Sunday, 17 July 2016

Tracy has a friend in Beth

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in July 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Beth has her faults, that's for sure. As Gary mentioned she has 'the sensitivity of a sledgehammer.' But, it was interesting to hear Izzy's reply to Gary's comment - 'She means well.' Izzy's generosity may be a little too much in her relations with some people, but certainly, in Beth's friendship towards Tracy, it is entirely true.

It is hard to see exactly why Beth feels this devotion to Tracy, because as we know only too well, Tracy does not put herself out in the line of friendship. She has, in fact, alienated all her potential female friendships and has no male friends, except for Todd, whose living depends on working at Preston's Petals, and therefore needs to maintain good relations.

Beth called round to see Tracy, but was reduced to having to shout through the Barlow's letter box. Eventually, Tracy answered the door. On reporting to her friend that it was worth having fallen out with Kirk, because making up was so enjoyable, all Tracy could do is roll her eyes.

Beth asks Tracy if her dad is going with her to the hospital appointment. Tracy whines, 'He doesn't care about me. None of then do.' The dedicated Beth says she will go with her. When the time for the appointment arrives, once again, Beth has to yell through the letter box to gain Tracy's attention. Unable to locate her purse, Beth kindly offers to pay the bus fare. Tracy then reveals that she's not going to keep her appointment but is going to listen to Amy's violin recital.

Once again, it is Beth to whom Tracy should be eternally thankful. Spotting Eccles ownerless, Beth picks up his lead and takes him home. The letterbox routine is staged for a third time, but this time Beth has a feeling something is wrong. She grabs Robert and they find Tracy collapsed on the the back alley. Robert is the one who scoops her up, but it is Beth's loyalty to which Tracy should really be enormously grateful.

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