Thursday 15 July 2010

Sunday Comments, July 18

Lines of the week:

  • Dev to Umed "Who needs England's glorious cultural history when you've got biscuits!"
  • Sean "I don't think it would look as appetising on the menu. Betty's Tongue!"
  • Luke to Rosie (figuratively) "You're dumped" to Michelle 30 seconds later "You doing anything tomorrow night?"
  • Norris "That little empire is all mine!" (Wonder if he's got his Napoleon jacket dry cleaned?)
  • Theresa "Better blow the cobwebs off me boob tube!" (I Love her!)
  • Fiz "Come Monday, I am gonna marry that freak!" (But the thing is, he really is a freak!)
  • Michelle to Rosie "There you go luv, in the gutter where you belong"
  • Teresa "You're just a moany old slaphead who works in a sweet shop" (God i love that woman!)
  • Norris "Knees apart, I have to say you're the most promising candidate so far!" (oooh errr missus! That's a bit close to the knuckle innit?)
  • Kirk "It's a long and winding road out there" (leading to next door!)

So the wedding of nearly didn't go off. Julie was being so supportive that i think Fiz should have let her come to the wedding even if Hayley had decided to go. Her dress was quite nice, though, i liked it. She's living on frayed nerves though. You know, if you aren't happy about your wedding, you should step back and rethink things. I think the actress might have made a slip, though, talking about it not being as if she was walking down Salford Cathedral. Shouldn't that have been Weatherfield Cathedral seeing as Weatherfield is based on Salford?

And didn't John look smug while getting ready? Not happy, smug. Well it looked it to me. Even Roy was emotional! He patted her on her shoulder and pecked her on the cheek! And curiously, i found myself on Rosie's side telling Fiz off. John was quite pleased she had upset everyone to marry him, he's got her right where he wanted her but she backed out. I'd say "Finally" but the week ended with Chesney coming to the wedding and now it seems Fiz will probably marry Prisoner 666 after all.

You know as much as i dislike Norris, Malcom Hebden has done a bang up job in the aftermath of Ramsay's death. Norris will always have regrets but at least he's accepting of things, too late, but there you are and he's going to buy out Rita's share of the Kabin. She's determined to retire. I wonder if she'll regret it. A round the world cruise for Rita? Don't worry, she'll be back! Now Norris has to find a shop assistant in addition to Tina. Kirk isnt' quite the right candidate :) Neither is Teresa. Can you just picture them working together? Next up is Sheila Wheeler who seems to like to talk. And talk. And talk. I think she'll drive Nozzer around the bend.

Rosie jumped the gun and Luke cut her off at the knees. Dumped! The idea of Rosie 24/7 must have given him nightmares! Boy was that ever satisfying, seeing Rosie dumped and all! But i have to say, Luke shouldn't have done it in the Rovers in public, he should have done it in private. Bit of a plonker wasn't he? Rosie got her own back on Michelle, though, by setting her up to find an unrobed Luke and Rosie. Pretty obvious and she got that, and dumped Luke because it was too much trouble. But still, She didn't seem to get that he was going to take advantage of what was on offer just the same.

Party fun.... David has found a gorgeous new blonde! Now is he just trying to make Tina jealous or is he moving on? What do you think! Michelle is all over Luke and Rosie doesn't like it one bit. And she figures by attacking Michelle she's going to get Luke back? Wasn't it great to see her land on her assets? Teresa was legless and funny as hell. Graeme was insulting Natasha then asked if she wanted to date him. Nice. I guess stepping in a steaming pile of poo was kind of justice lol Just seems a bit odd to me that Ryan have been playing a Christian song at the late night end of the party? He's not really into it like Sophie and Ben are.

I love the friendship growing between Chesney and Gary. Chesney looks like he could be Gary's little brother. Kirk decided to move out of number 5. Great big long good bye speech and him talking about the long and winding road and not knowing what lies ahead. And he went 4 feet to Maria's front door! lol!

Amber came back. That didn't take long. Turns out she got homesick and misses Darryl. Dev wants her back at uni and bribed Darryl to leave town so she'd go back, which she did. And he did. So that's the end of Darryl.


Dorothy Stewart said...

Hi, like your site. I just clicked on the link to it on Corrie Canuck. I think what Ryan was playing at the end of Tina & Jason's party was Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, so not really a hymn or Christian music in the usual sense. I enjoyed your synopsis and your 'best line' picks. Theresa made the party scenes for me - in her dusted off 'boob tube'. Thanks, and I'll be back.

Tvor said...

Thanks for the info on the Cohen song, Dorothy. I wasn't familiar with it! And thank you for your lovely comments, too!

isis said...

I had taped the show, and had to rewind the after-party scene to make sure that Ryan was playing Leonard Cohen. That was adorable!

I loved the scene between Dev and Darryl in the kabob shop. For once, Dev came across as sincere and selfless. I'll miss Darryl.

Tvor said...

Yes it's a shame Darryl's leaving. He was a pretty good character after he settled in but even when they put him with Amber, there wasn't a lot for him to do.

isis said...

I hope they don't get rid of Teresa as well. She is a joy to watch.

Tvor said...

Yes, Isis, she's turning into a real gem!

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