Monday, 8 September 2014

Corrie Canada Weekly awards Sept 1 - 5

Family Matters award: David and Kylie and the kids, lovely little family.

Red Rag to a Bull called Derek: Deirdre wearing red in a field of cows, and maybe a bull. Too funny watching the friendly cows approaching and the pair of them in a panic.

Chinese Water Torture award: Neil must figure if he blindly continues to stalk Andrea, she'll give in eventually.

Bridezilla award: Why did Michelle think she would have the patience to deal with Tracy planning the wedding?

Foreign Object award: A sewing kit for Kylie. Even Audrey was unimpressed. Tyrone thinks Carla's having a fitted kitchen. Carla? Kitchen? Um, don't think so.

Brat award: Amy is becoming very Tracy-like.

Furtive Award: Steve and Lloyd scheming over Neil.

It's all about me award: Gail reckons David keeping Nick's secret was to embarass her. It had nothing to do with her.

Lines of the week:
Deirdre: "You spend half your life complaining about where you came from and the other going all half misty-eyed about it."
Tracy "We were looking forward to another night of debauchery"
Liz to Steve and Lloyd and Sean "OY! How many people does it take to sweep up a bag of crisps?!!" Steve "Is that a joke?" (I love it when Liz gets all gobby!)
Nick to Leanne "People manipulate people to get what they want" Leanne "Like you, you mean?"
Audrey "What a waste of good gin!"
Tracy to Amy "Thank God I brought you up properly!" (in whose world?)
Deirdre about Tyrone "He's not been right since her with the hair was smacking him about with a hoover nozzle"
David "It's Kylie's birthday, not National Dote On Nick Day"
Nick "Why should she be happy when I can't be?"
Steve "We're not in cahoots, Sean, we're in a booth"
Leanne "If you've got something to say, say it to me face, not me back" Gail "You've got that many these days, it's hard to choose"
Deirdre "She was my mother's dog, you know. She brought her a lot of pleasure. I didn't, but Eccles did"
Sally "It's a tragedy! It's a country and western song come to life!" (overreact much?)
Neil to Steve and Lloyd "If you wanted to send in the clowns, I don't know why the pair of you didn't just turn up"

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