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Sunday Comments May 8

Sharif is considering finding out if he can break the partnership which angers Gary. Gary points out it's not going to be very good for Jake if both parents are out of a job and calls Sharif a hypocrite for pretending to be a family man himself. It's a tough position to be in. Medical marijuana is not legal yet in the UK. If it was, perhaps people wouldn't be so dead set against it under these circumstances. And Izzy threw Phelan at Anna, for how people can do extreme things for their kids. Point to Izzy, I think.

Meanwhile, Johnny has to decide whether to sack Izzy. He is in a tough spot regards health and safety. He's sympathetic and Jenny said some nice things, pointing out that he's fair and gave Izzy some sound advice, too. In the end, he was fair though his question about criminal conviction was close to the mark. Did she get charged or cautioned?

Alya defended Gary both to Sharif and it looks like she got through to him because he's backing down from trying to oust Gary. There's still a little spark between Gary and Alya but I never thought they made a very interesting couple.

As we could see, Sarah really did think the Christening and association with God might expel the demons she's having about Callum. Billy said some lovely things, and he's right. An innocent baby is not going to be the same as his father. Sarah was a decent mother and that's what will do the baby good in the long run. They did manage to get through the rest of the Christening after that.

Meanwhile, Bethany is still suffering the bullies worse than ever but Luke is sympathetic. I don't know why someone doesn't go to the school. I know it is not tolerated and probably the bullies will just take it off the school grounds but it is still important to tell and you might even be able to go to the police. Bethany ought to start keeping evidence, texts and the like. She got surrounded by the "mob" but Luke rescued her in a hot car. Score! But I have a feeling Bethany could easily develop a crush on Luke.

Sally gets to organize Gail's party but even then is trying to use it to up her political profile. Or considering it at least. Nice scenes with Sarah and her mum. Gail wasn't going to go to the party at all but she got there in the end. The cake got there in the end too. The "No Nuts" business on the cake had to do with Sally's ordering it that way to prevent allergic reactions and they got it wrong. Audrey's speech was very touching.

Sally and Tim are still bickering about her snobbery and Sophie is worried about Caz and Kate. Kate is having Caz live in while she recovers since Caz doesn't have a relationship with her parents. She probably hopes they might get back together, too. Kate was giving Sophie the brush off but at the party, she seemed to thaw. Then she got the news that Caz was in an accident in training. Caz gets back in town and isn't giving Sophie a break at all, constantly digging and poking at her and blaming Sophie for everything.

Caz is determined to makes sure Sophie is shut out of Kate's life and since Kate wants Caz back, she told Sophie to back off. Sally finally found some time for her daughter but her advice that things could work out and Sophie, Kate and Caz could all be friends is probably very wrong.

David really is concerned about Nick who is increasingly tetchy but hiding it from Carla. He finally admitted to David that his symptoms seem to be coming back. He's scared. Really scared. And he won't go to the doctor. Not yet, anyway. Ken is jealous of Freddie who keeps coming up first for Audrey's attention, it seems. I think Freddie is picking up on Ken's irritation. Does it take Jenny all day to clean the factory? You'd think cleaners would do their stuff first thing and then bugger off when the staff come in or do it after they all leave for the day. Liz is still dating that Chris fella. Get the feeling that he's doing the same sort of scam with his "son" Sam as Liz is with her "daughter" Amy?

Will is back to talk to Michelle about the wedding because his fiancee has upped the guest list by 50. 50!! That's no small thing. Will is insisting on Michelle's attention, not Sean's and is putting her in an awkward spot. Michelle's turning 40 this week and wants no surprises. Steve went into a tailspin on his 40th and it looks like Michelle's going to as well. She doesn't want a fuss and whines to Will that her husband can't even be bothered coming home for her birthday, virtually guaranteeing he'll be there to surprise her. Now he's circling Michelle at the wedding venue and asking about cancellation policies and confessing his undying love.

I also don't buy that Will "still" has feelings for her. He was 14 for heavens' sake. It's been 25 years! If you still love someone you had a crush on at the age of 14 and it's been that long, you haven't had much of a life. I think he just doesn't want to marry that Saskia. The pair of them are just taking out their comittment issues (him) and loneliness (her) on each other.

There are lovely flowers delivered to Michelle for her birthday but they've come from Will, not Steve. Lovely but inappropriate. That and a mere birthday text makes Michelle feel even worse and Liz worry even more. For all Carla keeps trying to reinforce and support but Michelle is close to hitting the wall. Will is determined, though, and certainly not respectful of the fact that she's married. He made a blatant offer to her now his fiancee is out of town. He's entirely too smug, too.

