Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Corrie Christmas wish list - Alan Halsall

Will your character be having a merry Christmas this year?
Definitely, Tyrone and Fiz have had a really tough time in the run up to Christmas with Hope’s illness but Tyrone is determined to put that to one side for the day and pull out all the stops to make it the most magical Christmas Day ever for Hope and Ruby. He pulls in lots of favours from family and friends and decides if he can’t take the girls to Lapland he’ll bring Lapland to the street.

What’s your Christmas tipple?
Just beer, always beer!

Turkey or otherwise?
Well this could be the first year that I eat turkey for Christmas dinner. I’ve always been a vegetarian but over the past six months I’ve been eating a bit of chicken, so after 33 years it might be my first year eating turkey. We’re cooking for 12 people, I don’t like cooking at the best of times and I’ve never cooked turkey so I might have to get my mum on it.

Where’s your favourite place to spend Christmas?
One of the best Christmas’ I’ve ever had is when we went to New York on Christmas Day and it was honestly magical, it was just beautiful. But now we’ve got our little girl Sienna Christmas is about family, so just at home with family.

Favourite Christmas memory…
My brother and I got a motorbike to share one Christmas and that was a biggie for us.

Sprouts...devil or delicious?
Delicious, I don’t mind Sprouts at all, maybe from all my years being a vegetarian.

Christmas Day...PJs or fancypants?
I’d stay in my PJ’s all day if I could, at least all morning while you’re opening presents.

Favourite Christmas film?
Elf, Will Ferrell is just amazing in it, or The Grinch, I really like The Grinch

Favourite Christmas song or carol?
I’ve been listening to Christmas songs in our house, genuinely, since September! Someone bought my daughter Sienna a Christmas CD and she just plays it constantly. At the moment her favourite is Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Michael Buble, she loves that.

Favourite Corrie Christmas...yours, your characters, or a scene off screen!

Just being in the Duckworths with Jack and Vera, Christmas alongside Jack and Vera were always special.

What would you like to find in your Christmas stocking?
I new golf swing because my old one is falling to pieces! Maybe a new set of drivers will help.

You have one spot left at the dinner table..Who would you give it to, anyone past or present?
Will Ferrell but he’s got to come as Ron Burgundy from Anchorman!

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