Thursday, 9 October 2014


No, this isn't about storylines, it's about specs, that is, eyeglasses. Funny, the things that occur to you sometimes when you're watching Corrie. I realized the other day that almost none of the characters in the show are full time wearers of glasses. Norris and Deirdre are the only two that come to mind.

There are a very small number of other characters that we've seen wearing them on  occasion for reading including Ken, Rita, Emily, (all of them senior citizens) and even rarely on occasion, Kal, Gail, Owen and, I think, Dev, and Audrey maybe. I'm probably missing a couple but for the most part, those are the only ones I can recall with frames on their face even now and then.

That strikes me as very odd. In a neighbourhood with this many characters, half of whom are over 40 or close enough to it, there should be far more that use them at least for reading and a good handful more that have progressed to wearing glasses full time. I've certainly seen my friends' and family's eyes covered more over the advancing years.

It's particularly odd that I haven't seen any of the factory workers wearing them for their job. You would think that after years of having to do precise and close stitching, some of the stitchers might need a bit of magnification as their eyes age. (or have I just not really noticed?)

Back in the 90s, there was a storyline where Bet thought someone was stealing from the till in the pub. It turned out that Jack wasn't seeing correctly and was giving out the wrong change. He got specs and all was clear again. Betty and Blanche used to wear them full time, and in the old days, so did Albert Tatlock. I recall Elsie Tanner using them for reading once or twice. Overall, though, most characters seem to be spec-less.

It just seems odd. I'll get me coat.

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