Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday Comments, August 1

Lines of the week:
  • Blanche: "An alcoholic and an arsonist open a bar. Sounds like the start of a joke!"
  • Theresa "A wild animal wouldn't do that to it's own mother" Lloyd "Unless it's own mother got on its nerves"
  • Tyrone to Molly "Love you!!!" Molly...silence.
  • Ken to Peter "I don't regret what i said, just the way i said it" (doh)
  • Darryl "I don't think i know anyone that sad and desperate. Or unhygenic, for that matter"
  • Liz to Lloyd about Teresa "If you'd have her, you'd have anyone!"
  • Dev "It's a shop, not a gossip factory" (since when?)
  • Kirk, on why he likes to hang out in the betting shop "Because usually, it's filled with total losers which makes me feel better about meself!"
  • Tyrone to Kevin "Is Molly having an affair" (Does Kevin needed new shorts after that one!)
Deception upon deception. Cancelled trains, no photos from the run, no bill from the hotel...Oh i got injured and dropped out and Molly stayed with me. lies upon lies and yet nobody gets suspicious? Pah! Kevin got quite a tan after that Glasgay run. It really isn't that sunny up there ;) It really REALLY annoys me seeing Molly roll her eyes when lovely Tyrone wants a cuddle and then she bitches at him.

Finally, the penny drops for Tyrone and he is suspecting she might be having an affair, only because Molly's being bitchy all the time and doesn't want any nookie (that's a classic clue, though, that one. Cheating spouses either feel too guilty to do it or they do it all the time, more than ever, figuring you'd guess if they stopped wanting it). And he confides in his best friend.... who's having the affair with Molly! Kevin was worried that Tyrone wanted to talk to him. I don't know why. If Tyrone suspected Kev was having it off with Molly, he'd be reenacting Tommy's murder using Kevin's head not wanting to have a drink with him. GULP! Kevin, you deserve to squirm, you worm!

Tony and Maria are back and Tony is being obnoxious right out of the gate. He drove poor Kirk out who moved one more door down the street again. You did notice how he reacted when he was going to make a restaurant reservation for Oct. 16 and then realized it was the anniversary of Liam's murder... Reality check, I think. Not just sympathy for Maria's feelings either, a little stab of guilt, perhaps? Daddy and Mammy Connor are back for the christening. It didn't take her long to start poking Tony with a figurative stick. You just know Tony will be doing his strong-arm routine and Mammy Connor will be her usual spiteful self towards him and Maria will be stuck in the middle.

Darryl had enough of his mother and chucked him out. Can he do that? But WHAT is Lloyd thinking? He's snogging with Liz on the dance floor but why did he get snarky with her for going back to the bar *to do her job*? For that he gets drunk and takes Teresa home? Seeing Teresa sucking on a cig in the morning and looking for more sex was enough to make him run for the hills while she went running around in Lloyd's jacket and little else, bragging about her night-scepades.

But as many people that knew, it wasn't even Teresa that let the cat out of the bag, it was Michelle! And just in time to put the kibosh on Liz and Lloyd getting back together. It was a close call. I certainly wouldn't want him back after he'd been with Teresa and neither does Liz! Flowers and sweet words wasn't enough. She lost a lot of respect for Lloyd. He's got no chance now. None of it really was Teresa's fault though. It's not as if she stole him from Liz and she did get the nasty end of the stick when it all came out and she then lost her job and got evicted, too. (I thought Darryl had already done that! I guess he relented)

Ken has turned 70 and Emily is 80. Tactfully there's only a 70 candle on the cake. Liz bitches about the age difference between her and Lloyd but it wasn't much really. Not like the difference between Ken and Deirdre, about 15 or 16 years without looking it up.

Not surprised that Sheila didn't last out the week, for driving poor Norris spare with her wittering on and on. I bet she could even out witter Mavis! And Michelle? as Dev said, you move in over a kebab shop, what do you expect it to smell like? Roses?

Peter seems interested in the old Turner's Joinery. Leanne misses managing a bar on her own. Connection? Yes it seems so. He sure got the key fast and he wants to open up a bar. An alcoholic. Not so sure that's a good idea and i can just hear Blanche now! You know, it looks like the inside of that joinery is like the Tardis (along with most of the other buildings on the Street). It was way wider and deeper inside than a railway bridge is! It was also a lot newer on the inside than the door was on the outside. I can understand Ken having concerns but let's face it, he's never ever really supported Peter in anything.

I hope Claire isn't planning on doing karaoke any time soon. Luke seems to be upset about someone not selling their shares after all. If it's Carla, i thought he already did buy them, case closed? Actually i know where this is going but it still makes no sense.

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