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2015 Corrie Yearly Sum up

I usually keep a running note of odds and ends throughout the Corrie year, with silly awards, and a quick run down of major storylines and by-house storylines, mostly for my own amusement but you might like it. Overall, it was a pretty good year with more hits than misses for me.

For your consideration, here are my "awards":

Best Wedding
Beth and Kirk’s 80s themed wedding

Wedding WTF
Kirk went missing on his wedding day but only so he could get the perfect fancy dress outfit for his Beth.
Gail missed her first wedding to Michael and then had a wobble at the next one. She did say I Do in the end.
Steve and Michelle’s wedding. The best man got stranded on a fishing boat headed for the Arctic Circle.
Sally and Tim’s wedding. The groom almost didn’t show up

My most embarrassing moment
Winner: Anna bringing Faye’s baby to her at school. As if she wasn’t bullied enough before!
Runner up: Sally getting sacked for having an annoying voice

Worst storyline
Winner: Sharif's chickens
Runners up:
Jason thinks Eva slept with Tony
David and Callum fight for custody of Max
Todd’s “revenge” on his family for that tiny nearly invisible scar.

Comedy relief
Winners: (tie) Tim and Sally

Best new couple (still together at year end)
Winner: Billy and Sean
Runner up: Steph and Andy

Surprise reunion
Liz and Lloyd but it didn’t last

Something New award
Winner: Cathy’s a hoarder! We haven’t seen that one before.
Runners up:
Serious illness of a young child (there have been injuries but not an illness like Hope’s cancer)
Physical abuse of a child to a parent.
Jamie blackmails Luke with nude photos of Steph.  

Most doomed couple
Winner: Leanne and Kal. Obviously. Saying Yes to the proposal seconds before the groom-to-be was blown up.
Runners up:
Eileen and Adrian - with Todd pulling the strings to ruin it, it didn’t have a chance.
Gail and Michael - too many big secrets

Surprising twist
Winner: Gavin Rodwell is really Andy.
Runners up:
Tracy leaving a candle burning in Carla’s flat which caught fire. She didn’t know Amy was in the flat.
No surprise that Callum got killed. It was a surprise that it was Kylie that did it.
Audrey fancying Ken after years of being just friends
Nessa had an affair with her sister’s husband (though we shouldn’t be that surprised considering she’s a man-chaser)

Most mismatched or boring couple
Winner: Gary and Alya
Runners up:
Callum and Sarah
Luke and Maria
Michael and Eileen

Great villain/bad guy
the Late Real Gavin Rodwell

Top Recurring Character


The John Stape Trophy
Winner: Gavin/Andy twists and turns
Runner up: Burying Callum in a hole, cemented over. (echoes of Colin Fishwick under the factory floor)

Best return of a former character
Winner: Jenny Bradley
Runners up:
Peter Barlow for Deirdre’s funeral - short but sweet
Rob Donovan, causing trouble from prison

You Could See That Coming
They all win, or lose, depending on your point of view.
Jenny went doolally over Jack,  had (another) breakdown and ran away with him
Sally kissing Kevin
Callum getting killed.
Sarah getting pregnant (cliche soap plot, pregnant by the worst person possible)
Brendan is a married man, cheating on his wife with Mary

Deja Vu storylines
Some done well, some "ho hum"
“Barely a teenager” pregnancy - Faye (Sarah Lou) (enjoyed this)
Kidnap a child and go up in a high place - Jenny (Claire’s friend Casey, Bethany’s other granny Brenda) (enjoyed this)
Fire out of control causing death or injury - Victoria Court flats (Rovers twice, Barlows Bookies, Underworld several times, explosion in the Bistro causing the tram crash and fire in Number 13, Corner shop via Mad Maya) (enjoyed this, done very well)
Vehicle disaster causing multiple injuries - Minibus crash (Bus crash in the 60s, tram crash) (enjoyed this)
Tony beating up Callum in retaliation for Jason’s beating (Jim beating up Jez Quigly in retaliation for Jez beating up Steve) (enjoyed this)
Getting pregnant after sex with entirely the wrong person - Sarah with Callum’s baby (re: most unexpected soap pregnancies) (Ho Hum)
Carla is really Johnny’s daughter (Danny is really Mike Baldwin’s son, Ashley is really Fred Elliott’s son) (Ho Hum)

This Year's Exits:

Best exit
Maddie, in that it was a surprise, sad though it was.
Julie got her happy ever after.

Most missed characters

Make it stop!
Callum and David custody story (liked the whole story overall but this bit was awfully dragged out)
Covering up the Callum killing. Literally and figuratively.

Optimist award
Winner: Gail planning her sixth wedding, Michael thinking he might be one of her husbands that just might survive (though he’s got a dicky heart)
Runners up:
Steve marrying for the sixth time (five wives, Vicky, Karen, Karen, Becky (one attempt and one completed ceremony), Tracy, Michelle)
Tracy thinking she had a chance at owning the Rovers

For a list of major storylines and storylines by each family or address, see the full article at State of the Street. 

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