Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Gold Star Corrie

When I noticed the writing credit for tonight's Coronation Street given to Jonathan Harvey, I knew we'd be in for a good episode. He never lets me down and so it was thus. Tonight's Corrie was a joy all around, with wonderful dialogue and excellent acting. I'll try not to do what amounts to an episode summary because that's not my job! It's difficult not to, though.

Jenny Bradley is back and while she might be over the worst of it, she is still shakey and defeated.  Sally Ann Matthews was excellent tonight as was Barbara Knox. I was immediately drawn in by them. You could really feel Jenny's depression weighing her down, and Rita's loving support. I really felt for Jenny and just wanted to hug her!

Brendan found an hour away from the wife and Mary took full advantage for a bit of afternoon delight. (Oh, my eyes!) Brendan really makes my skin crawl and I feel bad that Mary has been sucked in by his false ways. I do like that Erica is so kind to Mary and when this all blows up and Mary's heart is in bits, I think Erica will do her best to help. Can't fault the acting, though,  Ted Robbins  is doing a top job as the love rat Brendan!

Elsewhere, it turns out that Jamie has been nabbed by the police and "sang like a canary". I wonder if he could get charged with attempted murder in addition to assault? I liked that Steph apologized to Carla even though, of course, she had nothing to apologize for, but it was so very Steph, I thought.

The other main thrust of the episode was Audrey and Ken, circling around each other. Sue Nicholls was superb, as Audrey, touchy, out of sorts and feeling awkward around Ken. Ken has  been following her around like a puppy since Nessa left, that should have been pretty obvious to Audrey that he has feelings for her! Then Audrey collapsed with chest pains and was terrified she was going to die without telling Ken she loved him! As you do. Judging from the smile on his face, I don't think he minded at all! Some wonderful acting from Sue Nicholls tonight, especially!

Nobody was shouting, nobody was making a big dramatic mountain out of a molehill, nobody was even plotting revenge, for once. I'm not sure I was even watching the same show that aired on Monday night! I'd like more of this, please! I don't mind a bit of dramatics but when it's 90 miles per hour all the time, it doesn't half wear you down now and then!

Top marks all around to everyone!

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