Monday, 28 November 2016

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Nov. 21 - 25

His Fathers' Son award: Adam arrives in a Jaguar (Mike's favourite, which he has to have rented seeing as there was no time to ship it from Canada), cigar in hand, radar for the scotch in the factory and an inherent talent for winding people up while giving them a cheeky grin.

Reality check: Sally challenged Kevin that he is probably better off without Anna if he would have stayed with her out of duty or pity. It gave him something to think about. He is sticking by Anna and made her realize she needs him.

Throwback: Sally talking about Kevin's affair with Molly and how humiliated it made her feel.

Cougar award: Tracy's at it again.

Close the barn door now that the horse is already out: Aidan is arranging to have Maria's locks changed NOW??? *shakes head in despair*

Practicalities award: I know why Anna wanted to go to her own flat. There's a chairlift there for her to navigate the stairs. Kevin doesn't have a chairlift and the bedroom and loo is up steps. I see she has a wheelchair in the flat when she's not using crutches so it must work well.

Musical ambiance: Glory Days playing when David comes out sporting a black eye courtesy of Gary.

Definition Fail: My definition of Private and Phelan's are obviously miles apart. His idea of somewhere more private than the cab office was the pub.

Lines of the week: 
David to the police "Maria Connor, a murderer? There's a dog over at Number 1 that's more capable"
Eileen "D'you know how hard it is to find a man with a drill?"
Gail "Now I know what the invisible woman felt like" Eva "Is it not the invisible man?" Gail "I doubt that very much"
Michael "I don't play for money anymore" (anymore? You kept that quiet)
Michael "Nobody likes a sore loser, Pat" Phelan "That's true, trouble is, I haven't had as much practice as you" (But he did beat you at poker quite soundly)
Peter to Luke about Tracy "You've got no chance. She'll eat you for breakfast" (she already did judging from the leer on that face!)
David "Sarah, do you think it would be possible for you to get a boyfriend that doesn't have some sort of beef with this family?"
Gail "Gary Windass??!! He's been in more trouble than your brother!"
Adam to Eva "You almost dropped your knickers!" Eva *giggle* (spot the chemistry there, it leaped off the screen)
Aidan about Adam "Did you see the way he looked at Eva?" Johnny "The way you look at Maria?" (I knew he'd noticed!)

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