Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday Comments December 4

Eileen gets a proposal and Todd is horrified his mother says yes! Michael is even more horrified because he's pretty sure that was a swerve to keep him off the scent. It's champagne all around though Michael and Gail sat to one side with sour looks on their faces. But Eileen has uttered a phrase of doom, professing she doesn't have to worry about the future for once in her life. Phelan really was pouring it on a bit thick, to be fair. Vinny was calm and cool and followed Phelan's lead about the proposal and "honeymoon" destination but he's been trying to get hold of Phelan who lost his phone, that's the phone Faye nicked, remember.

Meanwhile, Michael is trying to stir up the investors, starting with Sarah, to get them to visit the building site and see the progress of the flats. Todd is getting drawn into it. Vinny and Michael tell him to invite all the people that want to see the progress to an open day on Thursday (which is three days after they plan to evacuate!) and they buy it though Michael doesn't because he overhears the plans which are described in vague enough terms that it could still be taken two ways.

Faye shows Seb the phone she nicked as proof of her loyalty. He reckons they can sell it but in the meantime, Faye has it home and pretends it's Seb's but I think Anna recognizes the ringtone. She certainly knows Faye stole it whoever owns it. She found out soon enough, curiosity killing the cat and all that, she listened to the voice mail which didn't have any sort of security code on it or on the phone. Surprising when Phelan is up to all sorts, you'd think he'd pass-code the phone. She took it to Michael and it's given her a purpose. She needs to bring Phelan down. It even got her out of the house to get him to come see her.

He checked there wasn't anyone in the flat and was thoroughly despicable to her. She waffled and wittered until she finally came to the point. She tried to pay him off with a measley 2000 pounds. I think she was trying to get him to admit about the scam and money he had coming. His ringtone went off, though, and he found out she had his phone.

Michael, meanwhile, brought meaty treats to lure the dogs outside of the gate at the building site so he could investigate. He was thrown when he had to take delivery of a truckload of tiles, those tiles that Eileen ordered, you may recall. Then when Phelan got the call from the delivery man, he realized it was Michael and boy was he pissed off. He caught Michael rifling through the filing cabinet, having found the fake passport and Mexico tickets. Michael had Phelan cornered and it very much looked as if Phelan was going to murder him with that crowbar. He doesn't usually get his hands dirty, does Phelan but I really thought he'd cross the line this time. Fate had other plans. Michael's heart gave out. He lay there with his heart failing and Phelan crowing over him. Dragging it out.

Gary came looking for Michael but Michael didn't have the strength to call out loudly enough or use his phone. Phelan told the truth, he didn't lay a finger on Michael. Why didn't Gary hear Michael's phone if Anna was trying to call him? The phone was on because Michael tried to use it.

Vinny's packing at 5 a.m. and ready to go when Phelan called him and he pretends he was sleeping. Phelan wants to get an earlier flight to get out of Dodge City before it hits the fan. One would almost thing he felt bad about what happened when in reality, he is probably just pissed at the complication and maybe a bit scared that he'll get blamed for it.

Gail is frantic with Michael incommunicado. Eileen is chirping phrases of doom all over the breakfast table while Phelan is hiding out of sight, still deep in thought. Todd's starting to panic and Vinny is off in a taxi much earlier than the appointed meeting time that he told Pat.

Meanwhile, Pat almost seems like he's regretting having to dump Eileen and run away. He left the house with a very sentimental look but apparently didn't go to the site because Todd go there and he was the one that found Michael's body. Freak out, anyone? I bet he probably thinks Phelan killed Michael. Nothing to do but call the police. But when Phelan went to Vinny's house to meet up, he discovered Vinny had gone already and guess what? Vinny has cleaned out their business account, too. Vinny has well and truly dropped Pat in it. What a reaction! Never saw him lose his temper like that before!

Todd had to break the news to Eileen who then had to break it to Gail. Andy's sure Phelan was involved. Anna's blaming herself for the information that sent Michael there. She thinks Phelan was involved too. The big mystery for all of them is why was Michael there at the building site. Only Anna really knows that he probably went there looking for proof of Phelan's scam and went to the police. I know she's very upset but getting hysterical doesn't help her case. Phelan, meanwhile, got as far as the check in desk at the airport. But he's broke, isn't he? And he's got a good thing going, with a nice home, warm body in the bed and a business he has his hands on.

And boy did he play the reaction perfectly when Eileen told him about Michael. He admitted Gary came to the office the night before. Todd doesn't believe a word but he certainly did believe that Vinny ripped off the business though he still thinks Phelan and Vinny are in it up to their neck. Phelan's presence in the house rather than on a beach somewhere is persuasive.

Earlier, Gail has to get her own opinion made known to Gary about Sarah and a warning to him. And he's right, she's got some nerve throwing his past disasters up at him when it was her son that was the cause of Anna's severe injuries. Gary's honest and up front and Gail has to see that. She even had Gary over for tea though Michael went missing. Anna came over to try to get Gary to go rescue Michael. He didn't find him and we now know why. Michael was lying dead in the builder's yard. Something I don't get is that everyone is hoping to see how the flats are coming along. Yet Phelan said they were hoping to break ground next week. If that's the case, it sounds like they haven't actually started any work at all yet. There's nothing to see! Oooh Anna mentioned that Kevin has gone to his sister's. That's a rare admission that Kevin actually has a sibling.

