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Sunday Comments Feb. 22

Roy is making the trek to scatter Hayley's ashes in the park where they had their first kiss. Of course he did it right, getting council permission and dressed in a suit and tie. That's Roy all over. Wonderful scenes with David Neilson in this storyline, from him gently placing the box in a bag, taking the Woody to do the deed, finding the perfect spot and talking to Hayley, saying goodbye, then deciding to take more driving lessons after all. Perfect.

Faye continues to skive off school, continuing to forge Anna's name on an absence form it seems. I don't think Anna did believe Faye's excuses after Audrey told tales. She's got caught by Katy this time and caught with a pack of cigs because she thinks that will help her get thin. It's heartbreaking really, how kids can torture you if you're not rail thin or a little bit different. Anna and Owen find out after they grill Craig, though, about the bullying and Owen, in all his usual bull-in-china-shop tact calls Faye a "healthy" weight rather than being a bag of bones. To a bullied insecure 12 year old, that's really not helpful.

The next day, Faye's still trying to lose weight with no success. But Craig came up with the pregnancy theory and, having heard rumours about Faye and a lad named Jackson, thinks that could be the reason she's gained weight. He was very sweet and gentle with her, though, wasn't he? He even caused a distraction so she could steal a pregnancy test kit that the corner shop conveniently carried. Not really something I ever see in my corner shop, but hey. And yes, she's pregnant. Oh dear.

Back to the night before, though, there was more bickering between Anna and Owen. Later, though, everyone's trying to play happy families and the doorbell rings. Well, there's a turn up for the books. Owen's ex, Katy and Izzy's mother has shown up after what? 20 years?

Linda's her name. She has spent years thinking about her kids and regretting what she's done. But Katy and Izzy have no time for her. Izzy accuses her loudly of leaving because she couldn't deal with Izzy's illness which, Linda says, isn't true. Linda's protestations of love fall on deaf ears in the face of Izzy's onslaught of accusations. She is ushered out but not before she gives Katy her phone number and we hear the truth between Linda and Owen, out of the girls' earshot. She had an affair and left Owen. He then refused to let her see the girls. He didn't tell them it was due to Izzy's illness but he didn't tell them it wasn't and let them think what they wanted. Linda's determined to reclaim her daughters. They're adults now, so he really doesn't have any say but you know he's going to do his best to reinforce that negativity.

Izzy doesn't want to talk about her mother or to her mother. Katy has never known her mother and is more curious. Linda (Hancock) has proper business cards and all, wonder what that's about? Anyway, Katie's curiosity overrides her sense of loyalty to her father. Linda seems to be trying to take all the blame, she was too young and wasn't ready to be a mother. But it took 20 years for her to get the confidence to come back. Looks like Katy is going to give her mother that chance.

Owen doesn't want to talk about it at all if at all possible. Well, of course he doesn't want the girls talking to Linda, and blew up when he found out Katy called her. They might find out things he doesn't want them to know and he's already building up a case against Linda, hoping to ward off the girls. The next day, Owen figured he could bully Linda out of town, didn't he? Wasn't that the gist of the conversation in the cafe? She's right, he is still hurt and he took it out on the girls. He was hurt so much that he didn't give her the second chance she wanted back then. Izzy is firmly on Owen's side but Katy really does want to know her mother. How much do you want to bet Owen "sending her packing" actually worked? You'd lose. I wouldn't have thought she'd have backed down, either.

Anna's got a point. Owen's attitude does make you think he's still got feelings for the wife that left him nearly 20 years ago, the way he goes on. But it's more likely that he doesn't want the girls to know he wouldn't let Linda back in their lives and she didn't leave because of Izzy.

Michael has had his operation. Gail is supportive and even Ga'Andy is there for him. It's a scary thing to face but I had no doubt that Michael would come through the op just fine. Did it fix the problem? Time will tell. Gail has decided that she's going to marry Michael sooner than later and has made plans for a month's time. Meanwhile, every time Ga'Andy tries to tell Michael the truth, he gets interrupted. But he really doesn't want to tell him yet anyway. I suppose he'll continue to find one excuse after another. He's in so far now it's hard to get out. Everyone is concerned that Gail is jumping into a wedding again and to an ill man but they're going to support her anyway.

The comedy scenes of the week is Sally being interrupted by the flapping of a chicken at her window. It wasn't high comedy but her and Yasmeen's snooty exchange was amusing. Yasmeen does not suffer Sally's snobbery in silence! I'm enjoyng the chicken storyline, specifically Yasmeen's contempt and frustration with Sharif's obsession! Sharif's chicken has laid an egg! But Zeedan looks at his father and has an odd look on his face. Do we smell subterfuge? Yep, we do. Kal planted the egg and will continue even though Alya figured it out and had to be persuaded into silence.

It's Amy's birthday and Steve and Michelle have bought her roller skating boots and a helmet and she's well impressed. She's also had a manicure and pedicure courtesy of her mother! Unfortunately, she'd rather stay home with Mum than go out for pizza with Dad but it sounds like it's because Tracy has warned her not to tire her dad out. Steve's had a good day, though, and Amy is persuaded. But one good day does not mean he's out of the woods.

Another good day after that, Steve is up early and exercising but then freaks out over his hair. And to be fair, I'd be a bit upset if my hair looked like that and everyone was taking it like it was no big deal. You can tell he's still a bit shaky around the edges and no doubt he'll have more bad days than good ones yet and Norris is enough to send anyone over the edge. At least Andrea tries and she's honest about how she feels and admits to being on eggshells a bit. I'm sure Steve would rather his friends admit it than cover it up and hover. And Steve is also putting on a front trying to get through it. But at least he seems to be feeling up to trying, which is more than he could do before.

It seems Dev has decided to go to Mumbai to do some hands-on charity work with his orphan football team. Julie thinks he's so good but she really doesn't want him to go and feels selfish for it. He does offer to stay because it means so much to her but you can see his heart is yearning for his orphans and what he can do to help and Julie can see it too.

When Dev decides to go, he doesn't waste any time. He's got to break it to Mary though, that she gets to look after the kids full time which she doesn't mind in the least. I would say that gives her live-in rights. I also would say that there will be a conflict over that with Julie because he's actually given Julie the live-in rights so she's going to be the one to be responsible for the kids at night at least.

Dev's leaving for Mumbai with too-tight compression socks. Now I've not going on a flight as long as Manchester to Mumbai, but wouldn't it be just as healthy to get up and walk about a bit? As expected, Mary and Julie are definitely at odds over the child care duties. It's all Handbags at 20 paces between them and Dev really didn't think this one through, did he? Julie seems to be sticking her oar in at hte shop too and I wasn't too surprised when he was facing an out and out mutiny. Julie really does mean well but she's quite full on.

Uncle Umed was mentioned! Norris and Maddie did shake hands in the end but it was a near miss. I still think that chicken run is too small for the number of birds in it. Tony and Eva are still house hunting behind Jason's back. Still no Kylie and the salon is losing manicure business. David's really conflicted, loving Kylie and hating her. But he does love her and he does need her. Callum is now blackmailing David into providing an alibi for him. David is going to have to remember to stop locking the door so Callum can't just walk in. Callum must also sample his own wares, I like the little detail that has him sniffing every now and then.

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