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Sunday Comments May 22

Michelle poured her heart out to Liz and convinced her she stayed faithful though Liz is horrified that there was a kiss. She's supportive, though but thinks Michelle should keep the secret since it wasn't anything more than that. Michelle says she'll meet Steve halfway but she's still very defensive with him. Steve is mystified as to what to do. He knows he stayed away too long and knows she's pissed off with him but can't seem to find a way to make it up to her that she'll accept.

Tim's advice to Steve went over like a lead balloon and Tim was later horrified that Steve even told Michelle the caveman thing was his idea and Michelle was horrified that Steve was talking to Tim about their sex life. I suppose it's ok if she was talking to Carla (though we didn't see it but you know she would have been!) In the end it was Amy that instituted a proper reconciliation, Steve romancing her and Amy serenading her. All is forgiven and up them stairs they went. But she's still keeping the secret that she kissed a boy and she liked it.

Nick is still ducking Carla's questions and avoiding telling her what's going on with his health but it's difficult when he assumed David said something to her and nearly let the cat out of the bag. Carla then intercepted David's text and it seemed urgent though Nick is brushing it off. He's got his hands full and it's not helping his stress levels. It all exploded when he burned his hand. He smashed the glass mug and a sliver of it cut Carla. Nick lost control and sobbed in her arms and feels horribly guilty.

He might be desperate to marry her but he's also very scared to as well. Gail volunteered Nick to babysit while Sarah got pampered but a fussy baby didn't do Nick's nerves any good.

A bit difficult to have a barbeque when you haven't actually put the machine together. That's right, let the young people sort it out. Meanwhile, Alya has invited Rana and Zeedan isn't so happy about that. She tried to get on Zee's good side but still isn't very successful (until she finally took matters into her own hands later in the week) and forced her attentions and her lips on him in the bistro kitchen and he, being a mere man, can't resist. Yawn.) Sally and Kevin were invited and so were Kate and Caz. Recipe for disaster, that, because Caz's stories about her medical leave don't quite add up, and Sophie keeps stirring the pot. She got shot down for her trouble because she couldn't leave it alone. Caz might be lying but it's really none of Sophie's business. Sally was right, though, it rained, and hard!

Turns out, Yasmeen is trying to distract herself. She's blaming Sally for her distraction but she knows, too, what the real thing that's bothering her is. Doesn't stop her from torturing Sally, mind you! The anniversary of Kal's death is looming. I'm glad it's not been forgotten. Often they drop the storyline and you never see or hear references to a dearly departed again. Anyway, Yasmeen's next plan is to build an extension or a conservatory to rival Sally's. Excuse me, an "Orangerie".

Caz, whose name is really Caroline, is not too keen to be expecting a visit from her support officer and Kate's going to wonder why. Caz goes on the defensive, blaming it all on Sophie but it seems like Sophie might be right because Caz seems to be a bit too defensive. Caz does have to get a handle on her jealousy and she promised to make an effort to be nice to Sophie for Kate's sake but the minute Kate's back was turned, Caz came over all threatening and aggressive to Sophie again.

Baby Harry slept through one night and Kylie and David are going to pamper her. She could use it as do most new mums. Sarah still doesn't like to go into Gail's room and when Jason was there fixing the cupboards and tap, she had a "moment". So did he, but his had to do with memories of his dad. Sarah blamed her momentary upset on nightmares of Richard Hillman in the garage which is what the annex used to be. She decided she wanted to move back into Nick's but he refused, getting very snarly about it. Sarah is, as a result, getting more and more strung out. She's really getting spooked in the house and fretting over the baby and she thinks he can sense Callum's presence in the house though Kylie tries to tell her that's rubbish. She's using any excuse she can to get out of the house, though.

Gail is throwing a pre-hen night pampering party for Carla even though everyone else thinks it's not anything Carla's going to be keen on. Still, I reckon Carla will take it in good temper.

Billy's acquaintance, Lee, is begging for cash all over the place. Sean booked a holiday for he and Billy for Ibiza but Billy isn't too happy about the cost and the surprise. Billy is making excuses. Is that because of that young man? He didn't get around to putting his share of the holiday deposit and they lost the holiday. Have they hit a bump in the relationship? whatever is going on with Billy must be pretty serious.

Gail has a leaky tap. Wonder why. Tim dared to criticize Eileen's phone manner. Liz is so upset that Jason blames her about Tony's death that she's gone to Spain for a bit. That's actually because the actress needed some time off. She struggles with depression and was having a difficult time of it. She's ok now, by the time you read this, she'll be back on the set at work again. Looks like Nick and Carla's wedding bands are platinum. Nice. Actress that plays Mary has a painful sounding laryngitis, poor thing. Wow, David really is on Nick's case and Nick is turning into Snarly McSnarlface! Tim seems to be suffering now that Sally's a councillor. He's feeling neglected and Sally doesn't seem to have much time for him.

Phelan is pushing Jason to forget the little jobs, go for the big ones. It's not that kind of business, though. And Eileen is trying to defend Liz but Jason's not having that, either. Even so, Phelan wasn't adverse to doing the work Yasmeen wants doing. Then Phelan tried to sell off some of Tony's dodgey gear, and Todd recorded him making the deal on the phone. Phelan turned it around on Todd, passing over most of the cash pretending he was selling the stuff on Jason's behalf but he still kept a good wodge for himself. It didn't look like he knew Todd was filming him but if he didn't, he covered quickly and very well. Foiled again. Todd admitted to Billy that he's going to try to stay on Phelan's good side to keep an eye on him, more important than ever now that Jason has inherited property and money which, you just know, Phelan will be itching to get his hands on.

Then there's Gemma. We know she's got the hots for Jayboy and she finally got her man, albeit as leftovers when Eva didn't want anything to do with Jason. The morning after, Eileen was disgusted with Jason using Gemma though Gemma didn't mind. But Jason, on the day of the funeral, didn't want his mother anywhere near the funeral. That really hurt her and Gemma was actually the one that encouraged her to show up. Jason was really vile to her but with Phelan pushing Eileen to Jason, she insisted on talking to him, telling him a few truths that he needed to hear and it was ok again. The rage just deflated out of him and he's just sad now. It's true, you don't get over losing a loved one, not really.

Roy's back but he came back on this particular date because it's Hayley's birthday and he wanted to be with people he cared about. Except Alex smuggled a party into the flat and things got broken. Roy wasn't keen on the new coffee machine and a picture that was rehung somewhere different and the chaos in his flat caused him to blow a gasket. Cathy thought that was it, the end of them as a couple and Roy thought he blew it too but Carla urged him to fix it and reminded him that it was ok that Cathy was very different from him. Naturally he went back and made up with them all. I'm so glad to see him back!

Sinead is not happy that Chesney seems to be having such a good time even if he is more excited about spending time with his son. She's never been confident that she'd match up against the beautiful Katy no matter what Chesney reassures her. Now it also looks like Craig is heading into relationship problems with Caitlyn somehow.

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