Monday, 6 April 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for March 30 - April 3

Can't take the English out of the girl: For all her formative years spent in Italy, Bethany still prefers a nice cup of tea.

Mystery award: What's going on with Jenny? Upset over Maddie's childhood accident and freaking out worried that Jack might have choked on a shallot? I wonder if she lost a child to an accident.

Confessional award: Gavin's mother admits she turned her son against his father. She might want to make peace but the damage was done. Her hatred pushed Gavin to blackmail and ultimately to his death.

Her mother's daughter. Amy knew darn well Liz was buying her off so she wouldn't keep playing the recorder so she soaked her for enough cash for the expensive sweets!

Classics Award: Bethany has done Anna Karenina for school but better than that, she's seen the film, and better than that again, it was one of the old movies with Vivien Leigh! (from 1948)

Musical Ambiance: "At Last" playing when Steve and Michelle announced the engagement.

Wrong end of the stick award: Liz wondered if the butlers would do housework with their kit off. Sally reckoned Faye and Craig were just sharing daft little secrets.

Lines of the week:
Gail "Don't you 'friendly face' me, Bethany Platt. What are you doing here?"
Gail "Why now?" Bethany "I just fancied a decent cuppa tea"
David "Gail is like an old piano. You got to know how to play her or she makes a terrible noise"
Gail to Bethany "I brought up David. I know every trick in the book and more besides"
Bethany about Anna Karenina "It is chick lit. In a way" (for the 19th century, yes, it is!)
Sean about the Butler auction "This is supposed to be a hot totty fest, not a kiddies' party"
Sally about Craig and Faye "I know kids. It'll be something and nothing"
Steve "I didn't propose to her out of some psychotic breakdown"
Tracy "There should be a law to protect honest (cough), hardworking business owners like me!"
Leanne to Steve "You've not got the monopoly on misery"

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