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Sunday Comments November 27

I see Bethany is making up the exams she missed. She's so crushing on Gary, though he's just nice and friendly with her. Every compliment goes right to her heart, mind you. That's what happens when you're 16. I remember it well! Leanne offered the flat to Sarah for a break and a bubble bath. where's this going? Sarah ended up having to work and Bethany had an idea. She invited Gary to Nick's for a chat, mystifying Gary but he said he'd go. Bethany went to a lot of trouble to set the table, put on nice music and she was dressed quite nicely as well. It backfired. Sarah ended up at the flat after all as did Gary and they thought Bethany had set it up for the two of them. Bethany saw them snogging on the balcony and you could hear her little heart break! It's tough being 16!

Gary and Sarah also spent the night together at Nick's but they're all loved up, contrary to Luke and Tracy. They admit they are falling for each other and in the interest of full disclosure, Sarah tells Gary that David was on his way to blow up Clayton at the time of the accident. Gary's furious. I don't really see how it makes things any different. David lost control of the car which could have happened whether he was in an obsessive rage or not. It was an accident! But Gary isn't going to leave it alone and he hunted David down and thumped him one. As long as they can keep Gary from going to the police, I'm sure David will take the punch.

Might mean that Gary and Sarah are back off again, though. She even has the nerve to blame David for yet again causing her to be on her own. Um. I think that's got more to do with her ill advised taste in men and bad decisions. Gary has to see his mother in pain, feeling very sorry for herself and unsteady where she's not in the safe environment of the hospital. He knows that if David hadn't been bent on revenge, his mother would be ok but he can't add to her problems by telling her, can he? Not now.

Now David's sporting a black eye, again. I swear that lad gets beaten up more than anyone else on the show! Gail was no happier to find out about Sarah and Gary than David was. Now they have to hope Gary keeps his mouth shut and Sarah is begging him not to dump her.

Wherever it is Caz is staying looks really nice.Maria has the statement from that credit card Caz stole from her and it proves that Caz used it in London near where Pablo lives. Stalker, much? Caz seems like someone that is more impulsive, not a long term planner so buying a tablet and webcam weeks ago doesn't seem like something she'd have done. How long did it take Maria to cancel the stolen card, anyway? And yep, the police think that Caz knowing about the sham marriage is a good motive for murder. Seriously, though, the evidence isn't even strong enough to be considered circumstantial.

As crazy as Caz was to Kate, i'm surprised Kate doesn't believe Caz could be setting up Maria, which Aidan pointed out. Maria going about the neighbourhood full of accusations and shouting doesn't make her look very stable, either. She needs to keep her dignity about her. Aidan is starting to come round and visit Maria regularly. Three times in one day, obviously, and he really wants to help her and comfort her, even taking her out and about looking for Caz though that was a fruitless effort. He's walking a fine line and I wonder if Johnny is starting to pick up signals. Now Eva is throwing Aidan at her, insisting he stay with her because she's so upset. Caz is watching all this, and it looks to her, I think, that Maria's still landing on her feet.

The chemistry does seem to be intensifying between them even if Maria says she considers them just mates now. And as mates, she offered to cut his hair and discovered the bloody scissors. And why didn't she ever change the locks? Surely this will get that done, at the very least. Aidan thinks cleaning them won't work. But bleach will, I tell the screen. He doesn't hear me. He manages to take the scissors and he tucks away the scissors case (which will still have blood in it, remember) and dumps the scissors in the bin outside the factory. The police turned up to search the flat and the salon on a tip off which they didn't follow up on so I guess they didn't find the bloody scissors case in the flat. It wasn't that well hidden, was it?

Aidan is kipping on Maria's sofa. And yet when Kirk was staying there at the same time Caz was, they couldn't both have been on the sofa so is there another room/bed or not? Maybe Kirk shared the bed with little Liam. Anyway, it seems like this is going to be ongoing until Caz is caught. Aidan gets a message or email from Maria thanking him for going above and beyond the call of duty but when he mentions it to Maria, Maria denies sending it so they deduce that Caz did but how did she know to use the same phrase Maria had recently used? Well, she must have been hiding in the flat at the time, they decide. That's creepy. It'll be even creepier when they find out about the webcam. And it's strange that Caz knew Aidan's work email. Yet another plot hole in this storyline that's a mere spider web it's so thin with gaps.

