Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Comments May 10

Poor Michael, I'm surprised he didn't take a heart attack but in the end, she went through with it. Husband number 6. Nick has contributed a honeymoon. Sarah's sneaking around to see Callum. Bethany's getting drunk. Andy is persuaded to make a speech and his speech was sincere. Andy really has taken that family on board.

Seriously, though, I think Michael really is a nice man and does suit Gail down to a tee.

Luke has some splaining to do to Maria but he can't tell her the truth and it looked like he might be dumped and all. Is Luke really going to tell Maria? He didn't get the chance, Steph diverted him because Andy realized he really couldn't stay. He can't tell the truth so he thought doing a runner would be the only feasible alternative but he couldn't do it.

Meanwhile, Bethany is planning to take Weatherfield High by storm, in a short skirt and red lippy. She must get it from Audrey because even Sarah didn't have that much cheek at that age. Sarah gets a tip that the Rovers needs staff so she goes on the charm offensive with Steve. Nobody should be in the least surprised that she gets a job behind the bar because nearly every pretty single woman ever gets a shot at that bar. Now, as far as I know, she's never worked in a bar in her life. How did she know how to pull a pint so well? And Norris interfering? Shut the hell up you nasty troll. It's none of your business. Sarah certainly knew how to suck up to him.

And why is Nick all of a sudden acting like Bethany's surrogate father, chasing her around, scolding her for her lipstick and skiving off school. It's nice that Nick is now all protective of David, especially after what he went through with him not all that long ago. I think Sarah does kind of realize that Callum is using her to get at David but she flatters herself to think otherwise.

I'm surprised Callum admitted what he did to Sarah. I'm not surprised she was stupid enough to stay and drink with him. And Callum is still shadowing Sarah. I'm not sure if she's just in it for a bit of fun and games or what. She does keep him at arms' length and that's probably what keeps him coming back for more. That plus giving Max and Bethany expensive gifts when he doesn't seem to spend any time at all in this job in security he says he has. (They're probably stolen!) Well, of course, we know how he really makes his money. And I'm really getting tired of seeing him pop up everywhere! He's like Stella Price Mark II. Sarah keeps trying to resist him but he knows she doesn't really want him to go. Now Nick has confronted Callum about Sarah too and he's not scared of him. Time for Nick to be Sarah's surrogate daddy now, nagging her about Callum. Nick needs a life. And he's about to get one, perhaps not quite the one he expected.

Cathy was furious at Sharif and Roy both, and thought Roy was just buttering her up. They deserved the mouthful they got. Sharif was only sorry he got caught in his scheme. Roy's threat to pull out of the alottment wasn't much of a threat, though, Sharif wasn't all that keen to share in the first place. Roy is really getting into the alottment frame of mind but Sharif is still giving him grief. After offending Cathy the other day, Sharif planned on buttering her up though the only apology would have been a written and rehearsed one until Yasmeen summoned him and Roy had to face his new friend alone. But the idea that Roy might be out to impress (given by Gary) put the wind up her and she ran scared. She probably has the wrong idea about Roy's motivations.

Nick and Carla are still sniffing around each other but it's slower than watching paint dry waiting to see if these two are actually going to get it together or not. Bethany is trying to play matchmaker and it's working. They certainly enjoyed their wine tasting session, including an awkward, slightly drunken little kiss after. Roy's right, they are comfortable with each other and you can see they're both interested but a bit gun shy, I think. Bethany played matchmaker with the texts to push it along because it's been a very slow burn but unfortunately, Hurricane Erica's back in town.

Looks like that surrogate daddy stuff was good practice! Apparently, she's pregnant! That fledgling mutual admiration between Nick and Carla is ended before it's properly started. Mind you, they have a crap couple name, so it was already doomed. Narla or Cack? Nerica is so much snappier, don't you think?

