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Norris Cole and his ex-wives in Coronation Street

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Mention was made this week of Norris Cole's two previous wives - Myrtle and Angela.  Time then, to have a look back at these two ladies and what on earth made them put up with such an obnoxious little man!

Wife No. 1: Myrtle Hargreaves

In 1994, after giving a man called Derek Wilton a lift home to Coronation Street, Norris subsequently left his wife to join Derek in Weatherfield and stayed with him and his wife Mavis. Norris divorced Myrtle, and later married Angela Hawthorne the following year.   We never saw Myrtle on screen.

Norris mentioned Myrtle in March 2015, stating that she had seduced him with her milk puddings.  Well, you can see how his head would have been turned.  Myrtle has since died. Milk puddings may or may not have been involved in her death, it's hard to know.

Wife No. 2: Angela Hawthorne

Norris married Angela Hawthorne in 1995. She had previously been married to Norris' friend Derek Wilton and was a woman of some, er, fortitude. Indeed, both Derek and Norris seemed positively terrified of her.

You can watch the wedding episode here.

Her last visit to see Norris was in 2005 when she turned up at The Kabin and offered Norris a job as he was looking for work elsewhere, although he remained where he was. In August 2007, Angela passed away after suffering a heart attack, and the news was broken to Norris by her son.

He did propose to Rita once, you might remember, but she knocked him back.

Could Mary Taylor be wife No. 3?  Read more on that here.

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