Monday, 6 October 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards Sept. 29 - Oct. 3

Blind Man's Bluff award: Todd warned Eileen she'd regret it if he left. She says "Try me" and really, I'm surprised she hasn't made him go already.

Brave little soldier award: Peter went off to face his medicine (beating) like a man.

Hands off the Records award: Sharing is one thing but lay off the vinyl!

Interference Award: Liz no sooner insisted she wanted nothing to do with Jim than Ken decided Deirdre had to persuade her to talk to Jim to lay off Peter.

Phrase of Doom award to Lloyd thinking Neil has probably given up. Why do these people never listen to me!?

To Little Too Late award: Todd apologized after Eileen told him to leave. Didn't work.

Lame Duck award: Neil's protesting on the roof and stranding Tim on his. The only thing it it accomplished was nearly getting Andrea killed.

What century are you in award: Dev actually sells unsliced bread? I don't believe it.

Family Matters award: Some really nice stuff between Steve and Jim. Reality, Reconciliation.

Fashion "Whoah" award: Steph and Katy were looking mightly fine, I have to say. Julie looked very pretty in her pink and florals.

Spot on award: Sean reckons Tony's being a bit dangerous is why Liz was attracted to him. She hopes not. She's wrong and Sean's right.

Red Flag to a Bull award: Peter has provoked Jim with a bit of blackmail.

Not a Date (but it is) award: Julie asked Dev out. Just as a friend. Maybe.

Sucker punch award: Steve looked like he'd been kicked in the gut to find out what Jim'd been doing.

Lines of the week:
Jim "Six lifers on my wing." Steve "Tracy Barlow on my street" Jim "Fair play to you. You win"
Sophie "I can be scary too. Sometimes"
Sean "Eyup it's all going off in here tonight. Might as well break open the popcorn"
Tracy re Deirdre "She wouldn't be this upset if I went missing" Anna "no, she'd celebrate"
Eva "If you want something done properly..." Eileen "Don't send a bloke!"
Kylie "Who wants to know about the past any road. It's best left there" (she might want to remember that)
Sally "I'm not asking for mousetraps! What would people think?" (Ah good, you never let me down, Sal, with that snobbery)
Sally "I sweep this every night. You could eat your dinner off it" Tim "That's what the mice said"
Julie "When my friend Ruth emigrated to Brisbane, I told her she should change her name to S'truth!" (well, *I* laughed...)
Steve to Jim "I'll tell you this and I'll tell you no more, DADDY, You and me are dead in the water"
Michael to Gail "You're not the only thing that makes me heart skip a beat"
Sean to Todd "The words 'reap' and 'sow' come to mind"
Roy "I was born the week Lord of the Flies was published" (a memorable occasion, of course! )
Todd to Kal "Is there any jobs going at the gym?" Kal "I run a very successful business. Why would I employ you?" (OW!)
Sean "Luckily, Todd, I have a very high tolerance level for idiots"
Liz to Tracy "I am so pleased I am not your mother"
Maddie, catching Kevin up "I stole a car and we kidnapped a dog" (you think she's kidding!)
Jim "If the only way I can get a visitor by blackmail, so be it"
Tim about Neil "He won't talk. I've called his mother all sorts!"
Lloyd "You just need to hang on" Andrea "REALLY? REALLY??!!"
Sean about Beth's foam pillow "That's like handing a skydiver a knotted hankie"

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