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Sunday Comments April 23

Sally is devastated at the shocking news about her cancer. Tim is lovely, isn't he? He's so supportive. But it turns out it was a prank. They posted the recorded phone conversation and left in a giggle at the end and that was the telling bit. What a horrible thing to do to someone! Bad enough posting anonymous abuse on a website but this is going too far. Tim didn't realize the extent of the abuse but he knows now. He thinks Sally ought to delete her social media accounts. That's the way to fight back, not defiant replies.

Sally's been shut out of social media since the troll business. Jenny passed on the message that the reaction to the interview has been great. Turns out Sally hasn't deleted her accounts but has backed off for awhile. I think Jenny's encouraging her to take it up again, get back in the loop. That might be a mistake. Seems weird to see Sally and Jenny friendly.

Faye's down in the dumps. Anna thinks it's because she misses Miley but she must know it's also that she's upset she's not been allowed to see Seb. Everyone invites her out but she'd rather stay home and do school work with Craig's help. Only it's the first Craig has heard about it and he dropped Faye in it. Gary went straight to Faye who was in the back yard. He knew she was lying and knew that Seb was coming over. She continued to lie and said she'd finished with him for good. He said he believed her. He went out the front door and Seb came in the back. Typical teenage behaviour. He's up on assault charges, wonder what's going to happen there?

Meanwhile, the Barlow clan have gathered at Number 1 for pizza takeaway. Daniel is talking about going to Oxford to have a look around and Adam's talking Canada again. Peter insists they stay put but what to do about the kitchen? I've got a suggestion. Gary is a sort of builder, isn't he? Couldn't he do at least some of the work even if he couldn't do the plumbing or electrics? Why does Amy look so guilty? The Barlows have been told by Phelan about him being cleared. Oh and guess what, Ken's going to be brought around from the sedation. What will he remember?

All the Barlows are anxious to hear what Ken remembers though Tracy reckons he might not be thinking straight. Is she covering her backside? Sinead isn't going near the hospital because she knows he doesn't think much of her as Daniel's girlfriend. Turns out, Ken doesn't really remember anyway, nothing since breakfast that morning. The police got to him first. He's shocked that the police think it was not an accident. He's further shocked that it could be someone in his family, those high passions and all. He refuses to believe that. For now.

The family arrives. Ken wastes no time bitching at everyone for being hypocritical. They wasted no time bickering amongst themselves. Ken outed them all for secrets like Adam's run in with the drug dealer and he got himself so worked up he had the staff throw them all out, possibly scared of them. Did one of them do it?

Roy finds out from Peter about how Ken is and then goes to visit him later because Ken had called and asked him to come. The idea that maybe someone in his family might have tried to hurt him is sounding more and more likely to Ken. He remembers that a lot of his family were angry at him so it makes sense. Roy wonders if he does remember something somewhere but he doesn't think so. Ken admits he felt frightened of them but doesn't know who it would be. I think it's an after effect of the accident. Roy's comment that if someone tried once, they could again so he really needs to talk to the police if he truly believes one of his family could have done this. He might not be so lucky the next time.

Ken called the police back and told them a few of his family do have motives. He told them about Adam's run in with drug dealers leading to Ken insisting Adam go back to Canada where he thinks Adam was on that night. He told them about splitting up Peter and Toyah because of the pub sale and Chloe. He denied a resentful Tracy a loan and disagreed with Daniel over his turning down the place at Oxford. He does think Sinead is still pregnant. He mentioned that he was an absent father to Daniel by his mother's choice not his own. But I beg to differ on that. Ken didn't try very hard to insist. It gives them a place to start digging anyway.

Turns out Adam's been holed up in a bedsit, not in Canada but you didn't think he actually took Ken's money and disappeared altogether, did you? Back on the Street, Rosie bumps into Adam who's sulking on Maxine's bench. He's all concerned about Ken, and it feels a bit "too little too late" to me. Adam hasn't really shown a lot of concern for anyone besides himself so there must be something else going on. Rosie takes him in hand and home for a comforting cup of tea. Adam asks for a favour, an alibi for Monday night because he doesn't have one. She refuses to lie to the police for him. She figures he won't bring up the drug thing or go to the police about it (causing embarassment for Councillor Metcalf) like he threatens so she's calling his bluff. A chat with Todd in the pub gives her pause for thought when he, talking about the disliked Phelan, says he only wants what's best for his mother.

Adam seems to be making himself useful but doing some work on the kitchen when the police show up. They tell him what Ken said about Ronan. Adam spun it and told them his father was confused. He did admit he wasn't in Canada because you know they could have checked pretty quickly and easily. He told them Rosie was with him. He's probably crossing all his bits that Rosie will vouch for him and she does, reluctantly and she's not happy about it.

