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Corrie's Couples - Possible, Present and Petering Out - Part 3

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in December 2015.)

The Weatherfield microscope is out again, this time to examine the relationships that are on their last legs, almost dead in the water, almost done for – very nearly kaput.

After last night’s casino moment with Robert, it is likely that Carla and Nick’s relationship may be on the wane. Immediately after Carla and Robert had slept together, she regretted what she had done.

When Michelle finally found her, Carla confessed to her about meeting up with Robert by chance and sleeping with him. Michelle was shocked, pointing out rather superfluously, as Carla was already aware of this fact, that Robert was an employee of her fiancĂ© Nick. Carla was also aware that she had the best fiancĂ© on the planet, a man who is reliable, kind, loves her very much and is solvent. Was she really so drunk that she had forgotten all this, or was it Robert’s daring and bravado in betting so much money, then winning, that was the real aphrodisiac?

Whatever our thoughts may be on this, it looks like the beginning of the end for Carla and Nick. Nick will be heartbroken.

As for Ken and Nessa, close study under the Weatherfield microscope reveals Nessa to be unsuitable for Ken, mainly because of her lack of sensitivity. Last night saw Nessa say that Emily was making a song and dance of her departure for Peru. Well Nessa, this is Emily Bishop we are talking about, let me remind you, a woman much liked and even, possibly, revered by viewers and cast alike. At the age of 86, this ‘fussy’ woman is travelling to Peru, full of hope and enthusiasm, on her own, to see her beloved nephew Geoffrey/ Spider, while importing a ton of pencils. (Nice touch, Norris and the pencils). This is no mean feat for a woman of her advanced years, who is grasping the opportunity of a lifetime. So, in the politest possible way, I propose that we all shout a collective ‘Shut your cakehole Nessa!’ Leaving Audrey to lead the communal bellow.

As for Maria and Luke, I don’t feel that this relationship will continue. On paper they seem much suited but they lack the chemistry/spark/ je ne sais quoi – whatever it is that a couple need to convince on screen. Luke and Eva seem to me to be suited and though it all worked so well with Jason, well hope for a revival seems long gone.

While discussing Eva, it seems as if the potential relationship between her and Aidan has vanished before it really got started as Eva discovers that there was a bet involved as to whether Aidan would sleep with Eva. Still, a beer shampoo can be beneficial in creating a shiny barnet. Shame he doesn’t have more hair.

>Mary and Brendan will end relatively soon, not perhaps through a lack of feeling, but for the simple fact that Brendan is married. Mary’s feeling for Brendan are stronger than his for her, but the married status is what will end it. Mary being stood up a few evenings ago was hard to take, but there will be those who say that she knew what she was getting herself into, as he revealed to her that he had a wife. Rita’s wise words fell on deaf ears.

I am aware that several viewers like Michael and Eileen as a couple, but for me, it doesn’t work. With Gail hovering in the background, still hopeful of a reunion, I believe, it makes for uncomfortable watching when Gail sees Michael and Eileen together. Gail’s wistful looks and sighs at a love lost can be deeply irritating but on some level it is hard to believe that Eileen is not getting just a bit of a kick out of seeing her nemesis suffer. So much for the sisterhood.

Just a word about Gary and Alya, even if they have already petered out or rather finished dramatically with Alya’s revelation about Jason. They had just about sorted everything out – Gary was accepted into the family and he had been given a share of the gym. Surely it’s not the end for these two, is it? These two who are so well suited and have what is lacking between Maria and Luke – a genuine spark. 2016 will reveal all.

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