Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Corrie Christmas wish list - Shayne Ward


Leading up to Christmas on Canadian Corrie screens, we'll be featuring one of the Corrie actors each day with a Christmas Q&A

Will your character be having a merry Christmas this year?

Probably not! He’s got a fair bit on his plate...but he will have a good New Year’s Eve! I’m looking forward to that...

Make a NY resolution for Aidan…
To be less angry and fiery. Perhaps he needs to carry less of his dad’s traits! Aidan’s a bit impulsive but he’s a nice guy, he means no harm.

What’s your favourite Christmas board game?
We don’t really play board games in our family, but we do make funny videos of each other and wind each other up a lot on Christmas Day!

What’s your Christmas tipple?
Anything from beer to vodka. If I want to sleep for a year then I’ll drink whiskey! You can start as early as you want on Christmas Day, it’s Christmas after all!

Turkey or otherwise?
Turkey, everything, all the trimmings!

Where’s your favourite place to spend Christmas?
Always at my mum’s house. All the family will be there - 3 brothers, 3 sisters, nieces, nephews, friends...it’s a house full!

Best Christmas tip?
Don’t overeat on Christmas Day as it leaves no room for beer and you’ll end up falling asleep! It’s important to pace yourself with the food...

Any Christmas disasters?
Yes...I imported an amazing Santa outfit - everything down to the little specs and the beard. I changed into it and came down to surprise my nieces and nephews and I had an allergic reaction to it. I ended up throwing up in front of everyone and my nephew saying “What’s wrong with Santa?” I was in bed for two days.

Best Christmas memory?
I’m going to say last Christmas, because having all the family in one place at one time is a rarity, and it actually happened! Usually there’s always someone that’s away, but last year we were all there.

Christmas Day...cheese or chocolate?Chocolate all the way.

Sprouts...devil or delicious?
Delicious, however they come.

Christmas Day...PJs or fancypants?
I don’t wear PJs...

If you could spend Christmas Day in any other country where would you spend it?
It would have to be Dublin, all of my family are over there from both my mum and dad’s side.

Favourite Christmas film?
Does anyone remember National Lampoon? I’m going to go with that one. Or maybe Home Alone.

Favourite Christmas song or carol?

I have two - me and my sister love “Fairytale of New York”, but I also like “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day”.

Describe your perfect Christmas…
Always with my family.

What’s your favourite Corrie Christmas memory…
I’m going to say filming my first Corrie Christmas, I’m really excited to watch it on Christmas Day.

What would you like in your Christmas stocking?
A beautiful woman.

You have one spot left at the dinner table..Who would you give it to, anyone past or present?My mum, every time.

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