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Sunday Comments June 5

Nick bared his heart and soul to Carla about his injury and the history with it. She's not having it. She's pretty tough but he's scared and she's not going anywhere. The consultant doesn't think Nick's issues aren't physically caused. The stress is having an effect. Nick still isn't sure but Carla is not backing away. Later, she told Johnny about Nick's brain injury and is still frantic that Nick could find out about her and Robert. That sort of stress would do Nick in.

As it is, Carla seems to be babying Nick a bit. He's decided that the move to Devon is also too much to handle, or at least a whistling surveror was. Various arrangements certainly have had him frustrated in the past. Not easy to do, organize things from a distance. Carla is a bit frantic that Nick doesn't want to leave because she knows how Tracy will react. So that's off the table, too which, when Tracy finds out, has her spitting nickels and uttering threats. This time, Carla offers one back, she can make Tracy's life miserable, too. But it doesn't seem quite as strong a threat. I'm glad Carla told Johnny about the blackmail, at least. He'll have her back. Carla can't talk Nick out of his decision this time but she tried, and even used the lure of a baby. She's pulling out all the stops and it seems to have worked. Nick says he's changed his mind back.

In other matters, Roy really thinks Carla should have Johnny walk her down the aisle. Carla decided to ask Johnny and he was really touched. Then Johnny marked Tracy's cards. Will it make any difference? time will tell.

In Blackpool, Tim, Kevin and Jack are having fun but Tim is thoughtful and worried about his marriage. Sally has seen the light and is determined to apologize and make things right. Johnny is really nice to Jenny, and surprised she's come out of all the trauma in her life as well as she has. They're walking along the front. Jack's getting bored in the cafe so Tim and Kevin played silly buggers, feeding each other which, of course, Sally witnesses. Sally's apology really didn't turn out to be that, it turned out to be all about her with a healthy dose of being annoyed at Tim all over again. Nobody noticed that Jack ran off.

But Jenny saw him running along the front and he went right in front of a tram. Jenny snatched him from the same fate her father experienced by the skin of his teeth but Sally and Sophie started to tear a strip of her when it was clear she wasn't trying to hurt the boy. I'm glad Johnny gave them all hell and of course, Kevin did thank her and he knew the truth at least. Talk about full circle for Jenny, though. She was very grateful he took her to Blackpool.

Now, Jenny and Johnny are very friendly and Kate and a few others are noticing there's an attraction. They may try to deny it but it's increasingly obvious. Someone called the Gazette and Jenny isn't too keen on the publicity so everyone gathered round to support her, except Sally of course. Later, Jenny overheard Kate telling the others that Johnny likes a woman that plays hard to get. All right, then. Game on! Play the Boss card and keep him at arm's length. Jenny says she wants to be a machinist and Johnny played right into her hands. Oh no, don't go elsewhere, luv, I'll get you trained up at ours! Result!

Sophie sincerely apologized to Jenny and Sally did her best. She wouldn't have if Sophie hadn't, though, I think. The rest of the factory bees have changed their tune, too, now that they don't have to keep the peace with Sally. Mind you, that apology does seem to stick in Sally's craw. That half hearted apology didn't go very far, did it? She's already back to sniping at Jenny for the publicity and accusing her of setting her cap at Johnny but he jumped all over her, leaving Sally red faced and Jenny smug.

Jenny was quite pleased with the publicity in the newspaper in the end so I guess the reporter didn't go all down and dirty and sensational on her. Sally wasn't, she was just as sour as ever. Clearly not learned her lesson. Jenny got very flirty with Johnny though. So much for playing hard to get. They were soon nearly snogging over the sewing machine, much to her pleasure. Things are progressing according to plan I think.

