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Sunday Comments May 30

Jason wasn't too happy to see Eileen at the funeral was he? Jason really, really doesn't want his mother there and nothing Billy or Todd can say will change his mind so she leaves but hangs around outside the church. She's bereft. Phelan pushes her to talk to Jason in spite of what Jason wants. She tried but Jason sure gave him a load of abuse. Still, she told him a few truths as well. He needed to hear it and it deflated him. He did need is mum, really. She did say some lovely things to him that I think helped.

Poor Gemma. She's crazy about Jason but he's really not interested. He tried to make it up to her but really, his heart wasn't in it. Too bad, she got dressed to the nines for it. Mind you, those nines were a big tacky. No. A lot tacky. But she made the effort. Todd and Billy had a chat about Saint Pat Phelan and later in the pub, did Billy seem a bit put off of Sean? Phelan's urging Jason to get rid of Tony's flat. I think Jason should move into it!

We find out why Roy was so upset, not just because of the uninvited party guests and mess. But he first decides his guests need to not be guests anymore and leaves for a breath of fresh air. Sinead reckons he'll be ok once he calms down. Carla's the one that breaks the news that today is Hayley's birthday. She did manage to talk Roy down and out of his concern that Cathy is so different from him. Alex fixed the windmill but it was more glue than wood, I think. Roy made up with Cathy, though, and all is well again. He even got romantic, or as much as he can get. He's even willing to try Spanish Paella!

Tim's advice about finding something you can bond with seems to have made an impression and Roy suggested Alex join him in an activity. Jigsaw puzzle of a train. Reminsence of Thomas the Tank Engine and the thought of the Playstation was out of Roy's league. They did try to find a common ground but I don't think there was much to pick from. Roy has made finding common ground a quest. I'm not sure how successful he'll be but at least he's making an effort which counts for a lot. Sinead came across Roy trying to figure out a video game, football since that's Alex's favourite but Roy isn't very good at it. Alex has no patience for jigsaw puzzles so Roy suggests chess. Um....

Billy didn't get his share of the holiday paid so they lost it and Sean isn't happy at all about it. He's full of the joys and sarcasms of the day. Certainly didn't help Billy's mood and it's probably not going to help their relationship if Sean keeps digging like that. Sean even complained to Todd and now suspects Billy is seeing someone else, putting all the clues together and leaping to the wrong conclusion so Todd gave Billy a heads up, a warning to talk to Sean.

Gail made me laugh, saying how you can be alive one minute and in a hole in the ground the next. You don't know the half of it but Sarah does and it certainly sent shivers down her spine. She uses any excuse to get out of the house these days. Sarah even pretended Harry had a high temperature in hopes that he would have to stay at the hospital but of course he's fine and she's stuck with the body. Putting the thermometer over a steaming kettle is pretty stupid. Nobody can have a temperature as high as that steam would make the reading let alone a baby and Kylie knew that baby wasn't running a fever. Nothing Kylie says seems to pull Sarah out of her downward spiral. sarah tried to face her fears but ended up just ranting to an empty room. Surely Sarah can get benefits and get a flat of her own? And I don't understand why Gail is completely clueless as to Sarah's rising discomfort. Gail used to be a very good mother.

Meanwhile, Gail is fighting a losing battle with this pampering thing for Carla. Nobody seems to think it's a good idea but I bet Carla will take it in good temper or at least with a polite, pasted on smile. I like that they are making Gail into a bit of a comedy character but sometimes they really make her into a total idiot and this is one of those times. You know she's seen Carla drink gallons of red wine so why buy the sparkling stuff? She's oblivious to Sarah getting more and more out of touch with reality. Gail tried for chic and fun, it ended up being a kind of sleepover type party without the sleep over. But you know plucking eyebrows and talking rubbish, that sort of thing.

David is trying to persuade Nick to let him organize a stag do but Nick is getting phone calls from the consultant which he tries to ignore by taking on organizing it with Steve himself. He did call the doctor back though.

I thought it was not very kind of Gail to insist that Sarah not go to the hen night. If Kylie and Gail are both going, then someone is babysitting Max and Lily and they could very well take on Harry as well. Gail has some nerve playing the "bad mother" card with Sarah when she can't even see that Sarah's state of mind is slowly crumbling. Gail didn't like Carla at first, didn't approve of her but now she's gone to the other extreme and has invented a close and personal relationship between the two. She's really delusional.

Anyway, the hen night was raucous as you would expect. All the women wore black and had long black wigs! (I guess that's better than the Tony Gordon masks the men wore to his stag do!) Gail took a dislike to Kate and decided she was far better qualified to be Carla's BFF and Kylie stirred things up by encouraging it. Well, that ended up in a shoving, hair pulling match and Kate on the floor! They ended up getting thrown out and arrested by the cops that Gail thought were strippers! Ok, they didn't get arrested formally but as near as.