Tracy was not very flattering to Daniel and guess what, he's a chip off the old block, doing a degree in English Literature. He's been reading King Lear to Ken! Ken seems to be making great strides with his recovery though the aphasia still results in the mixup of words. That's why he didn't want to see anyone else. Ken was pleased to see Adam who made a mention of returning the favour when Ken went to Canada to help him. Glad they did that. Tracy was really at her worst, though, and you'd think with her father lying there she'd be a bit more circumspect. Her bitching was one of the reasons he threw them all out in the first place.

Of course Daniel is proper family, more blood to Ken than she is! Peter seemed to accept him straight off. And lo and behold, Ken is well enough to go home! That amazes me but then again, some people do recovery fairly quickly from strokes and Ken's wasn't as bad as many are. Obviously not a lot of damage. Sounds like they're moving Amy over to the pub so I assume Ken gets the downstairs bedroom. Anyway, there's a family meal at the Bistro. Amy grills Daniel about his parentage and is definitely her mother's daughter, also calling Denise a slapper. Adam gets arrogant and shirty with Robert about the service and the food. Daniel eats like he hasn't had a meal in days. Maybe he hasn't.

Adam wasn't too thrilled when Daniel caught him going through the sideboard, allegedly looking for headache pills. Was he really or was he snooping like his reaction seems to imply? Daniel seems to be promoted as an uber geek already, methodical and organized. Adam is already stirring the pot, too, he called Environmental Health on Robert and the Bistro to get back at Robert for the argument the other night. Kind of backfired, though, because Brian cadging a free meal swept it all under the rug.

Anyway, back to Barlow Towers, where Ken has been brought home to recovery. Tracy escaped to the pub as soon as she could where Luke was quite understanding. Maybe they really are going to persue this. But their night out was cut short by the discovery of a stranger trying to see through the net curtains. Something dodgey there. I think the man has something to do with all those unexplained absences of Peter's and Tracy thinks so, too. The look on Peter's face said it all.

Sounds like Steve is offering Peter a job in the cab office. He's also being quiet about suggesting who that stranger Tracy caught lurking around might be but my money's on the bloke being the one that gave Peter those bruises he had when he first arrived. Daniel is quickly becoming a tedious little prig so far, correcting grammar and geography. Simon has a girlfriend and took Adam up on the offer to drive him in his hot car to the park to see her.

You know, in spite of all the Barlows teasing each other and Tracy digging to try to worm out everyone's secrets, they all really felt like family, didn't they? Peter seems to be quite protective of his little brother but he does seem very secretive, Tracy and Peter are both right on that score. He's not letting anything out and avoids direct answers to personal questions.

Gemma was thrilled even if she won second place because she is going to meet her idol, this Peter Andre. She didn't get the notice because she's not living at her home, she's still camping out at the kebab shop. Rita offered to find her a nice frock. I don't think Chesney knows she's sleeping at the kebab shop but he does now, when she tried to sneak her dirty laundry out the door so Alex could do the washing. Chesney understood but she can't stay there. Rita took pity on her and she now has another young lady to take under her wing.

Gemma is very chuffed to be staying at Rita's and Rita is spoiling her. I bet that doesn't happen very often if at all. She's so eager to get to the awards ceremony to meet her idol, Peter Andre but first she has to fend off Jenny's anger for using her shampoo and lippy! She looked amazing, though! too bad her idol cancelled at the last minute.

Look who's back? Brian Packham! Rita and Roy were both pleased to see him. He and Julie have broken up which wasn't a surprise to some. Eileen mentioned it some time ago so Sean probably knew as well. Brian hasn't been keeping in touch with friends, however, because he knew nothing about Cathy. There was a brilliant conversation with Roy over calling himself a Czar or Tzar of Recycling. I never really liked Brian but he's a brilliantly pompous character just the same.

Then he went to the Bistro in his official Environmental Health capacity and cadged a free meal which is probably something he does on a regular basis if he's still the same old Brian. I am surprised that he had to meet with the complainant at the restaurant. It doesn't seem right. People want to report things anonymously unless this is Brian's method of getting free scran. And if he had an official complaint, which it seemed like he did, how can he just brush it off without doing an investigation? Surely the Council will want paperwork.

Roy and Cathy's wedding is just over 23 days away. Roy seemed a bit disconcerted to realize it and Brian noticed, especially when he found out there really haven't been any preparations for the wedding. He tried to make a start and it proved to be a minefield. Cathy decided to hire Michelle who got right down to business. Roy wasn't very receptive to the suggestions.

Brian has come to visit Ken before his job interview. Then he plagued the cafe both before and after his interview where, in between his marathon discussion about himself, he then noticed that Roy was looking unhappy about the wedding plans and hearing Cathy squee with glee on the phone to Michelle even though she'd only seen her a few hours previously. His advice was to let Cathy have what she wanted, all he has to do is write a speech but Roy struggled to find the words to express how he feels. Brian might be a buffoon, but he's right, the speech shouldn't be a resume, it should be a love letter.

The idea of a horse drawn carriage was the straw the broke Roy's metaphorical back and he sacked Michelle behind Cathy's back. She took it well, once she realized Roy was at his wits' end.

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Anonymous said...

Michael put his phone on silent when he heard someone on the work site. That's why Gary didn't hear it.

Tvor said...

Ah thanks, I missed that bit!

Daithi_c said...

When Phaelan said break ground, he probably meant that new construction would be starting soon. In any reno job, there's a whack of demolition and possible restructuring to be done first before any new building can begin.

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