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Sunday Comments April 24

You may remember that Tracy told Robert she knew he slept with Carla. Today we head into the fallout when he can't deny it though he's sorry and reminds her they had broken up at the time. Back at home, Tracy and Robert have it out. He's insisting he loves Tracy and regrets it all but they weren't together. Ah. But then Tracy slips and ends up telling him that she's known for a very long time, since the night of the Bistro robbery. He realizes she went after Carla for revenge because Tracy always gets something out of it but is horrified that she blackmailed Carla to get him the Bistro and get out of town. He's using words like extortion, she's using words like persuasion.

Tracy does things in the name of love but Robert isn't sure she wouldn't turn on him either. Oh i really didn't want him to forgive her. Please dump her, please! Then when she told him she might be pregnant, he wouldn't believe her until he saw the negative test for herself. He was relieved and he was pretty nasty to Tracy and you know she had that coming for all her pity party words. It didn't matter how much she begged or tried to talk him round, he knew she did it for herself and it looks like he's dumped her!

And Oh, it was wonderful to see Tracy getting the hump from Robert and not in a good way. It was also interesting to see Robert and Leanne's obvious chemistry. I have always said they would be a good couple. Please make this happen! Why did Carla go sniffing around Tracy? Now Tracy has nothing to lose and is threatening to tell Nick everything. Carla really needs to tell him herself. Not really fair for Robert to give Carla a hard time for going along with Tracy's blackmail and i guess Carla figures if she can get Robert to go back to Tracy, Tracy will keep her mouth shut and Robert might insist on it.

Ah well, between Carla and Beth, Robert decided he still wants to be with Tracy. More fool him. It's her last chance. Will she tell Nick and screw it all up? He ordered her not to. But you know, since Carla doesn't know that, Tracy can still use that to wind up Carla. But if I was Carla, I'd go to Robert and tell him. In the interest of the show, though, Carla, who has lost her backbone, won't say anything. Tracy is now in suck up mode but it's only on her terms. When Robert needed help, she wasn't too keen to help in the Bistro, was she? She did, though, when Amy made her feel guilty, and ended up scrubbing pots!

Ok. Why did Liz have to take Amy to her music club if it was in the community centre? Anyway, the little lad, Sam's father seems to have taken a shine to Liz but assumes Liz is Amy's mother. Little white lies. How on earth would anyone think Liz was Amy's mother? Liz was happy to let the man, Chris, think what he thought, though. Admitting you're a granny when you're Liz does hurt a bit. Amy picked up on Chris' interest and wondered if Liz fancied him back. Mind you, this Chris is apparently the boy, Sam's dad. I have a feeling both of them are shading the truth a bit.

Liz seemed to go all week a bit oblivious that this Chris fancies her though she kind of fancied him, too. I think she was pushing it aside but when he arrived with flowers, how could she ignore the obvious? She's still keeping the lie with Eva and Mary's approval though Michelle, who didn't know what was going on, nearly let the secret out. Now that Amy knows Chris thinks Liz is Amy's mother, she does what any daughter of Tracy does, blackmail for a bit of cash to keep schtum, milk it for all it's financial worth.

Kate and Sophie do seem to be good mates but Tim has twigged that Sophie has feelings for Kate. The hen night is impending but Kate overheard a few doubtful remarks and they're probably the same ones she herself is having. Kate keeps going to Sophie for support and friendship and Caz doesn't like what she sees and she marked Sophie's cards. Meanwhile, Kate is wobbling under all the fuss, between wedding planning and the hen do, she seems to be out of sorts instead of excited like most brides. Kate finally told Caz she wanted to postpone the wedding and of course Caz thinks it's because of Sophie but Kate was having doubts long before she was mates with Sophie.

Caz really does suspect Sophie is the cause of Kate's wobble and she sounds a bit aggressive about it. Sophie decided to speak to Kate after she heard about the hen party cancellation (and after Caz and Kate had had a bust up). One thing leads to another and in traditional soap plotlines, Sophie and Kate kiss with Caz walking in on it. Sophie gets disappointed in the end, though, with Kate turning back to Caz and made it sound like Sophie did all the chasing. She kind of did, in that she started the kiss, but Kate certainly jumped right into it, as well. But Caz wasn't so forgiving. She seems to have dumped Kate and jumped in a taxi. Kate says her life is in pieces because of Sophie. That's true but it's not Sophie's fault, it's because Kate does fancy Sophie and she admitted it to Aidan.

