Monday, 4 July 2016

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for June 27 - July 1

Widow's Weeds: Gemma! Half Black Widow and half goth punk, I think!

Stormy weather: Michelle stormed out and everyone used the same terminology!

The Law is the Law: A Not-Guilty verdict would set a dangerous precedent so Guilty it is.

Rock and a Hard Place award: Sean wants Todd to convince Billy to take him back. Todd. The man Billy is falling for.

Manipulator award: Alex is perfectly capable of making decisions on his own, including manipulating Cathy to get what he wants.

Musical ambiance: Or irony, perhaps. You Sexy Thing playing in the corner shop while Dev is taking admiring selfies.

Architectural Fail: Tim. He's too macho to read instructions. I've seen sandcastles better built.

Lines of the week:
Jason to Todd "Who do you think he was, the Penguin?"
Michelle "When you storm out, you can't just waltz back in"
Jason "He weren't no angel. But he weren't no killer either"
Sally "Successful people don't have days off, they just fit moments of leisure in between work"
Alya "What is the difference between an orangery and a conservatory?" Yasmeen "Orangeries aren't as common" (That's Sally told.)
Tim "There are real men and quiche-eating instruction readers, which do you want to be?" Craig "Always liked quiche" Tim "oh yeah, me too. Quiche Lorraine" Craig "I've always wondered who Lorraine is" Tim "Yeah, imagine being famous for quiche!" (It's a region of France, actually)
Yasmeen "it's a work of art, The Leaning Shed of Weatherfield!"
Eva "Mary! I can totally see you in the desert with an Arab prince, like with one of them harlems"
Tim "You should see our new shed, Yasmeen" Yasmeen "The anticipation is almost killing me. Almost."
Sally "It sounds like I'm really showing off. I'm not really" (yes, yes you are) Yasmeen "Showing off would imply I was impressed. I'm not, dear."

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