Thursday, 16 April 2015

Is Adrian the man for Corrie's Eileen? (contains rumour and speculation)

Last night we saw the first appearance of Adrian, who is going to be Eileen Grimshaw's new man in Coronation Street. Or should I say the latest in a long line of men...

Anyway, I really enjoyed Adrian's first appearance and the first date scenes they shared at the Bistro. They were light, funny and it was good to see Eileen with a smile on her face for a change. I just hope this continues for a while. 

Eileen, like most Corrie women has had her fair share of grief over the years so we can probably safely assume there is a lot more on the horizon. Adrian seems on the face of it, to be a decent, normal bloke. I know we've been here before with Dennis Stringer (who went off with Janice and died in a car crash), Jerry Morton (who had a large and largely forgotten family) and Paul (who had a secret wife who died in Eileen's kitchen) so I'm holding my breath for skeletons in Adrian's cupboard.

I really like Eileen. She's a strong Corrie woman and Sue Cleaver has always played her with relish whether it's comedy scenes with Steve and Lloyd in the cab office, family dramas with Jason and Todd or romantic ups and downs. She is a well-rounded, down to earth character at a time when soap operas seem to be hurtling towards more extreme storylines. I hope Eileen gets a shot at a proper long-term romance. 

I also like Mark Moraghan who has come in to play Adrian. I remember him well from his stint in the much-missed Brookside, particularly for his wooing of no-better-than-she-ought-to-be Susannah Farnham. As an actor he seems to immediately fit into Coronation Street so I hope it all works out well.

I've heard a rumour that Eileen's son Todd will attempt to derail her happiness in the same way he did for Jason's relationship with the lovely Eva. I hope this isn't true or if it is, he doesn't succeed. If we are in for more of nasty Todd, I'd at least like to finally get to the bottom of what has made him the way he is. Hopefully that will come.

In the meantime it's just nice to see our Eileen happy. 

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