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Sunday Comments September 8

Peter didn't have a choice but to admit to his drinking but Leanne dragged Simon out. And rightly so. She went to Tracy to tell her and find out if she should call Ken. Tracy might be stroppy most of the time but she did give Leanne the sweets she'd bought the lad. Rob is just please Peter's messed up again.

Peter then bores Eugene (the cellmate) with his self pity. Is he going to stay sober as a result? Is he heck. He needs another drink and drink he's determined to do. Ken worries that he could have helped. He certainly couldn't stop him. Tracy is right, and she speaks from experience. You can't interfere in a prison's society. If Ken busts Peter for drinking, his life will be hell inside, more than it is now. Whatever they make that booze out of, though, it is really taking the guts out of Peter, more than normal proper alcohol I think.

Surely the prison has help for addicts? Jim probably thinks he's created a monster now he's supplying Peter and he was livid that Leanne figured it out. I don't blame him for cutting Peter off. Jim's price for the booze, get Steve to come see him, so he tries to get Steve to come see him without telling him why.

Steve is stroppy. Stroppy, Michelle says, because Peter has sent a visiting order. After Max dirties the van, Steve later has to clean it again. Michelle and Liz both suss that he's avoiding them so as to avoid talking about the visiting order. Off he goes again to buff the van he's washed, a few times I think.

So Ken  has made a fool of himself speaking Welsh and Deirdre takes the mick out of him well and truly. It was quite funny watching Ken and Deirdre panic in a field about cows and there's Deirdre wearing a red top! The cows looked quite friendly, to tell the truth. That ended up causing their tempers to flare but they made up. She does at least admit it's peaceful there. Ken offers to cut the holiday short for her which finally puts a smile on her face.

Meanwhile, Michelle seems to be finding out pretty quickly how difficult planning Tracy's wedding is going to be. I don't know why she thought it would be any different. Tracy's ambitions are for something bigger and better than Carla's on a budget less than half that.

Neil takes Andrea to the Bistro and continues to talk about the old good times. He's obsessed with reminding her about the better days hoping she'll relent. He won't accept that she doesn't love him. She was pretty blunt. But still offered him one more drink. Mixed signals? Lloyd only made himself look worse by kicking off in front of everyone. Thing is, though, Neil just won't go away. He really seems completely delusional, oblivious, and determined. 

Neil's starting a new campaign. Harassment. Practical jokes. What's the solution? A taste of his own medicine. Very mature. Steve thinks sending a clown to Neil's house would be a great joke. It's typical of them. It is a childish thing to do and that's exactly what it felt like but that's what the point was. Neil made friends with the clown and passed on an important message. Do they think he's still winding them up?

I still find it odd that David seems to be the voice of reason, both with Nick and with Kylie and the kids. Meanwhile, Nick is still pretending he's having relapses of one kind or another. Leanne is still suspicious though David backs up Nick. Leanne seems to be the last person that would thrive working in a kebab shop but Nick is taking great pleasure to see her come down so far from the classy Bistro to the kebab shop. Hey, it's an honest job, buddy.

Leanne is sure Nick is faking, but Eva thinks she's delusional. But Nick nearly showed his hand in the kebab shop when he ranted about Peter manipulating her, just like everyone does to everyone else. Ooops. Of course he's acting all pale and frail so his mummy and granny will feel sorry for him. He's determined not to let Leanne win in spite of David's warnings and look what happened?

How fake was that? Leanne shouted at him and said he hasn't had a "spell" in 5 minutes so he immediately has one? Mainly because Kal and Sally were there to witness it, of course. Anyway, Leanne went completely hysterical and started irresponsibly smashing things in the restaurant. Yes, not really the best way to go about it and nobody tried to stop her, which was a bit more unbelievable. But the humiliation did work. He admitted it in front of everyone.

David also admitted he knew and Gail immediately made it all about her. His actions had nothing to do with embarassing Gail! At least everyone did apologize to Leanne and so did Nick who finally admitted he was hurting her because she hurt him. Even after all that, Gail was still defending Nick. Some funny stuff around breaking Michael in to the whole Platt family disaster. Oh gosh but did you see the reactions they all had when he invited her to stay over at his? LOL! At least it's all over but I have enjoyed the storyline just the same.

Kylie's birthday. A sewing kit? Because it was Michael's idea, Gail is all soppy over it but it's probably the gift that's never going to keep on giving in Kylie's hands. Then Gail sabotaged the birthday meal and invited the whole family including Michael. She said Michael would be happy they want him there. I think that's only one of them not all but maybe not. It looks like they're all coming round to accepting him.