Barlow family meeting over breakfast at the cafe (because the kitchen isn't finished), none of them really want to be the only one to face Ken since he thinks one of them tried to kill him. But he needs talking to, try to persuade him he's wrong. Peter gets the nod. Over the road, Amy's still acting a bit off but she got quite a shock overhearing Sophie scold Rosie about being with Adam on the night Ken got hurt. She went straight to Adam who went along with the lie. Daniel and Peter got turned back from Ken's room by some very smug police officers. Ken is showing very strong signs of post traumatic stress but apparently, the hospital thinks he can go home. That's putting the fear into him. He's going to stay at Roy's, thanks to a kind friend.

We also find out that Simon's had his phone confiscated on the last day of term before the Easter break for using it in school when he shouldn't have. Peter looks concerned. He tracked down the teacher using the taxi database so he could ostensibly get the phone back for Simon. The teacher is into historical reenactments (the actor has been in Corrie in bit parts loads of times, by the way) The teacher isn't all that amenable to returning it. Oh looky, Brian's there visiting his old teaching mate and vouched for Peter's story about Ken being in hospital. A little bribery over the upcoming reenactment and the phone is in Peter's hands. Mr Rawlings was a great character, wasn't he? A right laugh.

Well Peter has got his hands on the phone but he's trying to get past the pass code. why is that, I wonder? Peter really is acting a bit shifty, mind you. Is it just that he is worried the police might believe he did it even though he didn't? Is there something on that phone that would make him suspect? He takes a hammer to the phone and smashes it to get the card out of it. I didn't think you had go through the pass code to get the back off the phone? Anyway, Brian was the one that told Simon the phone was returned because of course Peter smashed it and couldn't give it back!

Peter gave Si some money for a new phone but it isn't enough to get as nice a phone. If I was Simon, I'd go to Nick for the rest of the cash. Nick would hand it over in a minute! I guess he didn't though because he told them in the cafe the phone wasn't as good as his old one. Roy is quite right, phone cameras are better than they used to be but they don't have the top end sensors and control that a proper camera does. But I digress. Simon did get his phone set up again and retrieved his messages. Ah, but there was one from Peter and it sounded like Peter was about to do a runner, apologizing all over the place. Was that what Peter was trying so hard to hide from Simon via the smashed phone? I would think so. Motive.

Simon told his mother and Nick and that's all it took to get it broadcast. Nick wants to go straight to the police with proof of motive. Leanne is the voice of reason but Nick is not as we all know. He's setting Peter up for a public humiliation and an accusation. How will Peter talk his way out of it?

Tracy had found Ken's will earlier. I don't believe she hadn't looked until now. She got a shock, too. She must have sat there looking at it for a half hour judging from the time it would take Adam to go get hardware and get back. She dragged a few lies out of him about Rosie and confronted him about the will. Tracy gets nothing. News to Adam. It's not the one he drew up for his father, so he says. He seemed sincere. It would seem odd. The will was dated while Adam was out of the picture, not in Canada but not around. Considering how pissed Ken was at Adam, giving him a larger share of the estate would hardly be in character, would it? So what happened? It would look bad on Adam for a motive but it also gives Tracy a motive, too.

Daniel is upset that Ken can't remember anything because it means Ken probably thinks Sinead is still pregnant. He didn't tell him the truth because Ken was upset enough as it was. They argue about telling Ken about the abortion and Daniel reckoned they could lie and say it was a miscarriage, making me holler "Pot calling the kettle black" at the screen. Why is it ok to lie to Ken but it wasn't ok for her to lie to Daniel? yea, I get the difference but it does pain Daniel in shades of hypocracy. They continue to argue about the whole situation because she thinks he's ashamed of her and what she's done. He does tell her he loves her.

Sinead decides to do a bit of self medication in the pub and we all know she's a cheap drunk. Chesney finds her there later where she's rather sunk into self pity so he calls Beth to collect her. She's staggering drunk by that time. Chips first, though. Sinead admits to Beth that she hates Ken and blames him for "killing" her baby. She's glad he got attacked and wishes he was dead... and I wouldn't be saying that too loudly. She didn't remember saying it but it makes Beth worry. Sinead would be the last one on the suspect list, mind you.

The police also think they need to have a long talk with Daniel, this time, about his mother's disappearance. He went over the details of his mother's disappearance. They're holding it against him that he waited 6 years to report his mother's disappearance. He's a cool customer, though, isn't he? It does put him out to be a very good liar, that's true. But why haven't the police tried to find Denise before now? Very good point.