I guess that meeting with Mr. Hanlon went well because the factory has a new order and is poised to spring from the ashes yet again. Eva will be back at her machine as well. I don't suppose she gave a thought to leaving Liz in the lurch. Nice little mother-daughter chat between Sally and Sophie. I really like that Tim and Sophie are close, he being a bit of a father figure but without the authority Kevin would have. It's nice, really. They do have mutual respect and affection. Oh i Laughed when Sally tried to get the afternoon off and Aidan thoroughly reeled her in with a pretense about feeling ill then insisting he would cancel her meeting. Busted! Kind of nice that Leanne and Carla got a bit friendly after all the angst between them. They have Nick in common and Leanne was very gracious that Carla just might be the better wife for him.

Liz really went a bit over the top with her attitude towards Michelle regarding Will and Michelle told Will she had to back out of their wedding but Saskia wasn't having any of it and Michelle couldn't find anyone else to take over. Liz might be certain that Michelle and Will might be rekindling something but she didn't pick up that another bloke was making flirting noises towards her. Sean was trying to help and Michelle accepted, because then Sean can do most of the dealing with the couple. Looks like the first crisis came with the florist so Tracy may get the nod, against better judgement. Michelle is really finding it lonely without Steve. Aidan's remarks about long distance relationships not working hit home, too.

Jason has the new fence well under way but Sally thinks her garden looks smaller than it used to but a smirking Yasmeen has twigged Sally's radar. The two of them trade insults until Sally goes for Tim's sledgehammer but is diverted from that and threatens a higher power instead. Yasmeen doesn't seem contrite at all. Tim does try to reign Sally in but isn't always very successful and doesn't seem to be able to hold her back this time either.

Sally was a bit flippant with Tim but he really tried hard and made a romantic meal that she missed due to her council responsibilities. She didn't seem to be overly anxious to make up with him because her duties are more of a priority. She certainly bigged herself up with the other councillor and put a huge gloss on Tim and their/Her ambitions. But when he overheard her pretentious bigging up of his jobs and their lifestyle, he realized she wasn't really accepting of him as and who he is. She'd better be careful or she'll lose him. She's definitely lost his respect this week.

Sarah is starting the sleepless nights you get with a new baby and David is not in the least sympathetic. At least Bethany offered to take the baby out for a walk to give her a break but Sarah still doesn't really want to let the baby out of her sight in case anything happens. She also wants to have the baby christened, for protection against the evil world so she really is going over the top with this over protective thing and Billy knows that part of her problem is the shadow of Callum.

Nick is back from Devon and is ready for the leisure life, hanging out in track suits (sorry, leisure wear) and sleeping hours on end. He has no plans to do a thing! He's hanging around various businesses and gazing at the photos on his phone of the restaurants he looked at while away and discussing them with all and sundry. One of the ones he looked at was taken off the market and he was sorely disappointed. People were teasing him all day about his leisure wear and then, when the bullies spotted Bethany with the baby they had another go but this time, Uncle Nick defended her and went ballistic.

Everyone's talking about a new reality show about washing up. I can't think of anything that would make me watch that. Fiz and Tyrone need to clear some old stuff out of the house. Turns out that Tyrone still has an old toaster belonging to Jack and Vera! Cathy gave him the idea that scrap metal would be worth money. Izzy's still struggling and doesn't feel like she has a choice. Gary will get her more pot but it'll be their secret. Chesney and Sinead are back on screen. He's missing his little boy and feeling a bit blue. But Sinead has a chance to do another modeling job so she's decided to do it for the extra money to send Ches to Portugal.

Maria's home! Luke is picking her up at the airport. She's been away months. Luke can't seem to get on the internet at Number 9. Surely he has data on the phone to check the flight terminal. He should know never to trust Kirk, even with welcome home gifts! And oh, Ozzie makes an appearance in Maria's honour (albeit with Kirk walking him). But Maria's phone is ringing and she's very furtive about answering it and looking guilty when he asks if there's anything to declare. Why is that?

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