Johnny finds the bloody scissors in the bin outside Underworld because the bin pickup day has changed. Aidan and Eva think it will be ok but obviously not since Johnny and Jenny discover what they discover. Jenny insists to Johnny that they call the police. Earlier in the cafe, Jenny made a wise ass remark at Aidan's expense but he snapped right back at her and she knew it. I wonder if she insisted on the police out of spite? Maria's well and truly in trouble now. Johnny was furious to find out that it was Aidan that hid the scissors and him passing them over to the police could dob Aidan right in it.

Aidan is now, just NOW, arranging to have the locks changed. I despair, I really do. And he's even paying for a hotel for her and Liam for a few days. I don't think he's going to have to worry about that. Maria got arrested for murdering someone where there's not actually a body yet, the latest in wrongful arrest on a soap.

The next day, Aidan is surly, Kate seems smug and Kirk is utterly devastated. Adam stirred things up a bit and there was most definitely chemistry between he and Eva and Aidan noticed straight away. And I just knew Johnny had noticed the sparks between Aidan and Maria! He's right, Aidan has only made Maria's case worse.

Anna's on her feet, with well wrapped legs and crutches. Got to be painful as well as difficult. Debbie Rush is doing a great job. Hard to imagine she's going home already. I also wonder that it would only take the one skin graft operation. Do we know if there will be further operations? IN real life, with burns as bad as hers, there would be. Kevin took his time deciding to go see Anna. Perhaps he really did have doubts in spite of his feelings for her. Sally seemed to reinforce those doubts but it make Kevin think about how he really feels and he's determined to stand by her. He really does love her. She does need him and the end result is they're back together.

Anna's home from the hospital and has decided to go to her own flat rather than Kevin's house just for a few weeks until she is further down the road to recovery. Kevin doesn't seem happy about it but accepts it. I should think Anna will be using the automatic chair lift to navigate the steps. We did see that she had a wheelchair in the flat though she also uses crutches to get around. Kevin has stairs to the bedroom and loo but she probably can't manage them very well. That's a good reason as any though it's not mentioned. Anna might be home but she doesn't want to go outside and deal with people looking at her and gawping and answering endless inquiries as to how she is, with other people not really knowing what to say or how to talk to her.

In other news, Faye invites Seb to Craig's as a way of getting some face time. Craig is going to be accepted into the constabulary, having appealed their rejection decision and had it overturned so he's not very happy to find that the dvds Seb has brought are all illegal pirated movies. Seb is thoroughly despicable isn't he? He's controlling and he's exaggerating Craig's attitude because he knows Craig is in the right. He's determined to keep Faye to himself, I think. Craig just sees his mate getting in over her head. And he's right. He challenged her to prove she was worthy of hanging out with him. She nicked Phelan's phone, which he'd left on a table and forgot.

And in another dawning of a storyline that's starting off as a brief and angry encounter which inevitably led to something more, much to my regret, is a few chance encounters between Luke and Tracy Barlow. I know she's got form for flinging with younger men (David Platt, Nick Tilsley, both one night stands, and Ryan Connor, even if it was just to wind up Michelle) but I hope this isn't leading to a grand passion. I suppose I can stomach it if it's just going to keep to a physical fling, designed for the rest of us to reinforce the disgust and disapproval many of us viewers have for her. It's a soap. it's inevitable that some sort of relationship starts with dislike. They did it with she and Rob, remember? But that actually worked really well. They were two peas in a pod. Robert even warned him off Tracy so what did he do? Go to apologize and end up in bed with her. *sigh*

Thankfully, Luke and Tracy's fling seems to have been just that. A one nighter. Tracy doesn't want him to call and he didn't seem overly upset and they both had a "phwoar" look on their faces with the satisfaction of the events they did share. I Laughed at the leer Luke gave after Peter commented that he had no chance with Tracy who would have him for breakfast. She already did, mate, she already did! Meanwhile, Peter's still spending nights out somewhere and disappearing regularly and we don't know where yet.

Ken still isn't seeing his family. Adam Barlow, the grandson Ken spent all that time with in Canada while Adam was ill, is flying over next week. Tracy thinks it's a good idea if they just barge into Ken's room. Peter thinks they need to give Ken his space for the time being. But Tracy is impatient and she finds out someone has been seeing him. Who might that be?

