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Who is Robert Preston, Tracy Barlow's ex-husband?

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Tracy Barlow's ex-husband Robert Preston will return to Coronation Street very soon. This time he'll be played by Casualty actor Tristan Gemmill, pictured above.

It's time then to look back at who Robert Preston is and give those of us who remember him a reminder. For those who don't remember Robert, here he is in a nutshell.

Robert Preston hasn't been seen on Corrie since New Year's Day 2003. Robert will return with an ex-wife in tow in the form of  Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding who has been cast in the role.

Actor Julian Kay played the original Robert Preston
Robert Preston was Tracy Barlow's first husband and they were married in November 1996. They were going to tie the knot in London, and not tell Ken and Deirdre the news but Tracy decided to marry in Weatherfield instead as it was cheaper.

Robert Preston and Tracy Barlow on their wedding day 1996
They married at the Register Office. Tracy bought a £14 wedding dress.  After their wedding, the couple left the street and moved to that London.

Ken and Deirdre tried to reconcile Tracy and Robert
Tracy had an affair in 2002 leading her to run back to Weatherfield and later divorce Robert, to Deirdre's shock. Deirdre tried to change Tracy's mind about Robert, but she simply refused to go back to him.

Tracy's other husbands include Roy Cropper and Steve McDonald.

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