Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Five Coronation Street characters I could live without

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog June 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

There are certain characters, at certain times in the life of Coronation Street, that I'm more than willing to give  a chance to.  I want to warm to them. I want to like them. I try my hardest, damn it, I really do try.

But there are some characters that despite trying as hard as I can, I have to admit defeat and give up on. Whether you agree or disagree, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Here are my personal top five Corrie characters I could very well do without right now.

Rana.  What's she there for other than to get Zeedan all hot and bothered? 

Sharif. His chickens are more interesting than he is.

Sinead is a ditzy bit of fluff, and as such, a soap staple. Every soap has one and Corrie needs one, but for heavens sake, give her a storyline before I fall asleep. And break up her and Chesney, it's a relationship without chemistry. Dullsville with a capital Zzzz.

Is there anything likable, at all, about Caz? I can't see it if there is. Get rid, please and let Kate Connor breathe.

And I'm sorry to say this as I've watched Sophie grow up on Coronation Street, but her whining and moaning now define her.  I'm hoping that after actress Brooke Vincent takes a break from the show to star in a stage play, she'll be written out with a bombshell and come back with a new dynamic storyline to boot.

There you go.  Ooh, I don't half feel better now that's all off my chest.

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Anonymous said...

I agree completely about the characters you can live without. I would add Izzie and Chesney to my list.
I have never liked the character of Izzie and think it's high time she joined her family in Portugal. Chesney is incredibly boring acts like an old man.
Caz is a nasty piece of work, Kate could do so much better, not Sophie please.
Someone tell me please what exactly is Sophie's job at the garage? All I ever see her do is walk around dressed like a middle-aged woman holding a clipboard. She has absolutely no friends, spends all of her time hanging around her parents. What young attractive woman does that?

kib said...

Those are some really good points. It seems like there's a Caz storyline coming up so hopefully it will be the end of her. Through the marijuana storyline I've just wished Izzie would go to jail. The actress has done her best with a storyline that probably is dear to her, but Izzie is just so stupid and wouldn't take advice from anyone. I noted that she looked pretty in court - why can't she look like that all the time? I do believe Ches could be better but he'd have to split with Sinead who could also benefit from the split. Rana I could do without but I think I'd like Sharif better if he had more substance. I think Sophie and Kate could be best friends but may not be suited to each other at this time. I'd like to see Sophie go back to school and do something with her life. She was a good student but gave up for no good reason. I know people liked Rosie but I really don't want to see her back unless she has a personality transplant.

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