Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Erica Holroyd - are you making the Right Move?

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in October 2016, reposted with permission.)

I'm worried. I really like Erica and want the best for her,  but I fear that her moving in with Dev, may be a huge mistake. Let's consider who will be under that one roof. There will be 3 adults and 2 children - Dev, Erica, Mary and 2 children, twins Asha and Aadi, who will be 11 years old in January. These 2 children have not had things easy as they lost their mum, Sunita.

Now, the twins adore Mary and she adores them. The arrangement works so well and not only is there mutual affection, there is also a good deal of mutual respect. Mary has those 2 children eating out of her hand. She is no pushover though and ensures homework is done, teeth are brushed and good manners in abundance.

Enter Erica into this cosy and smooth running arrangement. The children have structure, love and they know exactly what to expect. Put Erica into the mix, an unknown quantity and it is perfectly understandable that they will feel put out. So far, between the twins and Erica, things haven't gone well. Though the twins may not be able to articulate their feelings, it seems more than likely that they fear that Erica will be intent on taking their father away from them. They've lost one parent after all.

In Monday's episodes Erica threw herself into the Hallowe'en spirit by having a go at apple-bobbing which was rather sporting of her. At least she's trying. I refuse point blank to claim that because she doesn't have children herself, she is not able to cope with them or deal with them. Absolute and utter nonsense! Besides, Mary has no children of her own, but we all witness her brilliance with Asha and Aadi. (And we all remember what happened to Andrea Leadsom, when she called out Theresa May for having no children).

My advice to Erica would be to hold on. Let the children get used to her being around from time to time, but maintain  independent living arrangements for a while. Dev and Erica will probably appreciate each other more that way. There's no rush and as each of them have lived independently, they may find it difficult to adjust. So, Erica, you have been warned!

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