Saturday, 16 August 2014

Ken Barlow's return - what has he missed while he's been away?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2014, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Ken Barlow returns to Coronation Street on Monday 4 August.  Deirdre will give him the bad news about Peter being arrested for Tina's murder, we know that much already.  It's got me thinking what else Deirdre will need to update Ken on since he went to Canada.

Ken was last on screen in May 2013, so has over a year's worth of carry-on on the cobbles to catch up with. With the help of the Corrie weekly updates, let's see what Ken has missed.

Hayley died
Comings and goings: Stella  left, Tommy  left, Marcus left, Paul the fireman left, Ryan left, Mandy left, Sylvia left, Brian left, Dennis left with Gloria, came back and left again, Kevin returned and left again, Todd returned, Andrea arrived, Kal and his family arrived, Jason's dad Tony returned (played by a different actor), Pat Phelan came and went, Maddie arrived, Michael Rodwell arrived
Peter married Carla, then he had an affair with Tina as Carla got pregnant but then lost the baby
Tracy and Rob opened Barlow's Buys and got engaged
Liz is back at the Rovers
Maria has a breakdown and sends Tyrone troubled texts
Victoria Court gym opens for business
Nick's personality has changed
Lloyd has a heart attack
Steve did a college course in history
Tina's given birth to the baby for Gary and Izzy, and Tina's been murdered, of course. Gary and Izzy split up.
Sally and Tim are now a couple. When Ken left, Sally was still trying internet dating.

And Deidre summed up her life in one drunken sentence to Eileen: "“Disappointment. With an undercurrent of fear."  She also joined the Weatherfield Women’s Action Group in April this year but we've not heard any more of it since. 

Is there anything else you can remembe that Ken won't know about (unless Deirdre's been updating him on the phone, of course!).

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Sheila said...

All the buildings grew by an 1/8th and The Rovers got an extra window . Lol ��
It's amazing when you sum it all up how much has happened in the past year!

Tvor said...

True but you could say they added the window after the fire. With all the rooms upstairs, it does make sense there would be more windows. They also added an outside door at the cafe for the flat upstairs which also makes more sense than just coming through the cafe.

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