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Is this the beginning of the end for Peter and Toyah?

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in February 2018, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Ever since her return, it has been evident that Peter has been seriously rattled by Carla’s presence. And that was even before Carla began going out with Daniel, Peter’s much younger brother. That must rankle. It does, but why? Isn’t Peter with Toyah now, the love of his life, running a pub together with everything going so well? Well, apparently not. Even before the return of Carla, in physical form, she loomed large in Toyah’s consciousness, and she will be watching Peter’s reaction to Carla’s presence, fearing that he still has feelings for her.

Carla and Peter, in the short time she has been back, have developed a kind of warring relationship, both determined to show the other that they could not give a damn. Protesting too much? I’ll say! Carla was particularly vituperative towards Peter, telling him that if he was the last man on earth, she wouldn’t give him a second look – or at least, words to that effect.

Toyah is no fool – she can see what is going on…Peter and Carla - both a little wild, unconventional and with plenty of history, do seem to be a threat to the stability of Toyah and Peter.

Peter and Toyah have never seemed particularly well matched – despite the words we hear the two characters say. We’ve talked here on the blog several times about their lack of spark and credibility as a couple. And it doesn’t get any better;  in fact it feels as if whatever shine there was, is now becoming tarnished.

To want a baby desperately and not to be able to conceive one, must be heart breaking, but at the same time, it can put a dreadful strain on a relationship. Peter was never over-keen on producing another child, but he did it for Toyah. Surrogate Jackie seemed to offer the solution, but it was revealed that she lost the baby. As luck would have it, for Toyah at least, if not for Eva, Eva became pregnant with a baby she did not want. It wouldn’t take a genius to see that possibly something could be worked out, despite practical difficulties.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that as yet, Toyah hasn’t told Peter that Jackie has had a miscarriage. Does that mean that the state of Peter and Toyah’s relationship isn’t as good as it could be? Toyah then is no stranger to deception and of course, Peter has previous form in the deception stakes. Peter will surely discover at some point that Jackie is no longer pregnant, so will wonder where the baby has come from. He might use the discovery of the baby’s having been Eva’s and Toyah’s consequent deception, as an excuse to leave her. Maybe though, as Toyah will be so engrossed in having a baby to look after,  Peter’s leaving will not be such a big deal as it might once have been.

If then Peter does still have feelings for Carla, how will he cope as she lies in hospital in desperate need of a kidney. Yes, all being well, Aidan will provide, but it's risky and even a friend would be concerned, so Peter may well struggle to keep his feelings at bay.

This is all speculation of course, and there’s nothing wrong in that. Time, as ever, will tell.

By Ruth Owen, twitter: @ruth1722

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