Thursday, 11 February 2016

Bring it on Bradley!

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2015.)

I haven't blogged much about Corrie for a few weeks, not because I haven't been watching, but mainly because nothing has really grabbed me. The news yesterday, that Sally Ann Matthews is returning soon as Jenny Bradley has changed all that.

The return of Jenny was a masterstroke the first time around. While elements of her return storyline irked me a little, Sally Ann Matthews put in some wonderful performances and clearly relished being back in Coronation Street. In a few short months Sally Ann injected some much needed energy to Weatherfield life and it brought a new, interesting dimension to the character of Kevin Webster.

When Jenny departed, in handcuffs I was really disappointed. It felt like a rushed ending with too many loose ends. I feared it would be the last we would see of her and there was so much else they could have done with the character. So much history there that had not yet been exploited. When Sally Ann said she knew there were more potential stories for Jenny, I really hoped that meant another comeback was on the cards.

So now we know Jenny does return, what happens next? Given that the last time we saw her she was dangling on a balcony in Hull with Kevin's son and had unwittingly played a part in Maddie's demise, it would take a huge turnaround to see Jenny reunited with Kevin. When she does come back, I just can't wait to hear what Sally Webster has to say! 

What I would love to see is Kevin and Jenny rebuild their relationship, for Jenny to get some help with her issue and to see her move in with Rita. There was a distinct lack of Jenny and Rita scenes in her previous stint and I hope this is put right. Let's hope Rita and Jenny can bond once again, put differences behind them and most of all, it gives the fantastic Barbara Knox a proper storyline!

Bring on Jenny's return. I can't wait to see Sally Ann back where she belongs.

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