To top things off, not in a good way, Michelle finds out that Steve is coming home from Tim but then he didn't show up on the flight he was supposed to be on. That put her in a tailspin and she ended up at Will's after all. It got right down to the go or no-go, in the bed, on her back, gazing at photos of Will and Saskia and she didn't do it. It was a near miss and when she got home, Steve was there after all! He had some very pretty words but I think his mother gave him a thing or two to think about.

Steve's back and says he's quit smoking. Really! Now he's got to catch up on everything he's missed, like Amy's new friend, Liz's new boyfriend, Eileen snogging Phelan and a wife that is harbouring a major guilt complex. Not that he knows that yet. He only knows Michelle is still cool at him for staying away so long.

Then Will came sniffing around and nearly blew it when he met Steve. Sean saved things only to protect his friends. Will had some surprising news and a shock for Michelle. He's dumped Saskia and wants Michelle. I hope he doesn't expect his deposit back for her wedding services.

Luke is moving out of Number 9 at Maria's invitation. I'm still grinding my teeth every time someone has to take Amy to school. Surely not at her age! Tony is still in touch with Jason, or at least, he's trying to be.

Todd wants to move back in but Eileen wants space for she and Pat. That house is so crowded it won't really make much difference, will it? At least Eileen seemed to feel a bit guilty about it. Todd seems to be keeping a close eye on Phelan and Phelan knows it. Phelan is trying to push Jason into larger projects, maybe even get some work on the Frescos job, hiring the temporary workers they'd need. Once Phelan finds out that Sally is on the planning committee and her vote is important, his eyes light up with new purpose.

Sally seems to be backing the Frescho development on one hand, but Rita worries for her job and hoping Sally can stop it. Not likely. I say it's probably just time to retire, love. There aren't a lot of 80+ year olds still stood behind a shop counter anyway. He uses his smooth and oily way on Sally, with all the respect a councillor expects, hoping to schmooze information out of her. She told him there was a public meeting and she's going to go with what the majority of people want. Naturally, his offer to deliver the leaflets (the same ones Yasmeen was delivering because she's dead against the development) is so that nobody shows up when he doesn't deliver them.

Phelan wants the development, for business reasons, obviously. He decided to trash the community centre to put off the meeting that Yasmeen thought would be full of people against the development. Here's the catch. Todd noticed Phelan coming out who isn't sure exactly what Todd saw. And Naturally, Phelan offered himself up to be the rescuer as well. for a price the greedy bastard. All Sally was worried about was the meeting. When Todd found out all about Pat Phelan being the saviour of the community center, his radar is piqued.

Todd seems intent on poking sticks at Phelan who's working hard to get a good contract for him and Jason and with Phelan's help, they got it. Todd had the idea to check the cctv from the builder's yard but Phelan was already one step ahead of them. The cable was unplugged and there's no video. Todd isn't surprised.

Oh dear, the police have come round and have news for Jason about his father. What's that all about? Alex seems to be going a bit wild, doesn't he? He is getting addicted to parties, booze and spending his hard earned cash. Aidan and Eva are still all loved up. Maria brought Michelle a belated birthday card from Liam. you remember Liam? Michelle's nephew? You'd be forgiven if you forgot that because she seems to 99% of the time. Steve looks good, got thinner, too. Lovely seeing him and Eileen sparring again, good friends that missed each other. Billy seems awfully distracted and it's a parishoner that's on his mind apparently. It's put him in a bad mood, too. Sean seems worried and Billy has no patience for it. Rana really is insatiable, isn't she, dragging Zeedan into closets for a snog.

In another storyline, Cathy is fussing over Alex who seems to be getting into the party mode. He rocked up all hungover and having got a tattoo of John Lennon that he's hiding from his mother. Turns out Nessa spends more time with her boyfriend than her son. What I would like to know is why Alex can get home by a bus now when he first arrived in Weatherfield, Roy and Cathy had to take him back to the train station to get him home.

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Daithi_c said...

I believe Izzy got cautioned due to the fact
that this was the first time she had possession
and confessed it.

Gary couldn't have been charged in Canada for
drug dealing, due to the tiny amount he was caught
with, here would have been possession only.

Actually here Izzy could have gotten a prescription for it

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