Jenny has taken it on herself to quit her job so she can look after Jack. Nobody asked her but she's done it anyway. Of course she lied that she got the sack. Sophie most definitely has a few suspicions about Jenny. Jenny is working her feet well and truly under Kevin's table and Sophie is not too pleased about it. Nobody can shoot dagger glares like she can! ophie is very suspicious of Jenny's motivations and what a coincidence she loses her job at just the right time! Maddie thinks she's dreaming. Later, Jenny catches Sophie rifling through her overnight bag and is rightly offended. There's a big screaming match but Jenny does have the upper hand of righteousness in this incidence. Kevin's still taking Jenny's side against Sophie but Sophie Webster, Girl Detective, has found out where Jenny was working and she's found out that Jenny quit, she didn't get the sack. More evidence stacked up against her but nobody wants to know!

Jenny has an altercation with Maria early in the day when Jack causes her to bump into the other woman. Bitchy words are exchanged and that seems to lodge in Jenny's mind. Instant dislike. That's not good. Sophie might just be right, though. There's a minor altercation between little Liam and Jack and Jenny doesn't get satisfaction out of Liam or Kirk so she tears into Maria about her lack of parenting skills but Maria points out that Jenny didn't even see the supposed childish smack and therefore wasn't looking after Jack properly. That provokes a whopper of a wallop that spins Maria around. Did she push a tender spot with Jenny with her comments?

Holy Hannah that was quite the smack Jenny laid on her! Maria orders her out but Jenny doesn't go quietly, she's brazen enough to remind Maria it's Jenny's word against hers but Maria probably has the bruises to show for it. Jenny plays it like Maria was the instigator. Jenny's good at making herself look the martyr but Maria confronted Jenny in the pub about that "Your word against mine" thing when she found out Jenny had been lying. Jenny's excuses didn't really come across too confident. In the end, Sophie feels like it's turning into Team Jenny and Kevin isn't about to give her up so Sophie retreats to Sally's with Jenny very adept at twisting things so the wedge stays there between Sophie and Kevin.

Sinead will soon be at home. She's a bit nervous though because the hospital is safe and secure and she doesn't like the idea of being fussed over. Sam knows what it's like. Then, Sinead is home from hospital finally but she's shadowed by her Irish mate Sam, first at the hospital when he comes to see her off and later he shows up at the house to return her pyjamas. Chesney is jealous and miserable and even Beth can see it but assures him he's got nothing to worry about. I don't think he does either at this point. Sinead likes Sam but she doesn't look at him like she fancies him though I think Sam certainly fancies her. This could be dangerous if Chesney keeps on acting like a prat.

It's nice that Sam had a chat with Chesney. He seems to understand that if he does fancy her, she doesn't fancy him and he knows Chesney isn't happy about him being around so much. Chesney does know he's fussing too much, too.

Sinead is going to start going shack wacky now that she's home but can't go back to work yet. Alya has a great idea, maybe Sinead could help out making the custom basque at home? Why not? She's keen. Chesney isn't.

Sally's still moaning about the grafitti on the wall. But when Roy agreed that street artists bring in a lot of money and who knows? Well, that was all Sally needed to hear. That graffiti was staying put! But she nearly lost all that off the wall. She threw herself into the path of the power washer to stop Tim removing it. They got Norris soaked too. My day has been made!

I love that Tim is absolutely besotted with the baby but it's starting to wear in Sally. Luke was still dumped but the Jenny altercation almost brought them back together. Luke tried, anyway. Like that little touch that Callum gives a sniff every now and then like he samples his own cocaine. Nice to see Roy is still taking driving lessons. Now that's an unusual lads' night in, Roy Cropper entertaining and cooking curry for Tyrone, Luke and Gary with Indian music to accompany. Nice touch. I guess the lads got a lot more heat in their curry than they expected. LOVE that the olives are still making themselves a nuisance in the Bistro! Laughed at Tim soft soaping Sally with romantic lines from a television commercial! She loved it!

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Anonymous said...

I am already getting tired of Bethany...please give her some friends her own age so she is not constantly onscreen with the adults. Callum could also do with some time away from us.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about the kids on Coronation Street. Somehow it hardly seems believable that Simon, Faye and Bethany are all within 2 years of each other.

Also, while I do agree that Michael and Gail seem well suited for one another, I do wish they'd stop speaking to each other as though they are performing in a children's show!

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