Monday, 20 July 2015

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for July 13 - 17

Sorrow award: Of all the the reactions to Deirdre's death, Emily's upset me the worst and Steve comforting Ken in the ginnel was almost as bad. It's so much harder to watch when you know the actors are chanelling very real grief into their performances.

Anger Management fail: Dan might say he's changed, but he was quick to threaten Leanne if she told Liz about their past.

Love the One You're With award: Callum can't have Kylie so he's stringing Sarah along.

Like Mother Like Daughter: Gail. Sarah. Bad taste in men. Pigheaded.

Pants on Fire award: Callum pretended he didn't come on to Kylie and dumped Sarah for doubting him.

Corrie History win: Loved Roy telling the story of how he met Deirdre.

Misplaced Loyalty award: So Bethany is willing to let her mother date a drug dealer rather than go back to Italy?

Lines of the week:
Roy "Grief does strange things to a person" (it certainly does)
Julie "It's not that I'm unwilling to give you a second chance. It's that I'm unwilling to be second best"
Julie "The only baggage I want on this trip are my suitcases"
Mary to Dev "You know, sometimes you have all the emotional sensitifity of a pineapple" and to Julie "Dev's lost is the whole world's gain" (and somehow, I think that's exactly what's going to happen. Look out, world!)
Lloyd "Seatbelts on. Smiles off"
Kylie "Looks like you went to a department store and asked for a little boy's bedroom"
Gail about Sarah "She's pig headed. I don't know where she gets it from" (I do)
Steve "That's life, isn't it? Arguing over saving 50p" Ken "And this is death"
Simon "People I care about die all the time. What's new?" (doesn't that just break your heart?)

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