Thursday, 9 January 2014

My thoughts on Christmas Corrie

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in December 2013.)

So what did we all make of Coronation Street's festive offering this year? Every year the Corrie powers that be pull out all the stops to attract viewers on Christmas Day, topping the year before. Each year features much the same formula which must include snow, a sing song and a music montage at the end which is jolly on the surface while flitting from one miserable gob to another.

Here are my highs and lows from last night's hour long special. Let's start with the positives:

  • "Come to Deirdre!" Anne Kirkbride was back on good form as Deirdre returned to the action from Canada. The sight of Deirdre trundling round the Rovers with her mistletoe crown was pure joy. 
  • One of the best lines of the night went to my favourite, Audrey Roberts. As the Platts/Tilsleys/Prices celebrated Christmas in the Bistro, Audrey's comment about where we were up to with Gail's surnames cracked me up! And it's still McIntyre for anyone who cares.
  • Roy and Hayley continue to shine whenever they are featured. Their bitter sweet final Christmas delivered, although like Roy, I was frustrated by their constant interruptions. The sight of Hayley watching the Amsterdam DVD brought a tear to many an eye I'm sure.
  • Sally Webster was on brilliantly snobbish form when she helped out at the soup kitchen - definitely a highlight despite dreary daughter Sophie's burgeoning new romance with the girl who "trifled" with Sal.
  • I do like Andrea so far, she seems like good fun. I can see her and Lloyd making a good couple, although hopefully her presence will also make Steve realise just how much the miserable Michelle is dragging him down. Her jealousy is just outrageous!

Last night's Christmas special was by no means perfect though. Some aspects really got on my nerves:
  • Why must it snow every Christmas? It's a small point but it really is cliched and is becoming very old hat. Weatherfield really is like the Bermuda Triangle when it comes to festive weather.
  • That dreadfully forced singsong in the Rovers - what was that all about?! Poor Rita didn't even get a look in. Like the snowball fight, it felt like a really forced attempt at showing the warmth of the Corrie community, despite all the depressing storylines going on around it. Unlike the singsong which took place when Hilda left the show back in 1987, this just didn't work for me.
  • Oh the Platts. What can I say? There was a real moment of drama when Nick lashed out at Leanne, however I am wondering just how much more they can wring out of these scenarios. Kylie's drunken rampage is far too reminiscent of anything Becky did in her time. Even the horrific intervention at the nativity was nothing Peter Barlow hasn't done before. 
  • Peter and Tina. Yikes. This already feels like old news. Peter is particularly pathetic in all this. He's just gone through with his fifth marriage and he's already making overtures at a girl young enough to be his daughter. How many more affairs will we be subjected to? I've had enough of Tina appearing in every scene too.
  • Gloria Price really did irritate me last night, though I guess that was the plan. Why must she continue to make such unpleasant remarks at the most inopportune moments? Are the writers still trying to make her fit as a Blanche Hunt replacement, even at this late stage? It still ain't working.

The final scene featuring the Roy and Hayley snowman and woman was really sweet, but for some reason it just didn't affect me as much as I thought it might. So all in all, a mixed bag for me last night. 

However I'm interested to know what you all thought of it, so let's have your views!

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