Izzy is still struggling. Gary and Izzy are heading to court and Sean is looking after Jake which insults Anna. Gary doesn't want Anna there because she's very much against what he did for Izzy. You reap what you so, chick. Anyway, Izzy insists on going to court to support Gary since she's the one that got him into the trouble in the first place. And what does Izzy do? start looking for another source for her weed while Gary is spending time with his son in case he doesn't see him for awhile. Izzy isn't very street smart, she reckons making a drug deal on the side of a road in full view of anyone is discreet and it isn't a good idea to go back to her flat. Duh.

And the dealer must have had someone following him because the police came crashing into the flat which, unlike most we've seen, also has a back door. Common in a house but not as much in a flat. Izzy was desperate not to miss the court and not to be searched and was so frantic and angry that she ran over the cop's foot. Gary has no idea what's going on and he had to face his court hearing alone, except that Anna then decided to insert herself to make sure he had someone there.

Izzy might have a good case against that police officer, though, since he was pretty inconsiderate of her disability. She then had to go through a strip search. The female officers were as gentle as they could be but it was horribly humiliating for her. She didn't have any drugs on her but it was down in her chair. Anna was determined to blame Izzy for abandoning Gary because she didn't know what happened. Gary knows something must have happened. Seems that Gary got off with a suspended sentence but Izzy has been charged with assault on a police officer and possession.

Gary finds out about Izzy's troubles and her own impending court date. He's not best pleased. They have to prevent Anna from finding out but Anna is on a warpath because Izzy wasn't at the court hearing. She's determined and Kevin couldn't care less. Kevin and Anna are organizing a family meal with a pot of chili on the stove and happy families around the table. But with Anna and Izzy at the same table, things are not going to go smoothly, are they, especially when Anna starts drinking. Izzy made a huge mistake telling Anna the truth. She thought Anna was in a good mood. Anna was only in a good mood because of the booze and was on her best behaviour because Kevin insisted. Doesn't take much to crumble that. She went off on one as she sometimes does, well out of order and insults flew on both sides. Anna kind of had it coming, though. Gary was very good to Izzy and he's decided he's going to move back in to help her.

Sean is worried about Billy who's still being followed by that scruffy fella who sloped into the pub and tried to steal from Erica's handbag after ruffling a few feathers. Billy dragged him outside before Gary could thump him. Billy called him Lee and offered him a room at the rectory if he wouldn't let him help him with another program. So that sounds like a drug addict. Billy won't tell Sean whatever it is that's going on but later, Lee tried to rob the flower shop and in order to stop Todd calling the police, Billy had to tell him the truth.

Lee is Billy's brother and is an addict and ex-con. Billy feels like he let his brother down but as Todd says, it's not really his job. Sounds like Billy and Lee had a rough childhood with a homophobic alcoholic father. Billy has to realize his brother makes his own decisions but his brother is using Billy's guilt, isn't he? Todd might keep the secret but he's right, Sean is going to sniff it out and his imagination is going to blow it out of proportion. Todd is being a good friend but I really wouldn't want to see him break up Sean and Billy, even if only for the "been there, done that already" repeat of the Marcus and Sean storyline. I could see it happening, though, and with the twist that Todd could really fall for Billy.

Freddie spent the day in the pub, chatting with Tyrone and Luke and later, Kylie. Kylie managed to wangle a part time job at the garage for Freddie. Audrey seems smitten but let's remember, Freddie is newly bereaved and Audrey might be in danger of doing to him exactly what Nessa did to Ken, though Audrey isn't so blatant about it. She is well aware of his state and insists she just wants to be friends. Sally and Tim seem to have made up. She promises to put him first but we all know that's to be taken with a grain of salt.

Yasmeen really took Tracy down a peg or three, didn't she? I *LOVED* it, loved how Yasmeen took her to task over a flip remark regarding the anniversary of Kal's death and reminded her that Deirdre's anniversary isn't far away, either. Yasmeen is trying to distract herself by making plans to build a gazebo or conservatory or something. Zeedan asked Leanne to talk to his mother which she did. Poor Yasmeen is really having a difficult time and no wonder. Seeing Tracy walking around scot free only adds to the pain.

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