Nick had pretty much all the men on the Street show up for his aside from Norris and Ken who you wouldn't want there anyway. All those ignored calls, though, are wearing on Nick and he's got a headache that's a big clue. He didn't get the all clear, did he? He's terrified he'll hurt Carla so the wedding's off! Here's the big thing, though. Robert told Tracy that Nick has cancelled the wedding and Tracy thinks it's all about ruining *her* life because Carla probably won't move away.

Anyway, Nick shoved David and it was pretty clear to Carla now that something's going on but Nick can't seem to get the words out until he loses his temper. He told her he didn't want to marry her but he wasn't going to tell her why and left her hanging, hurt and confused. Carla's been thrown for a loop, with Nick calling off the wedding. She's not taking it lying down. She went looking for Nick at Platt Towers and naturally David lied for Nick who was there. Carla is freaking out, worried that Nick found out about her and Robert but Michelle's right, if Nick found out, he'd have confronted her. Never mind, Carla put the pressure on David, physically and emotionally, until David caved and told her the truth. Nick's gone for his scan results and Carla's gone after him. Found him, too.

Caitlyn seems preoccupied while they talk about university. He doesn't know what to say, she's certainly not her usual cheerful self. Sinead definitely misses Chesney and doesn't think Chesney misses her much, not with having all the fun he seems to be having. Sinead's next Skype conversation got cut short like the first one. Chesney had to go and Craig came in looking upset. Later in the week, Sinead and Chesney had a video date scheduled. Chesney didn't make the date after all, letting her down again. Stuck at a beach party.

Craig and Caitlyn had another date though he wasn't really looking forward to it since the last one didn't go well. He's pretty sure something's up. There's a turn up for the books, though. Craig having a dating advice chat with Bethany in the cafe. She never gave him the time of day up to now but it's kind of nice. And really, she doesn't have any friends at school and since it seems that Caitlyn is moving to Dundee for university, he's going to need one. Caitlyn has broken up with him because she doesn't think they can keep it going long distance even though she won't be leaving for months yet.

Michelle and Steve are still not able to connect that well. He's trying to make up for it, though she seems more inclined to forgive now. Freddie dropped by the garage to hunt down some parts for his bike. Why did it seem like Luke didn't know who he is? A friend of Audrey's and so is Luke. I might have thought they'd have crossed paths but perhaps not. Tyrone managed to pay for his cab driver license and is now official.

We've got a new actor playing Jack Webster and Tim is charged with babysitting. Lovely little scene with Tim and Roy talking about family. Tim might be feeling things are rough with Sally at the moment but they do love each other. I really hope they can get through it. Tim is off to book a surprise holiday to make an effort. He's leaving clues for Sally to guess where the holiday is. Sally has far more sophisticated tastes than Tim but she was mortified when it turned out to be plain old Blackpool and even more upset when it was Jenny that figured out the clue!

She was livid instead of pleased he made the effort. Blackpool is so far beneath her! She obviously thinks Tim doesn't know her at all. I think she really doesn't appreciate what a kind and genuine man he is. And again she was horrible to Jenny, taking her embarassment out on her. She tore a strip off Tim over the phone so he decided he wasn't going to go to the police station and bail her out after all the hens got done for drunk and disorderly. That gave her a shock. She's not taking Tim seriously. He sees cracks and she thinks he's having a tantrum. If one person thinks there are cracks, there are cracks.

Tim decided to go to Blackpool on his own, shocking Sally who didn't think he would go without her. And he took a date...Kevin and little Jack who has been wearing that pirate costume for a week! For all Sally tried to keep the gossip from her factory mates, Tyrone managed to spill the beans. The news spread like wildfire much to Sally's mortification. So much disapproval. No word or reply from Tim, an ominous silence, a happy looking selfie. That's it. Sally decided she had better to try to salvage her marriage.

Jenny is sharing laughs with Johnny but Sally can't stop being vile about her and to her. But Johnny's not vile to Jenny at all, he's being very sweet. After she had a load of photos of Blackpool shoved at her from Sally, she had one of those moments you have when a sad memory kicks you in the gut suddenly. All those memories of her father's death in Blackpool came rushing back. He might have been a wrong'un but he was her dad. Johnny was kind to her. He thought she should go to Blackpool for closure and make some new memories. They could make quite a nice couple, if you think about it.

Johnny is taking Jenny to Blackpool much to the consternation of Aidan and Kate. Rita approves of Jenny putting her demons to rest and she would be quite pleased if Jenny and Johnny found love, I think. Rita pointed Jenny to the right location and it seemed to do Jenny some good.

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