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Sunday Comments April 16

Chloe sure strung Ken along and of course Ken is going to believe the worst about Peter so the stories of him having an affair and drinking were believable to Ken even though you could always tell when he was drinking in the past. She's very believable. In the pub, Peter has told Liz and Steve that Chloe tried it on with her and is pretending to buy the pub for revenge. Now, Liz is feeling messed with and you don't want to mess with Liz.

Mr. Interfering went straight to Toyah, looking for Peter and wasted no time filling in Toyah about Chloe's lies. She wasn't going to believe him but the bit about the money was what struck home. She never really bought that tale he told about winning that money on a horse. All Peter's excuses about the money really didn't sound believable so why would she believe that there was no affair and that he wasn't actually drinking? She's out the door and Simon is disappointed again. Peter went back and tore a strip off Ken. It's a case of crying wolf. He's telling the truth this time and he's disowning his father after his lack of faith.

Toyah's taking a lot of flack about Peter from Nick and Leanne. They're both right in most cases. Peter always ends up cheating and no matter how much Toyah thought her relationship with him was different, it isn't really. The only difference is that this time, Peter isn't doing what everyone thinks he's doing. But where is Peter? He's not to be found. Oh there he is and he's really got his back up because nobody trusts him and his word. I don't know why he's going back to Chloe to get him out of the pickle because she's not going to be any help. She'll only make matters worse because she's a nutcase.

So Peter's blaming Ken because he believed Chloe's lies and spread them to Toyah and everyone else and they all believe it too. A case of the little boy that cried wolf. Peter has always been such a monumental screw up that it's easy for them to believe it's an ongoing thing. He did give them reason, mind you, because he knew Chloe was flirting and he enjoyed it and encouraged it because he just can't say no to a pretty face. Now he thinks he's lost everything because Toyah appears to be going back to her ex husband so he almost dives into a bottle. He doesn't but looks very angry. Not knowing that Toyah ends up not leaving him for her ex after all, being all noble and trying to save him. She's not learned the lesson that Carla and Leanne already have. He's still got a lot of anger towards his father, though and it looks like he's got another axe to grind. Again.

Tracy isn't too happy with her father and feels like an outsider. She didn't hear the whole conversation that her father had about Deirdre when he said that he'd already made his life choices by the time he was with Deirdre and that he loved her but even so, his attitude was never that different to the one Tracy overheard. He grew into a bitter old man and he's in the process of alienating every one of his family.

Tracy might be self obsessed but from her point of view, with Ken's recent attitude, you might understand why she'd feel the way she does. Of course Ken thinks as much of her as he does his other children even if he knows her faults. Now she's got a grudge on, as well as everyone else. Meanwhile, Amy's having a recital but she's got an envelope full of cash and someone sending her texts and she's leaving a message for someone to get the money out of the house using the spare key "where it always is". So it's someone that knows where it always is. Who could that be? She didn't get to stash the cash, however and she went missing before the recital so Tracy and Luke are out looking for her along with Steve and Liz.

Amy's got something going, too. She had a text the other day from someone that she was cagey about and then bargained for that old violin that Tyrone found. She then smashed "her" violin, which was the old one, and got 200 pounds out of her grandfather for a new one, using a guilt trip to ensure it. So, aside from the 20 for the old violin, what does she need money for? Or who?

Sinead had a termination and she did it for his future. She believed that she's holding him back, or was with the baby. She finally came back to see Daniel and she told him that she had a miscarriage. That's not a great lie to tell and when it comes out, and it will because it always does, there will be hell to pay. But he insists he's not going to Oxford. Why doesn't she just offer to move there with him?

Sinead's lies come out pretty quickly, because she's suffering after effects of the termination and a caring Daniel thought she should see a doctor. He was all over her, trying to be helpful but she felt suffocated. Under any other circumstances, he'd be the model boyfriend, wouldn't he? But she does feel guilty, just not for the reason he thinks and he feels guilty because he put stress on her. Who else is there to blame? Who, indeed (*cough*Ken*cough*) Well Ken was pretty adamant that Daniel shouldn't blame himself because he knew damn well he was the prime suspect on the stress front.

Daniel got the doctor to come anyway. She ended up having to tell the truth and he dumped her after all. I don't know why she was so upset. It's what she wanted, wasn't it, for him to go to Oxford for his future? I do know why he's upset and I can't blame him. He may have resented her for trapping him with a baby eventually but now she'll always resent him so I hope they don't get back together. It would never work. The inscription on the book Ken gave Daniel rang a bell. It puts both of them in a very bad mood, with Daniel and Sinead both blaming Ken for making Sinead feel she had to do that. A drunken Sinead is not pretty and we know Daniel has a temper.

Phelan really is spooked in that flat, isn't he? And Todd has the place wired up and was transmitting messages from beyond. It seems to have really caught him off guard. Telling Billy that things haven't been good for a long time sounded odd coming from him who always seemed to take pleasure in manipulating and scaring people. But letting Michael die and then killing Andy, maybe that put him in a new place. He was never a killer before and we all know that crossed a line. I feel absolutely no sympathy for him and they better not be trying to redeem him. He has to pay. Never mind, Todd 'fessed up later on in the pub and really touched a nerve. He nearly got the tar whipped out of him for his trick. So it seems it's ok for Pat to play tricks on people but he doesn't like it done back to him, especially when it rubs up against his guilty conscience.

Todd isn't letting up on Phelan and he snapped, really snapped and nearly took Todd's head off! He got to Number 1 in a bad mood and what did he get? An earbashing from Ken about how long the kitchen refit is taking. But builders always do take longer than they say, right? Ken thinks he's being ripped off and that only angered Phelan even more. He was determined to tell Ken a thing or two.

