Thursday, 20 April 2017

Coronation Street and the art of the Red Herring

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog March 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Who do YOU think pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs and tried to kill him?  Do you think it's one of the characters above which ITV have given us as a possible suspect - or someone else?

I think it's someone else.  I suspect either crazy Chloe or stroppy Seb.  But that's just my own opinion and pure speculation.   I don't think it'll be one of the people above because, well, let's cast our minds back to Corrie's Who Killed Frank Foster? storyline.

Coronation Street gave us these five suspects for the murder of Frank - Michelle, Peter, Carla, Kevin and Sally.

And the killer of Frank Foster was none of the above, it was his own mum, Anne Foster!

But then again, Ken's attacker might just be one of those offered by ITV. 

In the Who Killed Tina McIntyre storyline, ITV offered four suspects - Carla and Peter (again), Tracy and Rob Donovan. And as we know, one of those in the picture, Rob Donovan, did turn out to the Tina's murderer.
So what do YOU think? Who do you think could have wanted to attack Ken - and why?

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Pantagruelle said...

Amy Barlow! Not on purpose though, just by accident. She's always got a weird, guilty look on her face when Ken's name is mentioned. She left the recital to go back to the house to stash money in the dining room for Adam to find (the £200 she got from Ken by breaking the back-up violin she got from the scrap heap). She was near the house at the time of the fall. Her movements were not shown on screen and she was unaccounted for. She was finally found and accounted for just minutes before Ken's body was found. She's an unlikely suspect to want to hurt her granddad, and hence the perfect explanation for an accident which means nobody is actually guilty of trying to kill Ken. She could have simply startled him and caused him to fall, or grabbed his risk to beg Ken not to tell Tracy where she was, or to plead to Ken on Adam's behalf since Adam is the only one who paid any attention to her lately. There have been many small clues pointing to something building up to a bigger story about Amy.

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