Monday, 8 August 2016

Corrie Canada Weekly awards August 1 - 5

Shock and Awe award: David howled. My heart broke. What an episode!!! Best performances I've seen all year.

Brian Tilsley Mark II: Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Brian Tislsey, 1989, stabbed outside a nightclub defending a woman. Kylie Platt, 2016, stabbed outside a kebab shop defending her old mate. Is there really any major difference? Even Gail brought it up. The real difference was the superb aftermath with Kylie reconciling her life before she died. Still, it was tragic and sad and I did shed many a tear.

History throwback: I'm very glad Gail brought up what happened when Brian died and she had to tell Nick and did it the wrong way.

Lockdown award: David can't face Max's grief, and he has to keep his own tightly locked down so he can deal with both telling Sarah, which he avoided as long as he could, and viewing his wife's body.

Musical chairs award: Parcels and casserole dishes kept getting delivered/returned to the wrong places.

Fashionista award: Alya looks great in that blue and yellow wrap.

Blame Shifting award: Sally never thought about any of her guests possibly being vegetarian until Tim make a remark in passing so she's blaming him for ruining everything!

Throwback award: Yay, there was a reference to the old but honourable Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders (WARTS!)! Sally also mentioned when she lived with Hilda Ogden!

Leopards Don't Change their Spots award: Jenny finds out Kirk clocks Beth in when she's late and the bosses don't know. She certainly filed that away for future use, like about 2 hours later and busted the Tinkers on the sly to Johnny, probably to keep him on her side.

Guessing Game award: Leanne's baby daddy reveal. She watches Nick, Zeedan and Robert going into the pub. Then we see her outside the pub calling "daddy" but no, it wasn't Robert after all. It was Steve!

Yasmeen's Orangerie kicks the stuffing out of Sally's conservatory. Very nice!

Product Placement: Steve has a Windows OS phone.

That Awkward Moment award: Always difficult when somebody asks you where or how a loved one is and they didn't know the person has died.

Chemistry award: Bev Callard just leaps off the screen, doesn't she? She's still got so much chemistry and screen presence. A true classic Rovers Landlady.

Lines of the week
Kylie to David "As far as doctors go, you make a great hairdresser"
Gail to David about telling a child his parent is dead "It was just about the worst conversation of my life, and it's had some competition"
Audrey "How do you bear it?" Yasmeen "I don't. I just carry on. And so will you"
Gemma "Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do"
Sally "Rosie has a flat on King's Road! Strictly speaking entre nous, it's King's Road, Nunhead"
Sally "I'm not sure about tomorrow. I think I'm coming down with something" Tim "What's that? Hypochondria?"
Steve "I can't find me wedding ring!" Liz "Where do you think you put it?" Steve "Well if I knew that, I wouldn't be spring cleaning this place!"
Max "D'you think I'll always remember my mum?" (and hearts break all over the country)
Sally "The Mayor and his partner. I'll have to take my nibbles up a notch!"
Mary to Dev "Whilst I'm flattered, you're no Brendan!"
Leanne to Steve "Man up, get a grip, and start acting normal!"
Fiz "I can see the headlines now 'Councillor Kills Cockapoo'"
Steve "What makes you think it's a boy?" Liz "Worst case scenario!" (ha!)
Michelle "It's no one's business who the father is" (but that didn't stop you trying to stick your nose in, did it?)
Jenny to Johnny "You have to earn them, kisses, they don't just grow on trees"
Liz "Dumb. And dumber. I'll look forward to the fireworks"
Johnny to Jenny "You have a very devious mind" (that's the Jenny we all know and love!)

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