Then it's Lily's first birthday and David has a long list of things to do but he side tracks himself because he thought Lily was going to take her first steps. Not quite. Not yet. She's in a fluster with everything to do and Max has discovered there is going to be a bouncy castle and has started practicing. On the sofa. David aids the cause by feeding him chocolate cake while Kylie is out. Watch out, the cake is on the move. David won't let him on the bouncy castle just yet and is busy doing laundry while Lily cries out upstairs, clean laundry in a basket under his arm. I thought the cake would end up in the laundry!

Where's the cake going? Max and the cake have gone outside and he smears the cake all over Steve's clean van. Kylie is back from Freshcos and hollers at David for not getting more accomplished. Bit tricky with a whirling dervish to mind. She hollers at David, upset it's still all about Max when it should be all about Lily. Audrey arrives late and finds things in chaos. Kylie's worried she's rubbish. Audrey rolls up her sleeves and gets stuck in as does Gail when she gets back from work. Audrey and Gail try to cheer up Kylie but it doesn't seem to do much for her self esteem.

Sally brings wine to the party, drinking most of it herself, as the other children in the neighbourhood arrive. Max is rude to the other kids and gets a time out in his bedroom as a result. The party goes on without him, the kids having a lot more fun it seems, as does Sally who's getting in her cups. Love it when Sally gets tiddly. Max throws toys out the window, ultimately causing Gail to drop Lily's birthday cake. Kylie goes inside to cry and David can't understand why she isn't upstairs scolding Max. She's too upset, thinking they all think she's a horrible mother as she does, herself. She won't go so David has to go upstairs instead.

I thought Maddie was working at the garage? She does but i guess there aren't a lot of hours going because Sophie thinks Carla would hire her in packing with Kirk. Maddie didn't really give Carla a chance and gobbed off at her which actually seemed to make Carla smile. I think she liked Maddie's sparky attitude. Nice little scene with Sally trying to talk to her, kindly and honestly.

Oh yes, seems Maddie does work at the garage sometimes and conveniently for the day that Carla needs her car cleaned out. She pays someone to do it? And conveniently the car is there to take part in a storyline. Sophie and Maddy take Simon, Amy and Eccles to the park and poor Eccles gets injured because newly-bratty Amy let the dog loose out of jealousy because Simon's getting all the attention. (And it looked like there was a ring in the bricks for just that sort of thing, tying up your dog)

Poor puppy got hit by a car and Maddy took the bleeding dog in Carla's clean car. Yep, that's going to impress. It was funny, though, Deirdre's reactions both before and after they brought the dog back. She wasn't trying to be funny, but the writing and acting was superb! "I can't believe your daughter's kidnapped my dog!" Sally was embarassed, too, as you would be but again, makes it all about her, and that's no surprise. I always chuckle at Sally. 

Why does Sophie never seem to stand up for Maddie when all and sundry insult her? How did they know which vet was the one that Deirdre always takes the dog to?

Bank holiday Monday and all and sundry in Number 11 are slobbing about trying to decide what to do. Sean is going to meet some mates. Jason is working on Tyrone's loft. Eileen wants to eat chocolate and watch telly and insists that Todd join her. He escapes later during Titanic (can't blame him!) and moans about Jason giving Ty "mates' rates". No money, of course, so Tony buys the pint but Tony whispers to Liz that he has Todd's number and doesn't trust him as far as he can throw him. He's useful, however. Eileen finds everyone in the pub, all of them having left her alone, including Todd. She has a go at them all, taking her pity party to a table over in the corner. Liz sends over a double voddy, crisps and nuts and the lads and Tony all go sit with her and make a fuss with a group  hug.

The loft conversion with the cheap materials is under way. Tyrone brings Jason a cuppa. He knocks something heavy off the ladder where it was perched precariously and it makes a major dent in the floorboards, unseen by them. Watch that space. They note that a lot of the stuff in the loft was Jack and Vera's. Awwww. Later, Jason takes off for his dinner and Tyrone, after making up a pie for tea, goes up to look at the progress, taking video on the phone so they'll have a before for the 'after'. As he walks around, he decides he needs to get up a few steps on the ladder but he loses his balance, falls and goes right through the floor through the ceiling to one of the bedrooms below. He lies there, cut and bleeding and still.

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