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Bring back the Kabin paper round to Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog May 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Who's delivering the papers for Norris and Rita in the Kabin these days? I think we should be told.  It's time to bring back the paper boy or paper girl to Coronation Street.

As far as I can recall, the last time we heard someone doing the paper round in Corrie was 'Chelsea Trainers' when Norris was on the phone to them.

And according to Corripedia, the first paper boy appeared in 1976.  Credited simply as Paper Boy he was an employee of Rita Littlewood’s in the Kabin who in response to sarcasm from her hoping that he would actually deliver 75% of her papers, made a comment about her “wig” before hurriedly leaving the shop.

So that's the first and the last of those working the paper round. How many of those who have held this most esteemed of jobs can we remember? Do please prompt me as I know I will have missed loads out.

Paper boy Craig Russell was played by actor Stuart Wolfenden. He returned to Corrie as Kevin Webster’s grease monkey sidekick Mark Casey and can currently be found on Corrie playing Greig Hodge, granddad to Faye's baby Miley.

Ramsey Clegg, Norris' brother, worked as one of the oldest paper boys in town.
Priscilla Millbanks was a young girl who delivered newspapers for The Kabin in 1988.
Jenny Bradley worked there as a papergirl in 1986 and that's how she met Rita.
Another OAP, Harry Ashton worked there as paperboy in 1988.
Pensioner Keith Appleyard worked there too as a paperboy in 2005.
Louise Clayton was the chirpy but outspoken papergirl who was promoted by Mavis Riley to be a full-time assistant after Rita Fairclough walked out on Len Fairclough, her marriage and her job in early 1980.
Dennis Tanner even delivered the papers but managed to get it wrong. On his first round, Dennis got a little muddled with the deliveries. Rita told him there had been a complaint and that "Mrs Barnett's phoned to say her Jewish Chronicle went to Mrs Khan."
Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) played paper boy Neil Grimshaw in 1981.

Curly Watts worked as a paperboy too but we never saw him delivering papers.
Chesney Brown once did the job too.
As did Candice Stowe.

In 1988 Jason Stubbs asked at the Kabin if they needed anyone. They didn't, but the polite lad made an impression on Mavis Riley...

... who two days later decided to sack unreliable Wayne Pickles and give Jason his round. On his first day in the job, Jason was beaten up by Wayne for "stealing" the round.

Craig Tinker once worked as paperboy, for just a few hours, after he was caught stealing the Kabin's paperboy statue.  Watch the scene here.

Lindsay Gilmour appeared in Coronation Street in March 1981 as papergirl Penny Shaw
Gary Carp played paperboy Jimmy Haggerty in 1976.

There must have been more... please leave a comment below if you can remember any of the Kabin's paper girls and paper boys and I'll add them in to this blog post.

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kib said...

I'd like to see Kaye take over the paper round. It would give her a little extra cash and maybe she could take the baby in the pram. I can see all kinds of problems with this storyline, from Anna not approving to baby theft or left behind.

kib said...

Grr...Faye of course.

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