Peter told Adam and Tracy about Denise's absence and non-communication but it gives them reason to speculate that Daniel killed his mother. Tracy never really did take to Daniel. It sounds very much like they're all starting to suspect each other. Which probably means none of them did it, I suppose. Daniel wasn't happy that the rest of the family now knows about it all. So why was he looking at train schedules on his phone? Maybe he really does know where she is? Oh, he's going to check out Oxford in person. Apparently. But he's packed a very heavy bag. Is he doing a runner? Yes, yes he is and that's going to make him look guilty. He did have the grace to leave Sinead a note telling her they were finished. Did he go to Oxford or somewhere else? She managed to catch him at the bus stop to confront him.

Peter and Toyah are still looking at IVF, she's taking hormone shots and all that and he's still trying to sell the shop with the view to buying the pub. Nothing seems to be happening there. Toyah keeps trying to convince Liz that she and Peter could still run the pub if Liz and Steve sold it to them. Why is Tracy backing off Luke? Tracy doesn't trust Adam and warns Amy off, I guess that's why. She's determined to find out what Amy and Adam were up to.

Todd refuses to pass on Phelan's message to Eileen who's visiting Julie. Phelan has no alibi so it's hard to prove. His interview was a bit bumpy. Ah, but Todd had proof of where Phelan was and even he didn't have the nerve to delete the video (remember the "ghost" hunter?) and took it to the police. Did Pat thank Todd? He did offer to buy him a drink and asked why and said he owed Todd one. But those two little words didn't cross his lips either. Todd put it on the line. He doesn't like Pat or trust him. I guess they understand each other. Eileen finally got home and the next morning, she's hungover. I guess she and Phelan celebrated her return the night before. And she's won a car!!!!! Man, what competition was that because if the car comes with those guys to clean it, I'll have one! It's a "green" car, an electric one. She can't even drive! Lucky girl. Now she has to learn! I would in a flash if i had a new car.

Freddie has got interested in the fruit machines, thinking he knows the secret to knowing when they're going to pay out. Craig reckons the machines are fixed. Luke gave up, Freddie took over but ran out of change. Rita lent him one pound, wanting it back and the machine paid out 100! Rita expects a share but all she got back was the initial one pound investment. Brian thinks she should get half of the winnings and Rita agrees but she only got five pounds out of it. Seems out of character for her to get a bit nasty over it. Maybe she's been hanging around Norris for too long.

Bethany is still over the moon over Nathan but seems to be friendly enough with Craig. I suppose he still has a crush on her. She wouldn't give him the time of day. I wonder, if this business with Nathan ever ends, and she's licking her wounds (because it won't end well of course), that she and Craig could get to be quite good mates if not more. Nathan is getting her to skip school more often these days, I notice. She's making another v-log with Mel but discovered a photo of Mel and Nathan in a compromising position. Oh dear.

She says it's old and didn't mean anything anyway. She lied and apparently admitted it, no point trying to get out of it and Bethany acted like the 16 year old she is and tore a strip off Nathan for lying to her and feeling betrayed. The man is 35. Ok, he lied about Mel but if she's an ex, what's the problem? He's right, she's having a tantrum. Making a lot more of it than need be. He as much as told her to grow up and she walked out. Mel's going to be in for a shouting, I think.

Audrey has the shop in stitches telling them about the client that wanted a hairdo like Donald Trump, three cans of hairspray and even then it was a dicey prospect in a little breeze! But disaster strikes in the form of a vacuum cleaner, not a stiff breeze and Audrey landed badly, breaking her arm! Ouch! Maria points out that she's not going to be much use in the salon though Audrey's not looking forward to enforced down time. She might if she takes a holiday in the sun, though.

Cathy outed Brian's lies, not knowing he'd lied to Roy so Roy confronted Brian. He assured Brian he doesn't mind that Brian and Cathy spend time together. But what would he think if there was more to it, I wonder? Never mind, Brian came back and accepted the movie invitation. They keep bandying the 'friend' word about but it looks very much like both of them are hoping for more. Fiz is thinking of taking a massage therapy night course. But the course and supplies are going to be a startup cost. Ty isn't keen on the idea of her having her hands all over naked strangers' bodies, though. She proved her untrained talent on Tyrone's back. Kevin's money woes haven't gone away. He must be well overdrawn because his debit card bounced and he wouldn't take his shopping from Dev on "pay me later". ok, Erica ended up giving him the groceries. The police need to speak to Tracy again. What about? We don't know yet. Tracy got drunk later and I think that's actually the first time I've seen that. Looks like the wedding dress design is going to be a team effort. Aidan wasn't keen on the time wasting but Johnny had told them it was ok. Eva has been roped into being the dress consultant.

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