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Why I love Sarah and Bethany on Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog April 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I know this blog post will attract SO many negative comments. I'm prepared for it already, in light of the comments already left here on the Coronation Street Blog about these two. But do you know what? I'm loving Sarah and Bethany on Corrie right now.

There are problems, of course. The lack of Italian accent and the fact that they look closer together in age than a mother and daughter would, but I'm willing to forgive and forget and move on. I was also unsure why Bethany was working out in the gym with Sarah the other night. She's 14 years old, shouldn't she be hanging around outside the chip shop instead or throwing crisps at some lad on the Red Rec?  Maybe 14 year olds don't do that any more.

Sarah and Bethany have been brought in with a bang to Weatherfield and that's never a good thing to do with any character, much less two together. But give them time, let them settle down and we'll see what happens then.

I'm particularly enjoying the way Sarah winds David up and stands up to him in the way that no-one else dares to, or does any more. She's the archetypal older sister and I should know, I am one.  Got to keep the little whippersnapper of a brother in line, that's part of her role.

Bethany is gobby and lairy and full of backchat, disrespectful to Gail in whose house she is living. Ok, so it's David's house but I'll always think of it as Gail's.  In short, Bethany is an exaggerated stereotype of a 14 year old girl. Wait till Sarah sends her back to school, that should bring a storyline of its own, if she lasts that long in the confines of Weatherfield High or wherever she goes. Er... just look what it did for Rosie Webster, Bethany could well go the same way!

Sarah and Beth, we all know, can't continue living in Gail's house. It's too small, it's ridiculous to think of them all bunking down there in rooms that don't even exist. I'd like to see them both go and live with Audrey who could try her best to bring some order to the chaos of their lives.  I wonder, instead though, if they'll move into the flat above Dev's corner shop which is empty right now. It just needs a bit of a dust around and a mopping up after Faye went into labour up there, but apart from that, it should suit them both fine.

I don't even mind Sarah snogging Callum despite not being back on the Street for more than five minutes. She always was a cheeky little minx and right fond of the lads, so there's no change there.

Add to that the fact that Sarah's going to start working in the Rovers Return and I think we'll see some fireworks. Sarah is not your typical, servile, happy-smiley customer-focussed type of person. She could well end up making Liz call for Eileen to be reinstated behind the bar. I predict at least one pint being chucked in someone's face, some bags of nuts going missing and a couple of warnings before she loses her job.

Give them time, let them settle in and Sarah and Bethany could be pure Corrie gold.

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Anonymous said...

Bethany is growing on me and I do like some of the more casual mother daughter exchanges between her and Sarah. I think you hit it on the head when you point out Bethany is an exaggeration - and has yet to be toned down. She doesn't always have to be shown as disrespectful and we get it that she's mature for her age. She'd be more believable as a 17 year old and needs some friends to act her age with!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I cannot stand either one of them! Sarah obviously has not grown or matured in any way she still acts like a teenager. As for Bethany what a spoilt, rude, disrespectful little brat! I don't understand why they were brought back they add nothing to the show.

Mary Ziegler said...

Can't stand them either...Sarah appears to have a smirk on her face a lot of the time which really irritates and Bethany is so beyond rude it's ridiculous.. ugh!

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