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Sunday Comments May 15

Will's news has Michelle in shock. She's not about to leave Steve but it looks like Will isn't going to stop putting pressure on her. At least she seems to have finally realized her attraction to Will was all about her being lonely and frustrated. I hope he doesn't go all postal and take her hostage or something stupid. She confessed to Carla what happened and Carla, who's been there, understands. Carla thinks it's better to live with the guilt than risk losing Nick. Michelle sort of wants to tell Steve and I think she should. It's early days and if she tells him now it won't be a big issue. If she keeps the secret too long, it will be.

Steve and Tim in the cab office. Could be a great double act in the making. They both love lemon puffs, too. Tim managed to reinforce that Michelle really missed Steve. Michelle had made up her mind to tell him anyway but he was so sweet and romantic that she didn't but she's still wracked with guilt and has Liz assuming the worst. Michelle might get defensive about Liz sticking her nose in but Liz is right, Steve is her son and since she lives there, she's seeing their marriage from almost the inside. Of course she's going to be worried.

Billy did put Sean at ease. Whatever's on his mind isn't to do with their relationship but he won't say what it is. After hearing about Tony's death, they made up. Life's too short and all that. Billy is still fielding texts from someone. And what's this? Eva saw Billy give some money to a young man. He pretended it was a stranger yet whoever it was hasn't let up contacting him and he's clearly someone Billy knows.

David is determined to look out for Nick. He worries. Far cry from the old, horrible David. Nick says he's going to get his condition checked out. And none too soon, either judging how he snapped at Kylie after knocking into her. Nick has to go to a specialist consultant for further investigation and he's not planning to tell Carla, not yet anyway. Extra running probably isn't such a bad thing. Kal's exercise plans did help Nick's injuries in the past.

David still covers for Nick and Nick does finally see a specialist who doesn't really have good news. There's an MRI scheduled but he can't get it any sooner than day after next, even though he's paying to go private and he's not sleeping in the meantime. That's only going to add to his stress which isn't good for him. The doctor can't give him any guarantee that he can recover fully or will have to make allowances and keep his life stress free. Meanwhile, David really urges Nick to tell Carla but he's determined not to unless he absolutely has to.
But Carla is all loved up and expecting to be happily ever after. She even finds out that Gail has accepted her when Gail gives her a family photo album which really touches Carla. Naturally, all this happiness only makes Nick feel worse!

Eileen had to tell Jason that his dad has died suddenly of what is probably a heart attack. Eileen looked almost as upset as Jason though you know her heart was breaking for her lad. Jason is in such shock that he wasn't quite sure he believed it so insisted on seeing his father's body. It was him, right enough.

Todd tried everything to get Phelan out of the way, feeling he was intruding on a family matter and I think he was. But then, we viewers know he's a rat bag, don't we? Phelan was practically pushing Todd out the door. He pushed so hard that Todd decided to move back in to support his family. Phelan didn't let that lie, with Todd making his way back into the fold, he made sure to manipulate Eileen into inviting him to move in. Can't have Todd undermining his position, can he? Todd doesn't trust him and made sure Eileen knows it.

Phelan is right about Jason in one way, he really isn't in any fit state for a business meeting but that's also because Phelan wants to give the impression that he's the boss, not Jason. Jason showed up to the meeting, drunk but Phelan managed to divert him with a lovely little piece of passive aggression that had the intended effect and Jason went to the pub and shouted the odds at Liz, as per that suggestion. Yes, some of what Jason said to Liz was the truth, about her conning Tony to get the pub back, but Tony's death isn't her fault and Jason's insults were too much.

Jason is wracked with guilt and grief and he's directed it all at Liz. Jason is now directing his anger and grief at Liz for turfing Tony out. He figures Tony would be alive if it wasn't for her. He might still have had the heart attack but he might not have been alone and could have got help. We'll never know. Tracy had a moment when she heard and she almost sounded sincere in her condolences but it didn't stop her being crass enough to go hunting for funeral business.