Tracy is furious and she thinks it's Peter because he keeps disappearing. Except it's not Peter, is it? Then who is it? Tracy's determined to find out. Peter's feeling guilty about a lot of things, not just Ken. Adam arrives looking like his father's son, Jaguar and cigar (though he barely gave it lip service) and a nose for the scotch, knowing exactly where it was hidden. I guess it was a case of a nod to his old dad. He certainly was being presumptious going into the office at the factory and helping himself to the scotch considering none of the Connors that are there now have any idea who he is. I got thinking, who in the factory would remember him from back in the day, just Sally and Fiz and Sean I think. Kirk might have been around as well.

Peter was fussing about the housework and Tracy is more concerned with this mystery person visiting Ken. The person is a young man, pale, sandy hair. He even looks a little bit like Ken don't you think? Good reason for it. Tracy took matters into her own hands and all three, she, Peter and Adam came barging into Ken's room to find the young man reading to him. He's Daniel Osborne, Ken's son by Denise.

Eileen is off to the doctor to see about her hearing. Turns out she had a wax build up, that's all. I think it's starting to look to me like Phelan must have some feelings for her which is going to make it more difficult for him to take the money and run. I firmly believe he's going to end up claiming to be Vinny's victim in all this and though he's a villain, he hasn't killed anyone yet so he's still got a chance of hanging in there and turning things around. Michael can barely stand to be in the same room as Phelan and Phelan continues to take great delight in winding Michael up.

Freddie came looking for a game of cards and Eileen pulled Phelan into it. Phelan pulled Vinny into it. Rummy turned into poker. Michael ended up in the mix, not wanting to see Freddie get ripped off. Turns out, Michael is a very good poker player, much to the surprise of Phelan and Vinny. Sounds like Michael has had a poker playing card shark past which he picked up in prison. Except he was only in prison for a few months wasn't he? Michael certainly kept his dignity and faced down Phelan.

Michael finds it chilly at Gail's and so needs his electric blanket only the electric cable is missing. Naturally he has to go to Eileen's to get it and asks Todd to let him in to fetch it himself since Todd has to go to work. This he does and guess what? Phelan nips home to get something, while on the phone (to Vinny though he doesn't mention him by name) and Michael overhears Phelan say he's putting up a pretense for Eileen and he and the person on the phone will be sunning themselves in Mexico very soon. The plot is afoot!

So what does he do? He drags Anna into it, a woman who is in rough shape and needs all her energy while she recovers. She doesn't have the energy to deal with Phelan. How does he think she is going to be of any help? Michael then took great pleasure in poking sticks at Phelan without actually winding him up, pretending everything was above board and just wanting to talk about maybe buying a flat himself. He looked quite satisfied when Phelan got snappy with him and it seems to have put the wind up Phelan.

He's sure Michael knows something and he's suspicious but he doesn't want Vinny to take it in hand. And Vinny, he's called "time" on the project and they're off to Mexico on Monday. Phelan has his ticket in the backpack but he snapped Eileen's head off when she picked it up. He did apologize the next day.

Meanwhile, Michael is investigating the building site. The only things working there are two doberman's. Pinky and Perky, apparently. He then told Eileen what he overheard, about a trip to Mexico that he wasn't going to tell Eileen about. She defended him but it sowed a seed. Pat obviously was one step ahead of her, though, pre-booking her off work for Monday so she's going to think he's suprising her and Michael just got the wrong end of the stick. What he was doing, was trying to get her out of town so he'd be gone before she got back. She's not going. She wants to see Peter Andre at the Good Samaritan awards.

Tim overheard bits and pieces and he's alerted Michael that there was something in the rucksack and he's been fobbing Eileen off her questions. He wants to go somewhere private. So he brings up the subject again. At the pub. Even more not private than the cab office! Michael takes the opportunity to try to pull secrets out of Phelan's rucksack in a confrontation. He covered. He had a ring box and proposed to Eileen! See Michael. See egg on Michael's face.

Yasmeen's friends are sympathetic and shocked to hear Sharif has done a bunk. Sonia is still lurking around, too. Even Alya has her allies and is getting sympathy, mainly from people that don't know the whole truth, though. She didn't know Sharif had left but Sally was the one that told her. I appreciated Sally talking about Kevin's affair to Molly, too, and how humiliated she felt after it came out. She had a final confrontation with Sonia who was her usual smug self even though pretending to be apologetic and sympathetic and got a smack across the face for her trouble. I cheered. I'm not an advocate of violence but I've been in Yasmeen's shoes and sometimes wish I'd had that same opportunity myself. Alya was there but Yasmeen soon rejected her again with harsh words about her late father being disappointed in her. Ouch.

Clayton was sentenced to life with a minimum of 15 years. Gemma has won runner up for that Good Samaritan award!

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