Saturday, 10 September 2016

YAY or NAY: Should Alma return to Corrie?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Yes I know you probably all think I'm completely bonkers but stay with me for a moment. I absolutely love Amanda Barrie and I think she's a cracking actress. As Alma, she created one of my all time favourite Coronation Street characters. I think it was a crying shame that Alma was killed off when Amanda decided to leave the Street as I always thought she'd be a character that could pop back now and then.

Amanda has gone on to play other roles on stage and screen since she left Corrie but in a recent interview the actress made it clear that she still misses Weatherfield life. Indeed she still dreams about working on Corrie. As she very obviously has great affection for the show, this made me wonder if a return was completely dead in the water.


After all, characters returning from the dead isn't exactly new in the increasingly bizarre world of the soap opera. Only last year Anne Charleston reprised her iconic Neighbours role as Madge Bishop to celebrate thirty years of the Australian soap. And just a few months ago we saw Pam St Clement back for a brief appearance as Pat Butcher from the other side as Barbara Windsor's Peggy breathed her last in Albert Square. 

Now, I'm not saying we should bring Alma back to say goodbye to another iconic character, however as Alma still has strong links to two current cast members (Sue Nicholls' Audrey and Helen Worth's Gail) I think it would be great fun to reunite these wonderful Corrie ladies one last time. Perhaps Ken could propose to Audrey who then turns to her oldest (and albeit dead) friend for advice? Coronation Street rarely does two hander episodes but I bet a half hour devoted to Audrey and Alma would be fantastic viewing and a chance for the writing team to create some gems.

Of course this is all bonkers as I said at the beginning, but I can still dream. And it would help right the wrong of Amanda's original departure from Corrie back in 2001. So what do you think about a return for Alma for one night only? YAY or NAY?


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kib said...

I always liked Alma as well. I'd like to see Amanda Barrie back but wonder if she could somehow play a sister or cousin with Alma's traits? That way we could see her for longer than a one nighter.

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