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Sunday Comments October 12

Kylie has been trying to hard to resist the pills. Obviously when she asked Eva to get rid of that last strip, Eva didn't take them because Kylie still had them and then, when it all got on top of her, the booze and the temptation were too much, with Norris not helping matters any as the last straw. She popped them again but this time David caught her and he wasn't very supportive of her. Ok, she was wrong and he was angry but you'd think he'd settle down and try to find out why. He could end up driving her to take something even more illegal.

David said that Kylie took Max's last pill but there looked like there was a whole sheet of them. Maybe she took more than one. Anyway at least it's out in the open. Will it make things better? No, not likely, because it's one more brick in Kylie's wall of guilt. Even Max is noticing Kylie's not her usual self. And as angry as David was at her, he couldn't resist Max wanting to do something to cheer up his Mummy. David does still love her and maybe they can get through this but...

Kylie's decided to find Max's dad, Callum so Eva thought it was a good idea to be her wing-woman. Eva was appalled at the surroundings where she found herself and probably felt like she was in the Twilight zone listening to Kylie's old drinking buddy. Wasn't he a laugh? Horrible, but a laugh. Callum was nearly as sleazy chatting her up but at least he was better looking. Kylie's about to get in over her head, you can see that coming a mile away. I think it's going to get rougher with she and David before it gets better.

There's Gary. There's Alya. Have another drink! Meanwhile, Roy's getting fed up with Yasmeen trying to make the cafe into a full service literary crusade and has put his foot down. I've been expecting it, though, Yasmeen has her eye on the old butcher shop. I thought before that would be a great little community library and it seems she's going to make it into a community center. That's a good use for it. And oh look, Emily! We haven't see her for ages and wasn't she in good form!? And Rita too! What's going on?

Yasmeen doesn't want the One O'Clock Club to drag the average age of her community centre up! That didn't go well with Emily. The whole idea certainly didn't please Sharif and maybe Yasmeen has a point, if he's one that doesn't mind spending for his own ideas.

There's definitely a spark between Julie and Dev and Julie is now asking him out for drinks. Mary's getting more and more jealous. Julie will be a good match for her, though. Julie isn't afraid of Mary. Laughed at Julie trying to talk Sean into joining. She said it was because she gets money back if she refers someone but I think it's the newly devotee trying to spread the love. Mary is trying to dampen the love. She's definitely trying to undermine any possible relationship between Julie and Dev.

Oh look, there's Aadi and Asha! Haven't seen them for months! Mary certainly worked on them and undermined Julie there as well. She won the kids over easily. (Aren't the two kids looking grown up!) But a bit too much wine and Julie and Dev ended up in a very awkward position. Norris picked up on the tension and expressed his suspicions to Mary, exactly the wrong person to tell.

Dev picked up on Mary's worries straight away, though. I don't know if she's altogether reassured but his catagoric statement of non-feelings towards Julie was obviously going to be overheard by her. Ouch.

Sally really has it bad, septic tonsillitis it seems. She sounded very full of cold the other day so i wondered if the actress really did have the flu but perhaps not. It seems intended on revealing that Tim has trouble reading. He probably can a bit but things like forms and hand writing maybe more difficult for him and Maddie has figured it out.

I like Sally and Tim together and Tim is a great character. He's even making friends with Kevin, having pints with him, all in the name of avoiding having to play a literary game. Tim decided to make advertising flyers but didn't get anyone to proofread them first. "Dirty Widows" really isn't the sort of image you want projecting for a window cleaning job! If he did it on a computer, even spell check wouldn't have caught it. Tim and Maddie didn't get back in time, Sally took a dirty widow call!! Poor Tim feels even more thick and he's not stupid, just has trouble reading and has adapted around this. He doesn't want anyone else to know but it's going to come out somehow.

Looks like Neil finally got the message and he's leaving town for good. Lloyd even offered to drive him out of town. On a rail?? heh. Making sure Neil really went, I suppose. Too bad in one way. The actor played the part really well. But I am glad the storyline is over because it was getting a bit tedious just the same.

Liz seems distracted. The problem is Jim who's blackmailing her into visiting him. Eileen is pushing her to drop Jim but Deirdre's gratitude knows no bounds. Liz is in a hard spot and I can understand her predicament.

The Scotch Egg-gate was an amusing running joke. Luke got sucked into buying one and Dev eventually was selling them two for one when Lloyd got there. Liz actually came out of the Salon with her hair looking different! I actually thought Liz had been looking rather sedate (for her) lately but the cleavage in that ruffled blouse looked straight out of the bordello! Audrey and David had a minor car accident but Audrey seems to be all thrown out from it. Must have been more than a bump if the car is going to be in the shop getting fixed for a few days.

Michael still thinks he's going to die. I think it's going to end up being a storm in a teacup. It'll be something and nothing, a pill or a small procedure and bob's your uncle. Chuckles: Eileen and Julie chatting on the bench, Julie wittering about that horrid documentary. Norris telling Eileen the blouse didn't suit her.

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