Monday, 22 September 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Sept. 15 - 29

Sportsmanship award: Team Rovers. They might be dubious but they're ours.

White Wobble award: Cricket whites. Sharif has all the gear. Chesney's wearing Cilla's old trousers. Dev is pretentious as always.

Double Take award: Carla realized Peter thinks she killed Tina. So if neither of them did it, who did?

Blast from the past award: Jack taught Tyrone how to play dominoes.

Doghouse award: Tony is really treating Todd like dirt. Not that he shouldn't be punished but perhaps humiliation might end up backfiring on him?

Sick making award: Katy and Luke fawning over each other to wind up Steph.

Snob award: Michelle shouldn't be snotty about Beth and Kirk's financial status. A wedding planner should be able to work with all budgets.

Whose lamp is it award: Loved the little running joke about the familiar looking lamp. Turns out it was Tracy's. Who recognized it? David (yes, he shagged Tracy), Roy (Yes, he's been in her bedroom), Steve (Yes, again). Brilliant!

Lines of the week:
Steve to Carla "Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees"
Fiz describing her wedding "Something understated and tasteful." (you mean, like a registrar in a prison chapel? can't get much more understated than that!)
Beth "You know when Pippa Middleton's sister got married?" (erm...)
Carla about Peter "If he was a dog, I'd put him down"
Liz to Tracy "Even wicked witches have an off day"
Ken "Sometimes, I don't know how I feel about it until I write about it. Does that sound totally pretentious?" (Yes, yes it does.)
Sharif "Personal brilliance does not make a team"
Sharif "My mistake" Yasmeen "He's prone to them"
Tracy "I'm not much of a reader, myself" Tony "You surprise me"
Alya to Leanne "It'll be fun" Leanne "Yeah. That's what they used to say about burning witches"

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