Monday, 20 October 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Oct. 12 - 16

Troublemaker award: Carla brought up being Rob's "Best man/Woman" just so she could see Tracy's reaction.

Throwback Monday award: Jason recalling Fred Elliott, I say, Fred Elliott!

Faulty Memory award: Jim thinks he always made Liz feel she was loved. That would be all the times except for the ones he knocked her around, that is.

Burnout award: Kirk and Beth are going to push themselves over the edge for this wedding

Get off the pot award: Steve's obsession over this mole has lasted over a week. Why did it take him so long to go to the doctor about it if he was that worried?

Loyalty award: Ken and Roy.

Lines of the week:
Gary about Zeedan "He's a good lad, really. Just misses his mam"
Liz to Tony "You konw the last time I let a man tell me what to do? Never!" leading to "I don't do ultimatums" (That's the Liz we know and love"
Jim to Liz "I think you should be choosing your men by comparing them to me!" (He's right, she does)
Eva to David "It was a girly chat and if I tell you, I might get exterminated by the Sisterhood"
Carla "Start whacking!" (poor Kirky)
Tracy to Rob "Are you trying to ruin my special day?" (It's his special day, too!)
Steph to Steve "Looks like you've had a fight with a felt tip pen"
Ken to Peter "They can prove you're an alcoholic, a bigamist, an adulterer, but none of that means you're a killer"
Callum "You think you're too good for me, now?" Kylie "I were always too good for you"
Sinead "Traditional. It's just another word for boring!" (I can't wait to see their wedding!)

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