Jason wanted to go clear up Tony's flat straight away. That's difficult at the best of times, let alone it being the place where they found his body. Tony never got rid of his Manchester flat and was apparently staying back there again when he died. His anger keeps flaring up and the latest target is Aidan who, among the rest of them, has lost someone he loves (his mother) and does know what it feels like.
But holy crap, that fight in the pub, where Phelan lost it a bit and jumped all over Aidan, Johnny giving him a punch to the kidney while defending his son and Billy getting pissed off and going ballistic on both of them!!! I did not see that coming! And now there's evils between Johnny and Phelan, too.

Phelan continues to be supportive and you have to wonder if it's completely all an act or if it's all part of the end game. Sometimes it seems like he does genuinely care on some levels but is certainly taking advantage of the situation for all it's worth, too. Todd doesn't let Phelan forget he's watching, though. Phelan's going to have to play this one carefully.

Some good acting from Ryan Thomas this week.

Eileen told Liz the bad news. What a lovely scene between them, with Liz shocked but still concerned for Eileen who, though she hadn't been together with Tony for years, still cared for him and was still grieving herself. Liz is right, Tony was never boring. Nice eulogy, accurate. Billy tried to help Jason but his phone kept going off. He should have just turned it off.

I chuckled at Yasmeen's reaction to catching Rana and Zeedan coming out of the closet! Also laughed at her reassuring Zeedan she still had a sex life. Rana was trying hard to get into Zeedan's pants but he won't, he respects her too much. Her reaction? You don't know what you're missing? That might seem to imply she's not quite the virginal Muslim girl she would be expected to be. She's very good at playing games, too, keeping Zeedan dangling on a string after he put her off. If Rana really did have to change phone numbers, she would have let Zeedan or at least Alya. She made sure to flirt openly with a doctor knowing Z was watching, too. It's game after game and he's realized it and dumped her in spite of her crocodile tears. Good for him!

Yasmeen decided to have a barbeque in her newly expanded back yard, the one where she managed to steal a few extra inches off Sally's a few weeks ago when she had Jason replace the fence and moved the posts in secret. Sally is invited but she wouldn't be seen dead and mutters about a downpour being forecast. Tim reckons she's probably been doing rain dances!

I think Alex is becoming quite a handful, really going off the rails with his mother not around to keep an eye on him. I don't think he was a party animal when he was first introduced, I wonder why now? Perhaps he's made some new friends that are a bad influence. He's certainly not taking his job responsibilities seriously. Now we find out that his mother is moving to Scotland so Cathy invited Alex to move in with her for now.

Sounds like Emily is having a fine time away. Alya is probably the only one that really does know how Jason feels. Aidan lost his mother but it was when he was a kid. Alya's dad died suddenly and less than a year ago. Nice to hear Zeedan with a plan for his future. Rita seems to be matchmaking, picking up on the obvious attraction between Ken and Audrey. Her chat seems to have encouraged Ken to ask Audrey out for a drink but since it wasn't a "date", she invited Freddie and Kylie to join them and Ken's got his nose out of joint yet again. At least Ken got to sit beside Audrey. That's something. Sophie continues to mope about, while Caz is looking mighty smug when she spots Sophie looking at her and Kate with a long face. Then Caz seems to have orchestrated an "accident" and blames Sophie for "accidentally" bumping her bad ankle. Sophie insists Caz is making it up. Now I suppose Sophie will be on a crusade to prove Caz a liar and it's only going to make her look like a shrieking harridan again, even if she does end up being right.

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Anonymous said...

Tim makes those Lemon Puffs sound so delicious, I want them now LOL! Seriously, what are they?

Anonymous said...

Eva's laugh - love it
Jason's sad face - don't want to keep seeing that - bad acting
Billy in the Rovers - awesome!!
Todd & Phelan - looking forward to the battle
Cathy & Alex - can she just invite him to move in without checking with Roy?
plastic surgery - Liz's face and Eileen's mouth, what the heck is happening there


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