrying away from the other inmates who were giving the newbie a hard time.

Molly's pregnant! Not really surprised and naturally she's not going to know who the daddy is. I'd really like it to be Tyrone's but it wouldn't be nearly so dramatic would it? Kevin burning the scan photo was a bit mean, though as was telling her to get rid. If that didn't put her off him, and it didn't, i don't know what will. She's clearly delusional. Kevin had a wakeup call and it's not guilt. He's loved Sally for most of his adult life. Marraiges go a bit stale and he got infatuated. End of. Yet he keeps creeping around Molly even though he doesn't want to know. Creep is exactly the right word! So what's she going to do now? Three guesses. The first two don't count. Tyrone snapped up his chance, chucked out his mother, and took Molly in. She went. It was easier wasn't it?

Mary's on the competition trail again, and won a Bronte weekend in the countryside, almost hours after she entered! Who with i wonder???? Rita's back and looking very "well rested" i think the term is. Speculation has the actress having had a face lift with the switchover to HD broadcasting imminent in the UK at that time. If she has, the surgeon was very good. Now she's got to figure out what she wants to do and working with Emily isn't going to do the trick. She'll end up back in the Kabin sooner or later, rest assured, seeing as Mary wants to drag Norris away for a romantic weekend.

Oh Ace!!! David was watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon! I always wonder why Tyrone has to ask Kevin for time off for various reasons. He's half owner, he shouldn't have to ask permission!

Wasn't Nick a rat b@stard??? He shags Kelly, gets her to spy on the factory accounts for him and then sacks her because Carla says so. Carla doesn't trust her, of course, and if she was wise, she wouldn't trust him either. He's a spineless slimeball and this is just the beginning of it. Watch this space!

Surely Kelly could go to a tribunal for that? Oh i'd sue the lot of them until they had no skin left on their backsides. Yes, she was wrong to spy but he asked her to. I suppose she'd end up being torn apart at a tribunal and made to look the villain. Nick and Carla would gang up on her and lie probably but they treated her like dirt, i say. It's too bad none of her coworkers backed her up either but i don't suppose most of them liked her either. But didn't she tell them all what for before she left?

So that's the last of Kelly with the Legs. She wasn't really a very nice person most of the time but she did keep things interesting now and then. At least she walked out of Weatherfield, confident and looking to her future. And you know? She just might do ok for herself.
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