Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Conversation Street Podcast 264

Gemma and Michael's podcast for the  episodes that aired up to last night's Canadian Corrie can be heard here.

It's the end of an era on the Street this week. The McDonalds have left the building. Liz had a difficult time leaving and her new job isn't going as well as she hoped. Craig was a little belter this week, helping to bring Sgt. Neil down. He found out from Bethany the whole truth, confronted Neil who lied through his teeth and intimidated as well but Craig's faith in Bethany and a secret recording gave her the courage to tell the police everything. Eva and Adam are now working together to bring Aidan down, mainly because Adam wants the factory.

Next up, Norris and Mary are the inspiriation for a fun  Corrie-themed Mr and Mrs quiz between Gemma and Michael. How well do they know each other's Corrie favourites?

Remember, you can also listen to Conversation Street on iTunes (leave a fab review if you do!)

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