Monday, 15 December 2014

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Dec. 8 - 12

Signage Win: Ken walking Eccles in front of this sign!

Patience of a Saint award: Alya is doing well not snapping Sally's head off as Sally "trains" her on middle management and office skills.

Me Me Me award: Tracy believes Carla is intent on destroying her life. Todd: That little scar is hardly a horrible disfigurement.

Fussy award: Tim doesn't know what he wants for his tea but he's very particular about what he doesn't want.

Shout out to the past: Tracy brought up Ken and Mike Baldwin's feud.

Vendetta fail: Tracy threw things around and broke a few things, but a better revenge would have been to sabotage the sewing machines.

Classy dame award: Carla saving face for Tracy in the pub after what she'd done and then paid off the debt, more for Michelle admittedly but, still...

Pigs fly award: Tracy said thank you to Carla.

New on telly this winter: Tarantulas in Bananas! (sounds like a kids' show!)

Fashion Wow! Sinead scrubs up well, doesn't she?

Coming down in the world award: Yasmeen wants to buy Number 6 which is not nearly as nice as the house we saw them in before. Plus, ok, buy it, but she didn't say anything about selling the one they had. That could take months! Oh wait. It's a soap. It'll all be done and dusted by Christmas.

Lines of the week:
Tony about Tracy "I know. She kills men she doesn't like"
Tracy about Carla "She's destroyed Peter, she's destroyed Rob and now she's trying to destroy me!"
Kevin "Do I look like a throw type?" Sophie "It's either that or Spongebob Squarepants!"
Tim "I Don't want to blow a pie on what could be a perfectly nice day! It would be a waste!"
Carla to Michelle "Give over, you're practically dribbling!" (over the gorgeous masseur)
Beth about Sally "She's like Captain Bligh with a clipboard"
Owen "I might be called Armstrong but I'm no flamin' Hercules"
Sally about the sofa "Looks like Mick Jagger's blowin' a flamin' raspberry!"
Sharif "What's Santa got to laugh about?" Kal "He only works one day a year, for starters"
Tim as Sally's suggestion that Craig and Faye are dating "She's far too young for that malarky" (Phrase of Doom, my man!)
Billy "It's allowed, if not exactly celebrated"

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