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Top 5 Redeemed Characters in Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog January 2018, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Guest blog post by Tiffany Bowman who is on Twitter: @TiffanyZBowman

There are always characters we root for despite their despicable acts, and Coronation Street is no different. In light of recent news, it looks like there won’t be a redemption arc for Pat Phelan. 

However, every now and then some characters do address their troubled ways and make it through to the other side. 

Here are my top five redeemed characters:

1. Tracy Barlow
From bumping off her boyfriend to committing arson, Tracy has always been at the forefront of drama. And whilst there’s very little she hasn’t done to upset her neighbours, it’s nice to see the character going in a new direction. Since striking up a friendship with Mary and reuniting with Steve, we’ve seen a different side to Tracy which is refreshing.

2. Daniel Osbourne 
Daniel is another troubled member of the Barlow clan. He tried to kill off Ken when he discovered that he played a part in persuading his girlfriend to terminate their baby. He also terrorised Chesney by threatening to steal his girlfriend. However, Daniel took a huge U-turn when he realised how far he had pushed Chesney, and has since rekindled his relationship with his Dad. 

3. David Platt
Once known as “The Demon Barber of Coronation Street,” David has caused a lot of trouble in the past, particularly to his own family. He sent cards to Gail from her dead husband, he was responsible for his 7-year-old niece ingesting ecstasy tablets, and he even pushed his own Mother down the stairs! But things seem to have settled down since he got with Shona, grew a beard and inherited a dog.  He’s due to be at the heart of a major storyline next month, which will surely see him evolve further. 

4. Gary Windass
Gary’s come a long way since he arrived on the cobbles. From assaults to robbery to infidelity, he often found himself on the wrong side of the law and was no stranger to fights. It was only when he returned from Afghanistan that we began to see a more sensitive side to him. Ironically, he’s supported the Platts on various occasions recently, despite his previous feud with David. He was an ally for Bethany when she was taking diet pills, and he heroically saved Lily from being hit by a car.

5. Gemma Winter
Gemma played a significant part in helping Callum terrorise the Platts when she first appeared on the street. From blackmailing Bethany into providing a false alibi, to helping bundle David into the boot of a car, there wasn’t much Gemma wouldn’t do to help Callum. But since then, she has changed her wicked ways, becoming a regular favourite on the cobbles. She bravely testified against Kylie Platt’s killer and supported Rita through her recent illness. 

Guest blog post by Tiffany Bowman who is on Twitter: @TiffanyZBowman

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