Right at the end of the night, there are angry people all around Number 1, someone's at the back door just as Ken is heading up the stairs to fill the kettle from the bathroom. Later, to very dramatic music, Ken ends up on the floor in front of the door, at the bottom of the stairs in very bad shape indeed. Did someone try to kill him? Did he slip?

Afterwards, Tracy looks upset, Amy looks over her shoulder at Number 1. There's definitely something on her mind. Daniel heads to Number 1 and he finds Ken on the floor with Pat standing over him, vowing he'd only just arrived. True or false? And looky who's catching the bus, Adam! So he probably didn't go to Canada at all, my guess. But now everyone knows Ken has had a fall, possibly a stroke and a lot of those faces look like they have a healthy dose of guilt on top of the worry.

Ken sure is bruised from that fall! Concussion and a punctured lung apparently. Adam is pretending he's coming back from Canada. I wonder if there's a Canada Street in Manchester? Nope he's right outside the hospital. That was some quick flight. He shows up, having timed it appropriately. The doctor says it wasn't a stroke and she's contacting the police about an assault. Well then. Attempted murder it is. He struggled with someone and was likely struck on the head.

Peter's not happy to see the cops show up, that's for sure. I really don't think he would have done it but he's worried about something.

There's a lot of shock and gossip on the street, mostly concern for Ken but curiosity as to who could have done it. Speculation is rife. The police started their interviews. Daniel first. His story seems pretty smooth, almost too smooth? He managed to put in a scurrilous word against Phelan. Tracy is up next. She was wandering the neighbourhood looking for Amy. She lied that she was together with Luke the whole time so she had to warn him afterwards to keep their story straight. Peter was alone, watching tv and did say he was tempted to drink. He was churned up over his relationship. Didn't think anyone in the family would do it. Adam was all "no comment". He wouldn't answer a thing. I guess that's easier than lying, though.

I half expected Ken's injury to be a true accident, startled by someone else in the house he didn't expect to see. If someone pushed him, it might not be Adam who was another one I suspected because he'd be afraid to show up in case Ken remembered. Same goes for everyone else so I'm going with a secondary character.

Phelan? He keeps gazing at Number 1 thoughtfully. He was in the house though says he came in and found Ken on the ground. Todd thinks it was him, after the temper he had on him before this all happened. Motive, opportuntity, means but not evidence. But either he's a very good actor or he was actually surprised when the police told him it was a murder investigation. With several of the police interviewees making him sound suspicious, the police came to the house and arrested him!

Everyone still thinks Ken had a stroke, Roy included and oh, look who's back? Alex. I thought he was gone for good. We knew he moved into his own flat and we haven't seen him since. Cathy's back from Scotland, too and Brian is right there to greet her. She's brought her new socks to replace the ones she upchucked on. Cathy has theatre tickets and Yasmeen pushes her towards Brian. He's keen. But he didn't tell Roy that he was going out with Cathy, lying that it was an environmental presentation. Why do people lie so much! Yasmeen still thinks Cathy is smitten but Brian had a hard time lying about the "lecture" he went to. He's such a terrible liar. Brian later turned Cathy's invitation of a film down, but then she made it in front of Roy.

And nobody knew that Sinead and Daniel have split up, from the sounds of it and everyone keeps asking Sinead about Ken. Beth thinks Sinead should go see Ken in the hospital and it would look less suspicious if she made up with Daniel without telling him what Ken told her. So she did and he actually seemed glad to see her and have her support. I guess there are more important things to worry about and what's done is done.

Jenny and Johnny are going to get married sooner, summer. He's thoughtful about Pat's words about living life while you can. Jenny's excited, though overwhelmed with having to step up the organization. She doesn't know how she's going to find a dress but Fiz's suggestion is spot on. Lots of design talent in Underworld.

Kevin's business is still suffering and he's losing business. Anna's worried, too. Then the girls overheard him telling Anna how bad things really are. Bankruptcy is in the offing. Rosie has a plan. A glamour modeling job for 3000. She's determined to help and it's nice to see her not being so selfish for a change. She really does love her parents. Sophie went to her father and he isn't going to let Rosie do the job and wouldn't take her money. He does appreciate the gesture but he'll look after his own finances, thank you very much.

Jenny is trying to drum up publicity for the mastectomy bra but only the allure of an interview with glamour model Rosie was enough to entice the reporter. Sally was cool about it though dubious about Rosie's involvement. It's radio, though, so Rosie's assets wouldn't be on display. Sally's still getting abuse online, too. She's talking Rosie into doing the interview so she can put the record straight now that she's given up glamour modeling. Erm....

Sally's determined to do a good job at the radio interview. She was able to talk about her own health experiences including a recent mammogram. Once Sally was back home, though, she got a devastating phone call. It appears her mammogram results were given in error. Her cancer seems to have come back! Would they have really told her that over the phone or would her doctor normally be the one to talk to her? Stay tuned!

Toyah now knows that Peter is a wrong'un but she's back anyway though not comfortable staying at Peter's for the moment. Leanne seems to think Peter wasn't drinking when he was at the hospital and she would know. She even suggested that Chloe could be lying. Naturally, Nick thinks everyone is singing Peter's praises. Toyah confronted Peter, it was clear he was about to leg it before Ken's accident was revealed.

Rosie's going to ... cook? Ah, it's all microwave meals. Well, it's for sure Rosie knows all about dating wrong fellas so having a chat with broken hearted Faye might help. except she's helping them get back together in spite of Anna forbidding it. Conflict! The little prat went and got his tattoo after all, to impress her. For all Amy's been taking violin lessons for some time now, she's not really getting much better, is she? Turns out Fiz is good at massage. A career change, perhaps?

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